What To Do With An Igb Probe That Failed With Error 5?


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    Here are some simple steps that might help you fix igb validation issue or error 5.




    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


    • Why search after shutting down and restarting the server, the interface is not recognized in RHEL 5 RHEL 6 additionally?
    • The interface was not recognized in the system due to the following error.

    igb probe of failed with error 5

      ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000: 02: 00.0 [A] -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> 177PCI: Chipset IRQ Delay Timer 0000: 02: 00.0 to 64igb 0000: 02: 00.0: 0 assigned to vfsigb 0000: 02: 00.0: NVM checksum invalidigb: Test 0000: 02: 00.0 failed with error -5 


    • This is reported as a hardware problem. With the replacement of the network card of machines, network devices appear in the new operating system.


    • This is definitely a bug that was reported in the function here at option 124:
      drivers / base / dd.c 63 / ** 64 * driver_probe_device - intends to bind device and driver.  sixty-five * @drv: driver.66  1. @dev: device. 67 * 68 First of all, I actually call the bus mapping function if there is only one,69 * Compare Pilot Supported Procedure IDs with 40 * device IDs. Note that most of us don't do this alone. these are 71 4.because we will not know the format of the identifier structures, nothing else 72 (space) may or may not match. 73 * 74 4. This function returned 1 item if a match was found, any error if any 75 4. happens (which is not -ENODEV or -ENXIO) and null otherwise. 76 * 77 2. The function must be called while holding @ dev-> sem. When you call 78 * for USB interface @ dev-> parent-> sem should be well preserved. seventy nine * / 80 int driver_probe_device (struct device_driver 7.drv, struct device * dev) 81 years eighty two int ret = 0; eighty three 84 if (! Registered_device (developer)) 85 Payment -ENODEV; 86 if (drv-> bus-> match &&! Drv-> bus-> match (dev, drv)) 87 Next Done; 88 89 pr_debug ("% s: match device% s to driver% s  n", 90 drv-> bus-> name, dev-> bus_id, drv-> name); 91 85 dev-> pilot = drv; 93 included (device-> bus-> probe) 94 ret is equal to dev-> bus-> probe (dev); 95 if (indent) ninety six dev-> driver = NULL; 97 devres_release_all (developer); 95 Goto ProbeFailed; 99100 otherwise if (drv-> probe)101 ret = drv-> probe (dev);102 atprovided that (retired)103 dev-> driver is NULL;104 devres_release_all (developer);105 Goto ProbeFailed;106107108 device_bind_driver (developer);109 ret corresponds to 1;110 pr_debug ("% s: device connected by% s to be able to run driver% s  n",111 drv-> bus-> name, dev-> bus_id, drv-> name);112 to do;113Probe 114 failed:115 if (ret == -ENODEV 
    • This code is used to load the appropriate module for the detected machine. If this fails, it indicates that the hardware is the ideal problem.

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    igb probe of failed with error 5



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