How To Handle MySQL Error Code 134?


Over the past few days, some users have encountered the known MySQL error code 134. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s look at them now.

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    mysql error code 134

      MySQL software error 134 = data log has already been deleted (or the log file has crashed) 

    Solution: you need to restore one or more tables in the database

    Identify Corruption In The Area

    There are three ways to check recovery tables. All this with MyISAM desktops, standard and non-transactional table type, and unique with InnoDB, the most mature of your current MySQL transactional table types. Fortunately, MySQL today allows you to check tables while our own server is still running, so the damage from using a small table shouldn’t affect anything on the server.

    • SQL CHECK TABLE trick (server should of course workfor this)
    • Run the mysqlcheck command line utility (the server must beworks)
    • run the myisamchk command line utility (device should be faulty,or inactive)

    Check Kitchen Counter Tables With CHECK TABLE

    The first way to check tables is to run the SQL CHECK TABLE statement when you are logged in to the device. Syntax:

      CHECK andtable name [, table name2 table ...] [option] [, option2 ...] 

    The most convenient option, which does not check the series for fake links. It is often recommended unless you suspect an exceptional error.

    Check tables only if they are not properly closed. Often used when you suspect that this cron is out of order, or after a power outage that shouldn’t have had a negative impact.

    Like FAST, but also checks if tables have changed since the last check.

    The default is whenever no is specified. Scans market lines to make sure the remote links are correct and verifies the calculated checksum for keys virtually with the calculated checksum of the key as for strings.

    The Slower option is only used if other checks do not report errors, that is, you still suspect corruption. Very slow, in addition to a full key lookup with all keys for each row. Variable to accelerate the size of the key buffer in the confMySQL guides. may well help speed up the process.

    Note that CHECK TABLE only works with MyISAM and InnoDB tables. If the check is corrupted, the table should be marked corrupted and the problem is unnecessary. For more information on operation, see the Hardware Repair section below.

    Checking With Mysqlcheck Tables

    The second way is to run the mysqlcheck command line utility. That is: syntax mysqlcheck [options] database name table name [table name2 ...] .

    The following options are for testing (mysqlcheck can sometimes repair, scan and then optimize.

      - automatic repair 

    Combined with the check option, it can automatically start repair if corruption is selected.

      --check, -c 

    Check tables (only required if mysqlcheck is running under a name such as mysqlrepair. See the manual for more information)

      - changed for verification only, -C 
      --extended, -e 
      --fast, -F 
      --medium-check, -q 

    Note -m

      is a quick way to indicate that you can select multiple tables and that mysqlcheck is only valid with MyISAM tables. 

    Check Tables With Myisamchk

    And finally, the myisamchk command line utility. Hosting must be down or the conference tables are inactive (guaranteed unless the --skip-external-lock collection is used). The syntax is almost certain: [options] myisamchk tablename.MYI , you have to find yourself in the appropriate .Files myi or specify the path to the corresponding .Files myi (each MyISAM database is stored in a separate directory). The following confirmation options are almost always available:

      --check, -c 
      - changed for verification only, -C 
      --extend-check, -e 
      --fast, -F 
      --force, -f 

    Run myisamchk Recovery Manager if any errors are found

      - information, -i 
      --medium-check, -m 
      - write protected, -T 
      --update-state, -U 

    This option records when the basket was checked and the time it fell to a .MYI file.

    You can also useProvide wildcards to check all .MYI tables at once, for example:

     % 3.myisamchk.MYI 

    Note that myisamchk only works with MyISAM event tables. For those still using these old ISAM table types, isamchk is definitely available, although there is very little explanation as to why you shouldn't switch to MyISAM.

    Repairing Tables

    In extreme cases, only the index will be corrupted (the index is a separate, smaller index with records pointing to the most important data file) - actual data corruption is extremely rare. Most forms of data corruption are relatively easy to fix. As with validation, there are three ways to fix tables. They all work only with MyISAM agents - to fix corruption of other types of family tables, you need to completely restore from a backup:

    • SQL REPAIR TABLE statement (obviously the corresponding server should be runningfor this)
    • mysqlcheck command line function (server can run)
    • The myisamchk command line utility (the server must be locatedam i near orTables are inactive)

    Recovering a table requires twice as much space as the oldest table (probably a copy of the data will be made). Therefore, before you start, make sure you run out of free space on your hard drive.

    Rebuild The Table With REPAIR TABLE

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    Suggested syntax: REPAIR TABLE table name [, table name1 ...] [options] . Method, this only works with MyISAM tables. The following brands are available.

    Attempts to repair any data line file that you can recover, which could result in data corruption. Finally use as a hotel and resort.

    Use if the .MYI file is missing or has a damaged header. Uses .frm file definitions rebuilt into indexes.

    Rebuild Tables With Mysqlcheck

    The mysqlcheck command line budget can be used while the server is running and, like all recovery methods, only works with MyISAM tables. Syntax:

     % mysqlcheck -r sports_results fixtures -user -ppass 

    Myisamchk Repair Table

    Server with mustit must be disabled or tables must be inactive (which is generated when the --skip-external-lock option is not currently used). Myisamchk syntax: [options [[table names]. Again, remember to go back or provide the path to useful .MYI files. The following options are available:

      --backup, -B 
      - correct checksum 
      --data-file-length = #, -D # 
      --extend-check, -e 

    Attempts to recover almost every possible line in the data file. This option should only be used as a last resort, as it can create trash cans.

      --force, -f 

    Replace old temporary facts .TMD instead of giving up when faced with new existing facts. -k

      keys-used = #, # 

    You can speed up development by specifying which keys to use. Each binary bit represents a large bit, starting at 0 for the first significant.

      --recover, -r 

    The most common scenario is when maintenance tasks are most often disrupted. When you have enough knowledge, increase sort_buffer_size to speed up recovery. Will not be recovered from a rare form of damage when your unique key is not unique.

      --safe-recovery, -o 

    A deeper but slower recovery option than -r, mostly only used when -r fails. Reads all rows and rebuilds the row-based indexes. It also works with slightly less disk space than repair -ur, because the sort buffer is simply not created. You should increase the detection of key_buffer_size to improve recovery speed when free memory was available.

      - sort-restore, -n 

    MySQL uses collation to select indexes, even if the resulting short files are very large.

      --character-sets-dir = ... 
      --set-character-set = name 
      --tmpdir = path, -t 

    Pass in the last path for storing temporary files if someone doesn't want to use the contents of the TMPDIR environment variable

      --quick, -q 

    mysql error code 134

    Fastest rebuild because no data file will be created. The second -q changes the personal data different, if the file contains duplicate keys. Much less hard disk space is also used because the data file is often left unchanged.

    mysql error code 134

      --unpack, -u 

    Extract any file compressed with the myisampack utility.

     % myisamchk -r devices- Rebuild (using the key cache) the MyISAM table 'fixtures.MYI'Records: 0 

    All previous information was taken from the link

    1. Fix database corruption.
    2. How to restore MyISAM tables - mysql links

    If any of the things I've mentioned are unclear, refer to articles and other content. Hope my answers will be answered!



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