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    Over the past few days, a number of users have informed us that they have encountered a kettle error code. The HTTP error response code 418 I’m a Teapot Buyer indicates that the server is refusing to brew coffee because it has been a teapot for a long time. This error is a real reference to the Hyper Text coffee machine control protocol, which was set in a joke on April Fool’s 19.



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    HTTP client error 418 I am a kettle proved that the server refuses to brew beer because it is constantly a kettle. An erroneous coffee / tea carafe temporarily pointing to coffee should instead return 503. This error is believed to be a reference to the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Protocol control defined in an April Fool’s Day 1998 and 2014 joke.

    Some websites use it to handle response requests they don’t want to handle, such as automatic requests.

    Hypertext Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP) is a suitable communication protocol for controlling, monitoring and even diagnosing coffee machines. This is specified in RFC 2324, published on April 1, 1998 in the April Fools ‘Day RFC [2] as part of April Fools’ Day. [3] A fork of HTCPCP-TEA published April 1, 2014 as RFC 7168 [4] to support green tea infusion, which is also the April Fools RFC.


    RFC 2324 was written by Harry Masinter, who called it a satire, saying, “Thishas a serious purpose – it will expose many ways to improperly extend HTTP. ” [5] The protocol’s wording and terminology makes it clear that in many cases it did not mean it very seriously; as an example, he states that “there is a positive, dark and intense espresso [sic] protocol requirement for all coffee.”

    Despite the pleasantness of suspicious signs, or perhaps because of this, this method has remained only a minor presence on the network. The Emacs editor includes a fully featured client-side implementation, [6] , and this is the number of bug reports complaining about Mozilla’s lack of support for certain protocols. [7] Ten years after the publication of HTCPCP, the Internet Controlled Coffee Consortium (WC3) has published a good and reliable first draft “HTCPCP in RDF Dictionary” [8] in parody on “Dictionary of HTTP (w3c) to RDF”. [9]

    On April 1, 2014, RFC 7168 was extended to htcpcp to fully handle dummies. [4]

    Commands And Responses

    teapot error code

    HTCPCP is a new extension to HTTP. HTCPCP Requests for Unified IdentityThe resource identifier (URI) is known as coffee (or its equivalent in any of the 29 other languages ​​listed), and they contain several additions to HTTP methods:

    BREW or POST The HTCPCP server is brewing coffee. Using POST for this function is not recommended. A new “Accept-Additions” HTTP request header field is provided that supports additional extensions such as cream, whole milk, vanilla, raspberry, aquavit, whiskey, etc.
    GET pulls coffee from the HTCPCP server.
    PROPFIND Returns metadata about coffee.
    WHEN Says “when” causes the HTCPCP server to stop pouring milk into the new cafe (if available).
    406 Unacceptable The HTCPCP server was unable to deliver the requested add-on for some reason; the answer should list the many available supplements. The RFC recognizes that “in practice, most automatic coffee makers and casseroles currently cannot have add-ons.”
    418 Ia teapot HTCPCP Server – teapot; the next entity body “could be short and so big” (a reference to the song “I’m some Little Teapot”). There are demonstrations of this behavior. [1] [10]

    Record 418 Movements

    How do I fix Error 418?

    Fix it. The easiest solution for you is to check the box next to “More web security?” ‘The parameter in the DreamHost bounding box for this domain. You will have toWait a few minutes for the refactoring to take place, but after that the site should work.

    On August 5, 2017, Mark Nottingham, Chair of the IETF HTTPBIS Working Group, requested the status of removing guide 418 “I’m a teapot” from the Node.js platform, code implemented from source code 418. ” I am a teapot, ”the Hyper Text coffee machine control protocol emphasizes. [11] On August 6, 2017, Nottingham only requested to remove references to “I am a 418 teapot” from the Go programming language [12] , and then from Pythons Requests [ 13] and the ASP.NET HttpAbstractions [14] library.

    teapot error code

    In 15 years’ response, developer Shane Brunswick created the website, [15] and launched various Movement 418, My Kettle projects, which serve as a reminder that some of The basic processes in computers are still dominated by humans. “Brunswick’s website went viral within hours of launch, garnered thousands of votes on social media platform Reddit, [16] and sparked massive publicity.Dissemination, including the hashtag on Twitter “# save418”, which he posted on their website. outcry, Node.Go, js, Pythons Requests, and the ASP.NET library HttpAbstractions objected to removing 418 ‘Je’ my teapot ‘from their projects. The unanimous support for the above projects and the general prompted Nottingham to begin the process by marking 418 as a reserved HTTP status code, [17] , to ensure Will is never replaced with an official status discount code for the foreseeable future.

    On July 5, 2020 Python 3.9 released the extended http library with status code 418 IM_A_TEAPOT . [18] The related pull request mentions Safeguard 418 directly in support of adoption. [19]

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    External Links

    • Google demo page: Error 418 (it’s me, you’re just a teapot) !?
    • Implementation of the Teapot htcpcp-tee package by David Skinner.
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    Improve the speed of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.

    What RFC 2324?

    Masinter Informational [Page 1] RFC 2324 HTCPCP / 1.0 Apr 1, 1998 This protocol defines the Hypertext Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP), which provides the complete enforcement and responses required to control all cell phones that are capable of producing popular caffeinated beverages. trend.

    What Protocol is described in RFC 2324?

    Hypertext Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP) is a fun communication scheme for managing, monitoring and diagnosing containers for coffee plants. This is specified in RFC 2324, which was introduced on April 1, 1998 as an April Fools’ RFC as part of this April Fool’s Day.




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