Best Way To Resolve Failed Fortran Debug Assertion


In this guide, we will highlight some of the possible causes that can cause debug assertion to fail, and then provide possible solutions that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    An assertion defines a condition that the owners expect at some point in your program. If this disease is not applicable, your program will be suspended and this dialog will also appear. Ignore your complaint and keep running the program.



    I receive following error message even though I am debugging my main.90 file

    debug assertion failed fortran

    1) Global functions and parameters (they contain this function: call_mg1g1_load also calls other c functions)

    the call_mg1g1_load function was written / defined as part of the C project source file (the project is in release mode)

    I am calling this function after main.90 (main FORTRAN file). This Fortran solution can be in debug mode

    Also, my program crashes. Please help me how I can finally continue. What and what is the special reason?

    1) mg1g1 (project C) —- (it’s in release mode) and no such binary is generated.

    2) test_lib (fortran f90 project) Â is an environment test for the above C job (for speed optimization). This is saved in debug mode

    You are getting an error in the entire C runtime library used by Fortran.
    (filename is winsig. is in c, in each of our VS VC crt src folders)

    This should show you where the error occurred with winsig.c. Basically, you can define whenrank by looking at the C code. If you need to check your Fortran code, use the main call stack window to find the owner. The call stack may or may not display the Fortran statement generated by the call. If the call stack absolutely doesn’t display your Fortran code, try Step-Out (Shift-F11) until you see a Fortran solution. Note that you can get several errors in the C runtime library where you repeat this process. If you are having difficulty accessing the Fortran statement, you may need to enable trace records every time you call the C runtime exploration routines (this will be a call to the awinsig function).

    Nik @ Cabana


    April 18, 2018 01:01:23 AM / 18


    Hello ,

    I only wrote a long Fortran VS program in the studio. When I compile the program, I do not receive the messageerror messages. When launched with (Ctrl + F5), the following problem message is displayed:

    Debug assertion failed!
    Program: …. ual Studio
    2010 Projects Console5 Console5 Debug Console5.exe
    file: f: dd vctools crt_bld self_x86 crt src winsig.c
    line: 417

    Expression: (“Invalid signal, possibly an error”, 0)

    For more information about how your program should cause an assertion to fail, see the Assertions section in the Visual C ++ documentation.

    (Please try again to debug the application)

    Can anyone tell me where to fix this problem?
    Also when I have the code with (F5) I get a Console5 email that: .exe caused a critical issue.
    Although there is no break issue in the code. is anWhat is the real possible reason for this?

    Thank you in advance,


    Nik @ Cabana


    April 18, 2018 1:17:54 am

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    The following looks like a message from the debug window:

    “Console5.exe”: Loaded “C: Users londhen Documents Visual Studio 2010 Projects Console5 Console5 Debug Console5.exe”, loaded symbols.
    ‘Console5.exe’: Loaded ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 ntdll.dll’, Find cannot open or open PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: Loaded ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 kernel32.dll’, Find cannot open or open PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 KernelBase.dll’ loaded, Find cannot open or open PDB file’Console5.exe’
    : Loaded ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 imagehlp.dll’, cannot find or open the PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: Loaded ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 msvcrt.dll’, Find cannot open or open PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 advapi32.dll’ loaded, Find cannot fully open or open the PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: Loaded ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 Sechost.dll’, Find may not open PDB file or even open it
    ‘Console5.exe’: ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 rpcrt4.dll’ loaded, Find cannot open or open PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 sspicli.dll’ loaded, Find cannot open or open PDB file
    ‘Console5.exe’: ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 cryptbase.dll’ loaded, Find cannot start or run PDB file’Console5.exe’
    : Loaded ‘C: Program Files (x86) Intel ComposerXE-2011 redist ia32 compiler 1033 ifcore_msg.dll ‘, the binary was not generated with debug information.’Console5.exe’
    : Loaded ‘C: Program Files (x86) Intel ComposerXE-2011 redist ia32 compiler 1033 irc_msg.dll’, the binary was not usually generated with debug information.
    ‘Console5.exe’: Loaded ‘C: Windows SysWOW64 dbghelp.Cannot dll’, investigate or open PDB file
    Console5.exe contains a triggered breakpoint
    Program “[3636] Console5.exe: Native” ended with code (0x198) 408.

    Tim Prince


    April 18, 2018 2:08:26 AM

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    Steve Lionel

    debug assertion failed fortran


    April 19, 2018 05:01:09 19.4.18


    On jsname = “yjbGtf” 04/17/2018 12:01 PM nik @ cabana wrote:
    > Can someone tell me how to fix this?
    > Ta Also, when I run the code with (F5), I get the message: Console5.exe triggered suggests a breakpoint.
    > Although the designated point without a break can be in the code.
    > A possible reason just for this?

    Search with. to another window (may be hidden depending on the Visual Studio window)
    more knowledge. The behavior you describe is typical of your program.
    gets an array or limit of other errors encountered during runtime.

    Steve Lionel
    Intel Fortran Developer / Post-Retirement Support
    E-Mail: name in paragraph first name surname comTwitter Twitter: @DocteurFortran

    Nick @ Cabana

    I wrote, come on with a long fortran about



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    How do I fix error Assertion failed?

    Correction 1. Reinstall or repair the Visual C ++ package.Fix 2. Run SFC and DISM scan.Fix 3: Reinstall Adobe software.Remedy 4.Remedy 5.Access to content to play geo-restricted videos using a VPN.Don’t pay the ransomware experts – take advantage of other data recovery options.

    How do I fix debug assertion failed Visual C++?

    You can uninstall the Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Package under Programs and Features, and then reinstall the program. Then check if the problem persists. You can run the System File Checker [SFC] on your computer to repair missing or corrupted files and check if the problem is still there.




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