How Do I Fix A Blank Line When Running Msconfig?


Some users recently reported that they encountered a blank line when running msconfig.

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    Empty MSCONFIG entries occur whenever a registry value is present but contains data. This can happen when an easy install or uninstall of an application fails, or when nearly all malware has changed the registry.



    I often check my manager’s tasks and even msconfig startup items.
    All over the list in the “Startup Items” report there is an empty line with a check mark in the
    sectionCheckbox. What is this article?

    There are several places where items can be added to the search list. This
    In particular, it is most likely Registry

    The registry is basic ordered information with managed Windows information about application, user and system settings, additional configuration information, passwords and much more.
    (Click the full statement to get a definition.)

    ‘href = “https: // askleo. com / glossary / register /”> register entry. MSConfig is literally
    a good tool for simple situations, but don’t forget to diagnose them, I would
    the best weapon.

    Vo I actually had to do it. Checked, of course and that’s enough … I have an empty entry

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    You will not do this, even if there is a check mark indicating that the article is
    “Activated”, there is nothing in the startup item, or even in the text, it is
    is there something in Command.If

    Buyers can stop here right now. This acquisition is rather benign. Since
    There is no command, nothing happens at startup. You will surely be
    Leave him alone.

    msconfig startup blank line

    If you want to “clear” others in the palm of your hand … well, it takes
    Launch laptop or computer editor or RegEdit.

    First of all, registry corruption can have much more serious consequences
    If you have problems with Windows, make sure you backup

    The backup is not nothing more than a copy of the data, ideally stored in an exclusive location than the original.
    (Click, I’d say the term is complete for the definition.)

    ‘href = “ backup /”> backup of the entire’ record
    first of all.

    On the right side of the msconfig above, you will see
    Column with mark й Location. Scroll down to expand this column and
    You will see that my empty article has its actual location:

    . the lists

    HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run

    msconfig startup blank line

    This is the location of the object in the Windows registry. So migrate RegEdit
    (Run, run, enter RegEdit
    and click OK), besides the navigation in the left pane for:

    My Computer
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (short for “hklm”)
    Windows Current version

    In the right pane you should now see a single list of names,
    Type and date. These are probably keys related to
    with a Run element.

    Scroll to cut and we notice that we have a real name, but no dates:

    He is our culprit. As you can see, in my case there was something related to the idea
    using “pdfSaver3”. It may have already come from a discontinued patch or from
    incomplete uninstallation. This is also possible because similar entries are taken from
    . may causeVirus combined with Spyware

    Spyware is a collection of malware that, as its name suggests, says it is usually designed to spy on you or your computer and quietly collects information that is then passed on to others for usually dubious purposes.
    (Click a term for a complete definition.)

    ‘href = “https: // /”> Spyware .

    No matter where it came from, I uninstalled it, restarted MSConfig and
    an empty path in this was also the result.


    In msconfig, disable the missing resources entry in
    the first two columns.
    Click OK.
    In the opened pocket, click the missing button “Complete reboot”.
    Now launch Registry Editor and navigate to that location.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Shared Tools msconfig

    msconfig startup blank line

    in the left column, check if there is a full + sign next to
    . costsThe startupreg subsection.
    If yes, click on it.
    Click the subsection related to startupreg.
    Information displayed in the right ring finger area may be
    some of the links to the action plan contain a note about theThe problem in
    . addedmsconfig.
    In the corresponding left column, you can click the subsection under
    on the right.startupreg and select Uninstall from the menu.

    Good luck


    Thanks. Said
    as in my previous post, I managed to fix the problem.
    Then re: NWEReboot, Google got the following information from me:
    “dummy.exe [nwereboot] is the Nero Ahead level ([I have
    Nero on my computer]) and acts like a super-fast file
    during. This program is a nonessential process, but not necessary
    Unless this is a serious problem.

    First, deactivate the entry in msconfig that was not taken into account for information
    two columns.
    Click OK.
    In the window that appears, click the “Full restart” button without.
    Now register Writer and go to this location.

    See if the column has a + sign next to
    . costsThe startupreg subsection.
    If so, don’t hesitate.
    Click a subsection under the startupreg parameter.
    The information displayed in the right pane could be
    some have added a problem entry in
    as links to the entire program.addedmsconfig.
    In the left column, you can right-click a subsection under
    . Pressstartupreg and select Uninstall from the menu. “

    Home network » Remove empty entries in the Startup tab of MSConfig in Windows XP

    / * eric author = “” egeier = “” href = “ Eric Geyer “> Eric Geyer * // * Eric Geyer * /Posted on February 1 this year

    If you view items that are set to Full Load in the Run tab of the MSConfig utility and listed in the Run tab of the MSConfig utility, you may see blank entries. They can be written, for example, when a program is literally uninstalled. They are not particularly difficult and can be removed for hygienic reasons.

    First, empty entries are enabled on the Run tab in MSConfig Strom and the registry storage location is checked:

    1. Enter “msconfig” on the command line or in the field search “Run”, and press the Enter key. Then select the Start Pruning option, mark the blank entries and click Apply.
    2. Check and write down any empty entries before leaving.
    1. On the command line or in the Run box, type “regedit” and press Enter.
    2. Navigate to save the place you used to write down.
    3. Right-click the ones with no data and choose Delete.

    Eric Geyer Geyer

    Eric is a freelance technical writer. He is also the founder of NoWiresSecurity (, a cloud-based Wi-Fi absolute security service, and WiFiSurveyors (, as well as Site RF Services Survey.



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