An Easy Way To Troubleshoot Topology File Loading Errors


You should try these troubleshooting methods if you get an error while loading the topology file.

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    I am using simulator 0.6, gns3 and Mac OS X 10.5.6. I have my own GNS setup and everything works fine. I am using IOS image c2600-i-mz.121-2.bin linked to c2621.

    error loading topology file

    After activating my topology, and although I only copy the router to the topology, register it and then try to weigh the topology, I get an error:

    *** Warning: Dynamips time for server cannot Get connected

    error loading topology file

    *** Error: Error loading topology file, please for real

    I’m not sure if the problem is only related to my installation or configuration because the IOS image is not fully supported?




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    • Error starting TREX
    • The following error facts are displayed in the TREX name server shutdown trace.
      [268] 2013-08-12 02: 46: 19.290th topology Topology.cpp (00185) Line: 32: except , created by
      [268] 2013-08-12 02: 46: 19.306 e NameServer TREXNameServer.cpp (09209): failed to load topology. c: usr sap XXX TRX00 sap123 topology.ini
      [268] 2013-08-12 02: 46: 19.306 t topology Topology.cpp (00185) Line: 32: excluding , got
      [268] 2013-08-12 02: 46: 19.306 f NameServer TREXNameServer.cpp (01308): An error occurred while loading the topology -> TREX stopped!
      [268] 2013-08-12 02: 46: 19.306 f NameServer TREXNameServer.cpp (02058): instance stopped …

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