Best Way To Troubleshoot Makecert Errors


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    Last week, some of our users encountered the known Makecert error. This problem occurs due to several factors. Now let’s talk about some of them. In most cases, MAKECERT.EXE runtime errors that occur while the dispatcher is running will cause the tool to crash. Most of these MAKECERT.EXE error messages mean that Streaming Video Recorder cannot find this file on startup, or the file is corrupt, resulting in a prematurely-aborted startup process.




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    I am trying to use Makecert.exe to help you create a signing certificate which I will definitely use with our internal VS.NET applications deployed with Clickonce on our regional network

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    I followed the MSDN tutorial on MSDN Tips: ClickOnce Certificate Expiration On Deployment

      C:  Program Files (x86)  Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0> Makecert -sv DMTeam.pvk-n "CN = DMTeam" DMTeam.cer -b 03/04/2015 12/31/2020 

    When I run the above command from the VS command line, I get the corresponding error message:

    Error: Could not create file for theme (‘DMTeam.pvk’)

    Error: Failed to create custom theme key (‘DMTeam.pvk’)


    education 4, 15 March at 12:24.

    makecert error


  • Success finally:

    -n “CN = ” “” “” “” “Company” “” “” “LLC ” “

    makecert error


    -n “CN = ” “” “” Company “” “” Ltd. “”

    Results in CN “Some = Company” Ltd.

    The silly thing is that cmd requires double quotes to be escaped with double quotes (“”). now we need 6 Characters that must contain specific double quotes. Also, to allow unambiguous spaces, the string must be surrounded by qout with escape characters ( “) to avoid thisError: too many parametersParameter numbers before -n must also be enclosed in quotation marks.

    However, Makecert does not help support hexadecimal values. At least I can barely figure out how to convert Escape to hexadecimal character code ( 22) should also cause double quotes.

     If the UTF-8 string does not contain any of the following characters   which must be escaped so that this string can then be used as a string   Value representation.    o space with "#" at the beginning of        line       space at the main end of the chain i is one of the individuals ",", "+", "" ","  "," <","> "and for"; "   Implementations MAY mask other character types.   If there is one sign in the list above that will help you escape, then this is it.   must be preceded by a backslash ('' ASCII 92).   Otherwise, the escape character is replaced with a backslash and   two hexadecimal digits that make up one byte in the code due to  Character.Implementations MUST allow the significant value to be enclosed in a string ('"'   ASCII 34) Characters indicating which type is not part of the value. Within the framework of   Quote , snapping to hieroglyphs can be done without anything   The escape:                   ",", "=", "+", "<", ">", "#" and ";" 

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  • The secret is that for cmd-specific double quotes it is necessary to mask the quotes 4 ‘6 “(” “) and that according to the X.500 / X.509 rfc2253 standard, language characters are enclosed in double quotes. price (” “”) so we need 6 Characters that form double quotes. For spaces to be a single character as well, the string must be quoted with escape characters ( “) and then avoidedError: too many parameters, it is often necessary to specify string parameters -n in quotes.

    However, Makecert does not look for support for hexadecimal values. At least I couldn’t figure out how to avoid the sixteenth retreatcharacter code ( 22), and create double quotes.

     If the UTF-8 string definitely doesn't contain any characters after   which require an escape character, then as many strings as a particular string can be used   Value representation.    o greeting character or "#" at the beginning        line    e is a space that can be found at the end of a line o one of the characters ",", "+", "" ","  "," <","> "or possibly"; "   Implementations MAY avoid using other symbols.   If runaway makeup is one of the above lists, then it is   must be preceded by a backslash ('' ASCII 92).   Otherwise, the escaped character is replaced with a valid backslash and   two hexadecimal digits used in encoding  Character.Implementations MUST have a value surrounded by reference ('"'   ASCII 34) Characters that are not part of the value. Within the framework of   the selling price is indicated, the following symbols may be displayed without   The escape:                   ",", "=", "+", "<", ">", "#" and therefore ";" 

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