For Example, You Need To Get Rid Of Problems Accessing Windows.document.


Sometimes your system may return an error code indicating that the document has been denied access to the window. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    I am creating a popup without buying a url using (). I am not giving the program the url because I really want to post a form for it soon. In the meantime, I would like to highlighta short “Loading …” message that says the user does not look at a blank squeeze page for the 2-3 seconds it takes to post the form.

    I’ve tried adding JavaScript that only writes to the popup document. It worked fine in Firefox and IE 8 but failed, but when it comes to the Access Denied message in IE 10 and 7. Does anyone know a way around this? I would really be able to a) hardcode a lot of HTML in (), b) how to update the popup’s DOM there, or c) hear anything anyone can think of.

      var wref matches ("", winName, "toolbar = 1, resizable = 1, menubar = 1, location = 1, status = 1, scrollbars = 1, width = 800, height = 600 ). ");   If (wref! = Null) {        check wref.opener = self; capture (except)        // but we wait for the form submission stream to complete, display a simple move message        $ j (wref.document.body) .html ('Loading now ...'); // EPIC FAILURE        wref.focus (); 

    I am trying to load a web app in the best new popup that another domain crosses my app using the corresponding post request (this should be a requeststories!). Internet is Explorer that throws an important access denied message when I try to get a document object from a window. I’ve tried other answers posted in similar SO threads, but I had no luck …

    ie window.document access denied

    Note. I cannot use '' or 'about: blank' for the main URL, as IE generally considers them to be dangerous.

    1. Create window.object
    2. Create JavaScript form
    3. Attach the shape to the main body of the window. // Profit denied!

    ie window.document access denied

      var = (url, windowname, params);var means form $ (document.createElement ('form'))              .attr ('action', action)              .attr ("Method", "Contribution");$ (win.document.body) .html (form.html ()); // Login denied! 


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    Do you support it from localhost or : // ? If so, this is the default behavior. You can configure it somewhere in the general structure of the browser settings. But if you run it mostly from a real domain, the next IE will also generate this referral error in some cases if the url is targeting a different domain. The browser is careful, apparently too hard onparameters are built. In order for you to recognize this, you need to manage your browser settings accordingly.

    However, this ignores the fact that this does not eliminate the risk that one of your customers using IE will undoubtedly face the same problem. If you insist on opening an xref in a new scope, I would suggest using with target = "_blank" instead (although the ‘this attribute in HTML; you you can make it rel = "ext" and execute JS on load to get the point of the [rel = ext] attribute).

    My web app home page has a wonderful iframe that loads content from a small computer. Every time I open 11th Developer Tools, I get a problem message:

    I have a Window.onerror handler in a child script and it logs this program’s error in the same situation:

    This situation is easy to reproduce with the following configuration. Probably wellThere are two hosts.

      Check iframe 
    External document

    ie window.document access denied

    On the instant machine (hostname, there is currently an index.html page in / innerframe, the contents of which are as follows:

    Internal document

    Before opening the developer tools, the handwriting of the outer and inner frames was showing, and only errors were not showing in the IE status bar.

    As soon as IE Dev-Tools opens, two problems are logged to the console:
    1 office SCRIPT5: Access Denied
    File: row: inner frame, 1, column: 1
    2. An error has occurred. Message: Access Denied.
    url: lineNum: 9 1 columnNum: errorEvent: access must be denied

    1. Is there a way to avoid getting this error when opening developer tools?

    2. If the first answer is never unambiguous, there is a way to know when the developer tools will open properly. Can I effectively tweak my logging code so that this flaw is not reported (or otherwise) when a regular user opens IE 11 Developer Tools?

    On host 1 (hostname open IE 11 and point to This file exists on the local coffee machine (host 1) and contains the following:



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    Sie Suchen Beispielsweise Nach Problemen Beim Zugriff Auf Windows.document.
    Ad Esempio, Qualcuno Deve Eliminare I Problemi Di Accesso A Windows.document.
    Voor Demonstratie Van, Moet U Problemen Oplossen Om In Windows.document Te Komen.
    Par Exemple, Que Vous Devez Vous Débarrasser Des Problèmes D’accès à Windows.document.
    Para Demonstração De, Você Precisa Se Livrar Dos Problemas Ao Adquirir O Windows.document.
    Till Exempel Behöver Du Så Att Det Kommer Att Bli Av Med Problem Med Att Komma åt Windows.document.
    Например, кому угодно нужно избавиться от проблем с доступом к Windows.document.
    Por Ejemplo, Necesita Deshacerse De Los Problemas Para Acceder A Windows.document.
    예를 들어 Windows.document에 액세스하는 데 어려움을 없애야 합니다.
    Na Przykład Musisz Pozbyć Się Usterek Dostępu Do Windows.document.