Resolving Errors When Reading Global Text Resources


If you make a mistake while reading the global text resources on your system, we hope this guide will help you.

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    Reading Text Resources Around The World … Done

    Most Adobe Photoshop CS users these days face this problem, our problem is so easy to fix …

    Step: 1Â Folder Options and first proceed accordingly as shown in the image below …

    Note (space) Refers to any user, regardless of your user on your computer.

    STEP: 9 Delete or rename (Exp: see as per) the image as Old New Doc Sizes.psp and close all open tabs

    Now restart Photoshop and see what results the jobs should have …

    Delete the Doc Sizes file (New Doc Sizes.psp) again and start Photoshop. Photoshop will create a new Doc Sizes.psp file on startup.

    • In Explorer, select Tools> Folder Options.
    • In the Options dialog box, click the View tab. extended
    • In the settings, select the Show hidden files and folders option.
    • Disable masking extensions for known file types.

    2- In Windows Explorer, you are now looking for the file “NewSizes doc.File psp “in the” Documents and Settings / [Username] / Application Data / Adobe / Photoshop / 8.0 / Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings “folder. (Photoshop CS2) or in the Documents folder. and Settings / [User / Application Name] Data / Adobe / Photoshop / 8.Photoshop 0 / Adobe CS settings folder (Photoshop CS).

    role = “Principal”>

    Dear sir or madam! After reinstalling Photoshop CS, I cannot open it properly. Marketing in a small window says, “Reading global text resources … Done,” and it stuck … Do you have any idea what is happening and what I need to do to really avoid this problem?

    My first By the way, the assembly went well …



    Try to reset the settings [according to the FAQ].

    This time, the activation went exactly the same, and earlier the activation message was ok.


    It’s a funny little new document size – see, remember what file it was? I can’t get rid of your head!

    New Doc Sizes.psp


    C: Documents and Settings YOUR_USERNAME Application Data Adobe Photoshop 8.0 Adobe CS Photoshop Settings

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    Now that I’ve reinstalled my CS Photoshop, I can’t publicly open it properly. The message in the window says “Reading Text Global Resources … Done” and it gets stuck … Do you have a perfect idea of ​​what is going on and what should I do to avoid these problems?

    reading text global resources error

    My first installation went very well using the method …

    reading text global resources error

    This time, activation continued to work fine and the activation message was also fine.

    It’s a fun little thing in a new size. Dave, do you remember which file it was in? I can’t get it out of my head!

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    The problem in Photoshop CS and CS2 started to behave strangely. It worked fine, but before that it got stuck on the “Reading global text resources … everyone” splash screen when I launch Photoshop.

    You see, when Photoshop initializes (launches), it loads your file preferences, which are used in:

    Photoshop File Option: Adobe Photoshop CS Prefs.psp

    1. Make sure your Photoshop voucher is not running (or paused), as you can exit using Windows Ordeal Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and clicking the Task Manager button.

    2. You can find an initiative called “Adobe Photoshop CS Prefs.psp” in the following folder:

    3. Delete this file and / or rename it to: Photoshop Adobe CS Prefs-old. psp or whatever you’re hoping for. The goal is to prevent Photoshop from using this .psp file anymore on startup.

    4. Start Photoshop. The cart should now be completely full and users will be prompted to change their color settings. You can press with your finger yes or no.

    Hope this helps you. If they have any comments or questions, someone can postthem here.

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    If you get this error in Adobe Photoshop stating that the text Global Resources … has finished reading, it crashes. Judgments [1778], last updated: Sunday 5 July 2020

    To really fix this problem, you just need to:

    NOTE: This only applies to Windows 7, Windows or Vis Windows XP, you can run the following file with search on your computer:

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    or visit this website for more information: Photoshop stuck, stops reading text Global Resources … Done

    It’s good if your Windows has a folder with 7GB of Photoshop settings under:

    there you will find a report titled: Adobe Photoshop CS Prefs.psp

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    This page contains related information about Photoshop. Error reading text. Global Resources Done 52 responses were received after the photo in the “Blogs” category. [1743], Last updated: Sunday, 14 June 2020city ​​

    I read your quick guide on this, but the error doesn’t know exactly where to find it. thanks

    I tried to prepare it and remember transferring it here to your site.

    I recently created the perfect banner for my friend’s site. His hunt required special writing, but I couldn’t get my hands on the special fonts he wanted. So, I searched the internet for exactly how to find it. I found this site, can’t remember the correct url, on the contrary, it was something like 1001fonts or something. Anyway, I downloaded and installed it on my computer.

    After I wrote where, Photoshop CS version 8 started to behave strangely at the federal level. It used to work fine, but now it splashes on the screen “ Reading the text of global resources … I showed this image of what it looks like when you click it.

    reading text global resources error

    You see, when Photoshop initializes (starts) no doubt it loads your preferences data file at:

    1. Make sure your Photoshop doesn’t always work. (or you are stuck) can manage it with Windows Task Manager,by attaching Ctrl-Alt-Del and selecting the Task Manager device.

    2. Find the Adobe Photoshop Prefs cs.psp file in the following folder:

    * ie: the user will be logged in as usual.

    3. Delete this file or rename it to: Adobe Photoshop CS Prefs-old.psp (I’ll just put “-old” at the end) a – or whatever you like. The goal is for Photoshop to no longer use this tooltip .psp file when loading it.

    4. Start Photoshop. It should now print in full and you will be prompted to change the color settings. You will probably click



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