How To Manage Wpf Directx Code Project?


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    It looks like some users have encountered an error with codeproject wpf directx. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will talk about this below.



    I started learning DirectX. Naturally, I preferred to use it in the correct WPF environment. Hopefully I won’t be creating content for the game (yet?), But I was thinking about what would be a good API to visualize performance data at altitude. Or you just get optimized webcam output.

    I discovered SharpDX thanks to Alexandre Mutel, a 100% managed shell. Best of all, it performs better than any other controlled shell! At least as a result.

    To get started with DirectX, you need to download the DirectX SDK, which is nice because it contains a lot of tutorials and examples.

    I started seven MSDN C # tutorials using Spinner. I’m trying to write code very similar to the original C ++ (for citation), but flavored (thanks to C #!), I’ll say it went well!

    By the way, when you work with DirectX, your family needs to write shaders (pixels, vertices, envelopes, etc.) (introduction). In fact, these are small networks that convert data from processing one pressure stage to another. The shader code looks like plain C from a distance with a few more files.

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    Thanks again to Alexander Mütel, I found a data format for VS2010 that offers syntax highlighting, like for shaders, NShader.

    VS_INPUT structure float4 Pos: POSITION; float3 standard: NORMAL;;PS_INPUT structure float4 Pos: SV_POSITION; float3 standard: TEXCOORD0;;PS_INPUT VS (vs_input input) PS_INPUT output corresponds to (PS_INPUT) 0; output.Pos means mul (input.Pos, World); Exit .Pos = mul (Exit.Pos, View); Output.Pos = mul (Output.Pos, projection); Output.Norm = mul (Input.Norm, World); ReturnNd conclusion;

    codeproject wpf directx

    From a WPF perspective, DirectX code should render in Texture2D , and this Texture2D should render with D3DImage .

    State University DXImageSource: D3DImage, IDisposable Empty population Invalidate () Enumerated null SetBackBuffer (SharpDX.Direct3D10.Texture2D Textur) local community SetBackBuffer (SharpDX void.Direct3D11.Texture2D Textur) Custom SetBackBuffer (SharpDX void.Direct3D9.Texture Texture)

    With this D3DImage subclass, you can directly specify – sharpdx DirectX Texture2D as the back buffer for the image (note that this must be created with ResourceOptionFlags ). can only be accessed by D3DImage through this generic D3D9 interface).

    This ImageSource can be used especially well in the Image class. To ensure continuous updates, resizing, etc., I have developed the following FrameworkElement :

    IDirect3D public interface void Reset (ResetArgs args); cancel rendering (RenderArgs arguments);public class DXElement: FrameworkElement getting the public area DXImageSource; Public rendering engine IDirect3D public bool IsLoopRendering

    Then DXElement does very little by itself. It handles resize events. If IsLoopRendering is true , it almost always displays the rendered image. It detects the mouse and wastes time on Render if it implements IInteractiveRenderer (which D3D does).

    codeproject wpf directx

    From a DirectX perspective, I propose classes (D3D tree) that just create a suitable device, but have a virtual method to overwrite the exposure.

    What To Do Next?

    • direct2d1 works with Direct3D10 I would like it to work with Direct3D11 .
    • I still want to understand or know a lot of things to be sure enough, so I (just) started implementing various examples that will probably show some interesting aspects of DirectX. (1 completed so far)
    • Source Code & 1.31 MB Download


    In Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a new technology called Direct2D (which is still supported in Windows Vista SP2 with the platform update installed). If you do aThese instructions, you will find that they are for Win32 developers; However, with the Windows Code API Pack, .NET developers can easily take advantage of Windows 7 features, with Direct2D being one of the supported features. Unfortunately, all of the WPF sample types included in the code package require the control to be hosted in HwndHost , which is a problem as airspace issues can occur. This basically means that the Direct2D control must be kept separate from the rest of the WPF controls, which means there are no overlapping controls with transparency.

    The provided code allows Direct2D to be treated as a normal WPF control and, thanks to some COM interfaces, does not require any help to download the DirectX SDK or even using C ++, which no longer depends on the code package mentioned above – above ( its binaries are contained in a specific attached file). This article is more about problems getting in the way , my difficulties in creating a control



    WPF is based on DirectX 9 and uses the latest saved system rendering. This clearly means that you are not drawing anything on someone’s screen, but rather creating a tree that is most often associated with visual objects; Drawing instructions are cached and then automatically rendered according to the design. This, combined with the use of DirectX for graphics processing, not only allows WPF applications to remain responsive when they need to be redesigned, but also allows WPF to use the “paint” algorithm. In this model, each component (from the back of the screen to the inside of the front) is automatically asked to draw so that it can draw the legacy component to the screen. This is why it really is so easy to use complex and / or somewhat transparent forms with WPF – because the site was designed with this scenario in mind. For more information, see the msdn article.

    Direct2D Architecture

    Unlike WPF’s managed model, Direct2D is instant mode in which the performer is responsible for everything.This means that you are truly in charge of your resources by clearing the screen and cleaning up after yourself. It is based on the top of Direct3D 10.1, which provides powerful rendering but has several WPF advantages (such as device independent units, ClearType text generation, primitive anti-aliasing, and solid / linear / radial / bitmap brushing). MSDN has a more detailed introduction; however, it may be more developer oriented.


    Direct2D is designed for easy integration into source projects using GDI, GDI +, or Direct3D, with several options for integrating Direct2D content with Direct3D 10.1 or higher. The Direct2D Even SDK has a nice benchmark called DXGI Interop to show how it works.

    The D3DImage class has been introduced to host Direct3D WPF content in .NET 3.5 SP1. This way you can organize Direct3D 9 as content and as ImageSource so that it can be used in a Image control or as a ImageBrush etc. … There is a great article on CodeProject here combined with more information and an example and.

    A smart person will find that while both technologies can work well with Direct3D, Direct2D 10 requires version 1 or higher, while D3DImage in WPF supports one version and does not support loading that version 9. Fast internet start-up led to this blog post from Jeremiah Morrill. It explains that IDirect3DDevice9Ex (which is definitely supported)



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