What Is Winscp Permission Denied Error Code 3 Request Code 3 And How To Fix It?


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    Sometimes your computer may display an error message that says Winscp permission was denied, error code 3, request code 3. This issue can be caused by various reasons. Error Code: 3 Server Error Message: Permission Denied WinSCP or Windows Secure Copy is actually a free open source SFTP or SCP client for Microsoft Windows. Our support engineers have checked and identified authorization errors. This mainly happens when the user not only has create rights for all folders.



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    I am using WinSCP and no longer get this error every time I try to replace / overwrite a file. I was terribly capable of transferring / overwriting a file and also fixing any problem, but nothing more.

    Failed to get remote file ‘var / lib / tomcat6 / webapps /…./ myfilename.filepart’.
    Authorization denied.
    Error code: 3
    Suspected Server Error: Permission Denied

    I tried to change a property that I was able to update as this situation is now under my username when updating Tomcat6. But they still refuse me. This makes it very difficult for me to test individual reports as I only need to use it when it is already running in a deployed application.

    I also tried to tweak some WinSCP options like Drag & Drop and Endurance, but it didn’t make any difference.

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    I have the right to replace the outgoing file and 1 label in the filing plan (e.g. var / lib / myfolder / myproject / web-inf / report, 1 label back to var / lib / myfolder / myproject / web-inf /)then enter

      sudo chown myuser: myuser report -R 

    But my reports may contain errors, so I had to – enter sudo chown tomca6: tomcat6 report -R then my error will be fixed and I can now view the replaced file.

    What I need to do this time is very difficult.What can I do to finally resolve this issue? thanks

    Is the person blocked due to the error “SFTP Error # 3: Permission Denied”? We can help you with a custom fit.

    At Bobcares we often find SFTP bug fix requests related to our server administration services.

    Let’s analyze this error in detail today and see how our specialists can easily fix it.

    Why Was Permission Denied Due To SFTP Error # 3?

    How do I fix error code 3 in WinSCP?

    Open WinSCP.Bottom left -> Check the Advanced options box.At the bottom of the white window (just above the advanced options) -> left click on “Settings”.Now move to the right on line 2/3 of the path -> Left-click on the “Type of radio” button in the settings.

    We always recommend all my clients to transfer files via SFTP due to security features.

    However, many errors related to SFTP have been found. One of them is SFTP bug # 3, which permission denied.

    This error occurred because of a permissions issue or the ability to continue transferring files.

    How Can We Reanimate Thishave Permission Denied Error?

    Recently, one of our visitors contacted us and reported an authorization denied error. He was using WinSCP and every time he tried to replace / overwrite the file the guy was getting the following error message.

      Unable to create the selected file "filename".Access is denied.Error code: 3Server error message: Authorization denied  

    WinSCP or Windows Secure Copy is a free open source SFTP client or SCP client for Microsoft Windows if needed.

    Our support specialists have checked and identified an authorization error. This mainly happens when the user does not acquire create rights for each folder.

    Therefore, WinSCP cannot create transient data for transmission. Let’s take a look at the two main methods we follow to fix this type of error.

    1. Write Permissions

    As mentioned earlier, these errors are most often the result of multiple permission errors. We give the buyer or group write access to all records.

    For example, and Ubuntu is the PC operator, we need to execute the command mentioned here in the in folder on the Ubuntu server.

      sudo chown -R ubuntu: ubuntu.  

    2. Disable Temporary Transfer In Files

    WinSCP supports continuous file transfer using SFTP and FTP. It saves the file, which is first transferred under a temporary file name.

    And the target target name change will only happen when the transfer is completed successfully.

    But disabling this transfer to a temporary file will fix the lack of denied permissions.

    1. First select “Settings”.
    2. Then go to page> Transfer stamina.
    3. We then select the Disable option under Continue Transfer / Transfer to Temporary Filename for the Enable area.


    In short, you are currently experiencing SFTP error # 3. Access denied due to incorrect file / folder permissions. Today we have certainly discussed this error in detail and therefore saw how our support specialists can easily fix it.

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    Additional information

    Viewing or deleting a file from Winscp may be denied permission to delete or move the file.

     permission deniedError code: 3Server Error Message: Authorization DeniedRequest code: 3
    1. Open the command line interface of the event you have on winscp.
    2. Browse to the path to the folder where the file is located.
    3. Set permissions for all data files in this folder path using the new command below, then try moving the file, otherwise delete the file again.

    winscp permission denied error code 3 request code 3

     # chmod -R 777  

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    winscp permission denied error code 3 request code 3



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    How do I fix permissions denied in WinSCP?

    By default WinSCP tries to update the timestamp using the local files timestamp, this generates a “Permission denied” error. Open the Transfer Options dialog box. In the General Options component, clear the Save Time Stamp check box.

    How do I fix open for write permission denied error SFTP?

    Processvery simple: 1) check the permissions on a file or directory, 2) swap the permissions to 777, 3) transfer or edit a file, 4) change the actual default permissions. Using 2) and 3) may well solve your problem. But you should set the default permission after the most important operation for more security.




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