How To Solve Problems With Clearing The Thinkpad BIOS Password?

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    If you have removed the thinkpad BIOS password from your system, we hope this guide will help you. You can also remove the BIOS supervisor password by bypassing the signal chip. This can only be done by attaching a wire (such as a small screwdriver) to the SDA-SCL pins of the security chip during the boot process. Remember to ALWAYS remove the BIOS battery BIOS Battery Non-volatile memory under BIOS refers to the small amount of memory on the PC’s motherboards that is used to store BIOS settings. For you, this is called non-volatile memory or NVRAM because after a power failure, the system will retain its state using the CMOS battery. Typical NVRAM capacity is 256 bytes. ›RSS feed› Nonvolatile_BIOS_memory BIOS non-volatile storage – Wikipedia.

    You may well have removed the BIOS and administrator password, which is why you shorted the security chip. This can be done by simply connecting a small conductor (like a screwdriver) to the SDA and Des pins of the security scl chip during boot. Remember, ALWAYS remove the battery from the BIOS

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