BIOS Password Reset Recovery Steps For Problems With Dell Latitude E6400


If you have reset BIOS password on Dell Latitude e6400 on your system, we hope this user guide can help you.

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    Each computer has a traditional BIOS administrator password. Dell servers use the default password, Dell. If that doesn’t work, you suddenly ask friends or family members who have recently used a computer.



    You can reset the BIOS password by removing the CMOS battery from the system board. This can be boring depending on the laptop.

    Search the Internet for websites that publish wellknown “stolen” passwords for different BIOS versions

    XPS M1530, Win 10 CU Pro 32-bit
    Inspiron E1705, Win 10 CU Pro 32-bit
    Dimension 9100, Win 10 AU Pro 32-bit
    Inspiron 660, Win 10 CU 64- bit
    Inspiron 3668, Win 10 CU, 64 bit
    Asus T100 Tablet, Windows 10 CU, 32 bit




    Additional information

    Information stored in the BIOS (system configuration), known as extended system configuration data (ESCD), can sometimes be corrupted for various reasons, such as power problems, incorrect settings, hardware incompatibility due to a particular parameter, or during autotests. (POST) included or problems with video. In these cases, it is sometimes necessary to reset the BIOS or (optional CMOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor) to factory defaults or, in other cases, erase all non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM).

    Load BIOS with default settings

    ATTENTION! The BIOS interface has been specially designed for advanced users. Be sure to enter lAny changes. An accidental change to an unknown setting can prevent the computer from turning on, start up directly, or cause potentially large data loss.

    How To Reset Some BIOS Via BIOS Interface

    How do I reset the BIOS password on a Dell Latitude?

    Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the computer. Locate the password reset jumper (PSWD) on the programming board. Remove the jumper from one of the password jumper pins. Turn on the device without the plug to remove the password.

    NOTE. This process will reset BIOS to factory defaults, CMOS or NVRAM will not be displayed by default.

    1. Turn on your computer.
    2. Press F2 several times until the configuration menu appears.
    3. Reset BIOS to factory locks. The BIOS reset method can be between different computers:
      1. Click any button to load the default settings.
      2. Or press F9 to set the default settings.
      3. Or press Alt + F to load the default settings.
    4. On

    5. , press Esc and find Save and Exit or Exit.
    6. Press Enter to save many changes and exit the BIOS setup screen.
    7. Computer

    8. will restart.

    How To Clear BIOS, CMOS Or NVRAM Using A Jumper On A Home PC Computeruter

    ATTENTION: clearing CMOS or possibly NVRAM using a jumper will reset the BIOS bookmarks. These include a BIOS user password, an administrator password, and a strong disk password. It doesn’t include many passwords like Windows logon, e-commerce accounts, etc.

    NOTE. The RTCRST / PSWD jumper is not available on Dell laptops.

    The Real Time Clock Reset (RTCRST) jumper will assist in the reset, possibly clearing the NVRAM on the computer. ESCD information, which is undoubtedly contained in NVRAM, can be erased by following these steps. The NVRAM is cleared when the jumper is placed in the closed position and the computer normally powers on for 10 seconds.

    resetting bios password on dell latitude e6400

    NOTE. Dell Desktop PC can be restored by clearing CMOS or NVRAM of enabled video self-test, also called error.

    NOTE. The location of the RTCRST and PSWD jumpers depends on your Dell desktop computer. For more information on bouncers, see the Location section of the User Guide for each Dell Desktop PC.

    1. Before you begin, take Safety Precautions and when working with electronic devices .
    2. Turn off the entire computer and unplug its power cord from the computer.
    3. Remove the meeting computer. For specific model information, see the Dell Desktop PC User Guide.
    4. Locate the 2-pin password jumper labeled PSWD on the system board.
    5. Remove, I would say, a two-pin jumper.
    6. Locate the 2-pin CMOS jumper labeled RTCRST on the system board.
    7. Move the dedicated 2-pin jumper from the password jumper to the CMOS jumper pins.
    8. Plug in the power cord and computer and wait 10 seconds for the CMOS to clear.
    9. Disconnect the

    10. computer power cable
    11. Replace the 2-pin jumper on the password jumper.
    12. Close the computer cover. See the Dell Desktop User Guide for specific model recommendations.
    13. Connect the driver to your computer and turn on any computer.

    First photo: Illustration of the jumpers on the motherboard of a Dell desktop computer.

    How To Identify BIOS, Or CMOS, NVRAM,by Simply Inserting The CMOS Battery

    BIOS can be reset to factory settings. This resets the CMOS battery attached to the system board. This process typically applies to Dell desktops and laptops. Follow these steps if the RTCRST PSWD or jumpers are not available from your Dell desktop or if you are using a Dell laptop.

    ATTENTION! When clearing the created CMOS or NVRAM by clearing the CMOS, the passwords are reset using the BIOS. This includes the PC BIOS user password, administrator password, and hard disk account. It does not include other bookmarks such as Windows login, online data files, etc.

    NOTE. The CMOS battery cannot be reinstalled on all Dell laptops. For specific model information, see the User Guide that came with your Dell PC.

    1. Before you begin, take safety precautions when working with electronic and electrical equipment .
    2. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the computer.
    3. If you are using Dell, disconnect the battery from the computer. For information on a specific mod Or see the User Guide that came with your Dell PC. If your Dell laptop came with a non-removable battery, see Dell Knowledge Base article How to Reset the Real Time Clock (RTC) to recover your Dell laptop .
    4. Remove the custom cover. For specific model information, see the User Guide that came with your Dell PC.
    5. Find this button type CMOS battery (fig. 2 and therefore 3).
    6. Carefully remove the coin cell battery and battery from the system board.
    7. Press and hold the button and hold the on / off button for 10–2 seconds to discharge the remaining power.
    8. Connect the coin cell battery to the system board as usual.
    9. Close access to the computer.
    10. Connect the

    11. battery and power cord to your computer.
    12. Turn on your computer.
    13. A warning message is displayed to indicate that the date and time are securely set.
    14. Press the F2 key to open the onscreen biography.
    15. Set the current date and time according to yourtime zone.
    16. And

    17. save the BIOS screen.

    resetting bios password on dell latitude e6400

    Fig. 2. Illustration of a Large Set of Button Cell Batteries on a Dell Desktop PCB

    Fig. 3. Drawing with a button-type battery on the side console of a Dell laptop

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