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If you encounter an error that bpbrm failed, the following guide may help you.

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    03/10/2011 19:03:44 – score 35636842 KB is required
    03/10/2011 19:03:45 – bpbrm (3636) process is running
    03/10/2011 07:15 PM – logged in
    03/10/2011 19:03:46 – logged in; Connection time: 00:00:00 – 03/10/2011 19:04:45 – start of recording
    03/10/2011 20:33:38 – bpbrm error (pid = 3636) on behalf of the target client: ERR – VM read 0-byte file, should have read 113,664 bytes 10/03. 2011 20:33:49 – add; Recording time: 01:29:04
    System call error (11)

    Error Message

    ERR – the virtual machine read the file with zero bayte, should have read xxxx bytes
    system contact failed (11)


    This is a clear error between ESX and VMWare backup hosts. An NFC connection error occurred during transfer. The Network.Base connection seems to be unable to handle the task.


    1. Try backing up our problematic client yourself, or setting the maximum number of tasks for the policy to 1. Remember that when it comes to backups, we are really competing for the same API as everything else.
    2. Use the current hotadd method and virtualize the VMWare backup host
    3. Change the type to nbd SAN. This is ideal, but the most expensive.

    Configure vxms for active logging on the backup VMware host by following these steps: à Run regedit. Go to Registry Editor: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE VERITAS VxMS

    Change the DWORD log value to 0x7580
    The next time you start VxMS, a control will be created (for example: VxMS-1832-MMDDYY.log).
    The log is located in the Program Files Common Files VERITAS VxMS Logs folder. The log directory will most likely be created automatically if it doesn't actually exist.
    Using the above connection, back up one of the specific failed clients.
    Check the error timestamp in the bpbkar symbol. This happened simultaneously in one of the logs:

    [vxms TID 0x00002248]: VixCoordinator :: vixMapRead:. VixCoordinator.cpp: 1090 : Obj: [WWW-01] .vmdk

    [TID 0x00002248]: g_vdInterfaceLogger:. libvix.cpp: 1693 = [NFC ERROR] NfcNetTcpRead: bRead:
    [TID -3 0x00002248]: g_vdInterfaceLogger:. libvix.cpp: 1693 : ERROR] [nfc NfcFssrvrRecv: failed with code = 8
    [TID 0x00002248]: g_vdInterfaceLogger:. cpppp. : [NFC ERROR] NfcFssrvr_DiskIo: Failed to receive I / O response 0x00002248]:
    [tid g_vdInterfaceLogger:. Libvix.cpp: 1689 : DISKLIB-RW. LIB: Detailed ioId: # 49854 (290) (34).
    [TID 0x00002248]: VixFile :: read: h: 701 src vxms plugin common map vix VixFile.h: 190 [System error: error ] any: g_vdInterface-> vdRead returned error 1, offset 0x0000000000000000, travel time 0x0000000000001BC00
    [TID 0x00002248]: VixCoordinator :: vixMapRead :. VixCoordinator.cpp: 1118 error: 11 completed

    [TID 0x00002248]: vix_map_read:. Libvix.cpp: 1434 : Error 11

    Hi Justine,

    error bpbrm could not

    It can be a directory with a lot of files.
    Create a folder / usr / openv / netbackup / logs / bpbkar on the client and you
    Find out what types of files / directories are problematic using babkar protocol.
    Set the verbosity level to at least the site visitor in the bp.conf file. 4
    Add this directory to the exclude_list file on the client and try backing up.
    until you find all the problems.

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    [mailto] To Justin
    Posted on: Saturday December 26, 2009 5:58 AM SACHIN
    to ARORA
    Copy: VERITAS-BU mailman.eng.auburn.edu
    Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] failed to save with error 13

    1. Bptm / bpcd / bpbrm creates logs on host, media and client.
    2. Set VEROBSE = 5 for all 3.
    3. Reproduce your mistake.
    4. Review the log.

    Master Server, Solaris 10: 6 netbackup.5.4
    Client: Windows 2003

    error bpbrm could not

    Problem: The server crashes with a 13th account error after a significant period of time.
    [/ quote] amount
    [quote] gift

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    Action: I installed threading. After that, only the ramdisk fails.
    [/ quote] with
    [quote] Every time error 13:

    Logs >> 26.12.2009 01:01:19 – bpbrm error (pid = 21743) Plug Read
    [/ quote] failed:
    [quote] errno = 131 – reset the connection on the partner
    12/26/2009 01:01:20 AM – Error bpbrm (pid = 21743) can be reported as opposed to
    Server status message
    12/26/2009 01:01:23 – incomplete letter; Recording time: 2:49:08
    Failed to read file (13)

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    error bpbrm could not

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