Various Ways To Fix Xbox Transcoding Error


Last week, some readers informed us that they were experiencing an Xbox transcoding error.

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    Hello, I need help with the Xbox One client: iPad, Android, MACOS, and Apple Internet are working fine.

    I-Film Test – 1080p H264 AAC. It works fine without subtitles, but now when I select subtitles (while studying or before starting) it doesn’t give a perfect overall “transcoding error”. All other consumers also work * with * subtitles.

    I don’t know what to do. Server logs give me no indication, not even DEBUGGING.

    • Is the game recoded with subtitles only? So what works well without subtitles?

    • healways recoded but i only have one subtitle problem?

    • why is it even transcoding at some point? Why is XBONE bad at 1080p H264 ACC?

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      how to explain this? the client application is clearly not enough (I am playing on a local network with the initial settings enabled)

    By the way, since half of The Origins I play have this particular problem, maybe the problem isn’t just with one particular movie …

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    Compatible Transcoding For Xbox Have 360

    I just discovered UMS and am trying to use it with all my available devices.
    It works well with Android phones with BubleUPnP, even with subtitles, and it’s a nice feature.

    Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work with my Xbox360. UMS recognizes it correctly and I can check the files with Xbox.
    But when I try to play a movie (which works fine on my Android device) I personally get this error code 69-C00D36C4.
    According to the Microsoft website, this error code means the format is not supported on the Internet. So, I tried almost all the files in the transcoding file and none of them worked.

    Are there any important settings, or is this an intractable problem because the Xbox 360 only supports a few video formats?
    Should you buy a special Raspberry Pi ^^?


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    Re: Compatible Transcoding For Xbox 360

    xbox transcode error

    barnito wrote: Unfourtunatley tries very little to recode files that previously competed without it, also the buffer includes padding and stuttering on recode …

    A similar thing that you reported is FFmpeg crashing due to you trying to reproduce something like this, at least I fixed this error. So which file is being transcoded that wasn’t there before?

    Nain57, do not hesitatetry the file i posted in the process, it might work

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    Re: Xbox Compatible Transcoding For 360

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    xbox transcode error

    strangely, the buffer in the meantime starts to fill, which 360 says “open”, but as soon as the video starts, the buffer reaches the next 0 and never recovers, which leads to stuttering .. This happens with MENCODER and FFMPEG. I’ve generally seen higher CPU utilization on ffmepg UMS 2.60 and PMS 1.80 than (based on normal and “normal” pms 1.72). If Use i FFMPEG on PMS 1.72 uses FFMPEG for an object with an average of 10% CPU with irregular peaks at 25-30% (when the buffer is definitely full), FFMPEG, however, reaches around 35% CPU usage. On UMS 2.60 and PMS 1.80 and therefore stays there all the time.

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    Subject: Xbox Compatible Transcoding Written By:

    Barnito 360

    subjunk wrote: Unfourtunatley is not, it tries to recode the files it previously played without and the obstacle never fills up or stutters when it’s all about recode …

    The error you reported was is that FFmpeg folds up when you try to reproduce something, so at least I fixed that bug. So what is a transcoded file that hasn’t been transcoded before?

    Nain57, also try the file I posted, it might work

    barnito wrote: Unfortunately, it only tries to recode files that were previously played without it, and the buffer doesn’t fill up and stutters during recode …

    The error you reported was that FFmpeg crashes when trying to reproduce something like this, at least I fixed that error. So what is this file that is currently being recoded that was not there before?

    Nain57 feel free to try the file I posted, it may work

    xbox transcode error


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    Re: Compatible Transcoding For Xbox 360

    What happens if you copy ffmpeg.exe using mencoder.exe from the PMS directory to the UMS directory? Does this solve the problem?
    Usually these problems are caused by the processor not being fast enough to keep up with the content.



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