An Easy Way To Fix Enterprise Portal Debugging


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    In some cases, your computer may display an error indicating how Enterprise Portal is being debugged. There can be many reasons for this problem.



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    Applies to: Microsoft AX Dynamics 2012 R2, Microsoft AX the Outdoors 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft AX Design 2012

    X ++ code can be used in a variety of devices accessible from the page, such as tables, records, and classes. You can debug X ++ code for items accessible from pages using the Microsoft Debugger for Dynamics AX. You can easily debug Company Portal code only on a system running Internet Information Services (IIS).

    Configuring X ++ Debugging For Specific Pages

    To Improve X ++ Debugging For Pages

    1. Connect to a new server running AOS.

    2. Open the Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility as an administrator (Start> Administrative Tools> Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Server Configuration). To run the utility with administrator rights, users mustYou can right-click its icon in the Start menu and select Run as administrator.

    3. Create a configuration to enable debugging.

      1. Click Manage, then Create Configuration. In the “Create Configuration Name” window, there is a new configuration, so to speak, “Debugging DAX”. Click OK.

      2. On the Application Object Server tab, select the Enable breakpoints as debug code option. X ++ code that does this on the server. Click Apply. If you receive a specific message regarding Indicate aos, it needs to be restarted.

    4. Click OK to close the preferences window.

    5. how to debug enterprise portal

      Log on to what the experts say is IIS and Enterprise Portal. If the system is remote, you can easily do this through a remote desktop connection. On the Start pop-up menu, click Run. Enter the following in the Open box and click OK:

      mstsc Open / Console

      This is a tutorial on how to use the Remote Desktop Console.

    6. Enable desktop interaction as specified by the Web Publishing Service.

      1. FromClose services from the system window (Start> Administrative Tools> Services).

      2. Right-click the Web Publishing Service and select Properties.

      3. Click the Connection tab. Allow

      4. Select a service to disable the desktop.

      5. Click OK to close the properties window.

    7. Open the web.config file in the Inetpub wwwroot wss VirtualDirectories folder, where is the port number of the site where Enterprise Portal is installed. Edit the file as follows:

      1. Find the compile element and set this debug attribute to true. This will reduce the likelihood that the web session will have some kind of timeout error when it ends and triggers a breakpoint.

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    8. Reset IIS using the keyboard using the iisreset command in a command prompt window that was started with authentication permissions.

    9. Open the Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility as an Administrator> (start Administration> Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Configuration). NSYou can run the utility as an administrator, right-click the icon in the boot mount and select “As Runtime Administrator”.

    10. Set the target configuration drop-down menu to Business Connector (non-interactive use only).

    11. Create a new configuration for easier debugging.

      1. Click Manage, then Configure. In the New Configuration Name window, most of the new configurations, such as Debugging DAX. Click OK.

      2. On the Developer tab, select Enable Dieter Breakpoints to debug running code in the Business Connector. Click Apply.

    12. Click OK to close the configuration window.

    13. Open the Microsoft Dynamics AX client as an administrator. To do this, you must right-click the Microsoft Dynamics AX support icon and then start it while remaining an administrator.

    14. Open the development workspace.

    15. Click Options under Tools in one of our menus to open the Options window.

    16. ClickClick the “Development” link. In the Debug area, select At Breakpoint from the Debug Mode list box. This allows you to debug the functionality on the client.

    17. Close the options window.

    Debug X ++ Website Code

    How To Debug X ++ Code From A Web Page

    1. how to debug enterprise portal

      Log on to the server running IIS and Enterprise Portal. If the system is remote, you can distinguish it using a remote desktop connection. On that particular Start menu, click Run. Enter it in the “Open” field and click OK:

      mstsc Open / Console

      This is a console session that resides on the remote desktop and is required if you want to debug silently on the system.


      If you are doing multi-level remote debugging, you must use console mode for communication. Otherwise, debugging won’t work.

    2. Open the Dynamics Microsoft AX client as an administrator. To do this, you will often need to right-click the Microsoft Dynamics AX icon and in this case select Run as administrator A traitor.

    3. Make sure people are logged in as users, which also includes the following:

      • The user who started the Microsoft Dynamics AX session

      • PC operator that overrides X ++ breakpoints in code

      • Member of the Microsoft Dynamics AX on Windows Debug Local User Group

    4. Open the development workspace.

    5. In the AOT, find the product you want to debug. Usually, you should definitely debug a dataset, table, or class.

    6. Use a code editor to set breakpoints in your x ++ code.

    7. Open the debugger by clicking Tools and then Debugger. The debugger must be open before you can do anything, including breakpoints.

    8. Open a web page that has access to the item you want to debug in the Marketplace. When the page appears, your debugger should stop at the breakpoints you set.

    If you are debugging a new remote system, you must use the console functions when establishing a connection. Otherwise, debug deydoesn’t work.

    If the debugger does not stop at breakpoints, you may need to restart the action that is being performed by Microsoft Dynamics AX. Debug again after reboot. Also make sure you are running the debugger as an administrator.

    You can also add a breakpoint to your X ++ code by navigating to where you want to stop execution. The X ++ debugger should stop when it encounters a keyword.

    If you are almost always debugging the list page interoperability class for a new list page in Enterprise Portal, make sure the AOS is running under the same domain user that is increasingly used for the Business Connector proxy.



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