How Do I Fix The BIOS Boot Order?


You may receive an error message stating that the BIOS boot sequence will be changed. Now you can take several steps to solve this problem, which we will talk about a little later.

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    g.Step 1. Enter your computer’s BIOS setup.Step 2. Access the boot order in BIOS.Step 3: Change the boot order.Step 4: Save your changes.



    enter bios change boot sequence

    Change the boot order of “bootable” devices on a specific computer, such as a hard disk or bootable media, via a USB port (ex.

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    Why Change The Boot Order?

    How do I change the boot order in BIOS?

    There are several scenarios where you currently need to change the boot order, such as System.

    How To Change The Boot Sequence

    Follow these steps to change the boot order type in BIOS. Changing the launch order changes the store in which the devices are launched.

    Step 1. Turn On Or Restart Your Computer

    Turn on or reboot someone else’s computer and watch for a message about a specific key, usually Del or F2, which you need to press during POST to … .. Enter SETUP … Click this button for the template as soon as you see the message.

    Power-on self-test (POST).

    Step 2. Enter BIOS Setup.

    After pressing the appropriate keyboard command in the previous step, enter the BIOS setup program.

    Main menu of the BIOS setup utility.

    All BI utilitiesThe OS is slightly different, so yours may or may not look like this. Regardless of how they look, they are all basically a specific set of menus that contains many different sets for your computer hardware.

    enter bios change boot sequence

    In this particular BIOS, menu options are listed horizontally at the top of the screen, electronic options are listed in the target area (gray area), and instructions for correctly navigating the BIOS and performing switches are listed on the page below.

    Find an opportunity to reorder your shoes using the books provided to help you navigate the power of your BIOS. In the above BIOS example, these are changes to the boot menu.

    Step 3. Find Boot Order Options In BIOS

    BIOS Boot Utility (HDD Priority) setup menu.

    Most BIOS setup utilities will display something like the screenshot above.

    All hardware related to your motherboard is listed here and from which you can easily boot, such as hard drive, floppy drive, car, USB ports, and optical drive.

    The order in which devices are usually listed is the order in which your host computer searches for live information about the human body — in other words, the “boot order.”

    In the state shown above, the BIOS first tries to boot from whatever device it considers to be “hard drives”, which usually means an impossible drive built into the computer.

    If the hard drive is not bootable, the BIOS then looks for bootable media on the computer with the CD, then for recoverable bootable media (such as a flash drive), and finally on the network.

    To change the device to boot from the first, follow the on-screen instructions in the BIOS setup utility to change the boot order exactly. In our example, this is modified with the + and – keys.

    4: Modify The Boot Sequence Step

    Setup utility boot menuBIOS (CD-ROM priority).

    As you can see from the above, we have completely converted the hard drive from a hard drive to a CD-ROM drive as a good example.

    The BIOS will now look for a bootable CD in the optical drive before attempting to boot from the hard drive and before attempting to boot from removable media such as a floppy drive, flash drive, or service resource.

    Make the necessary changes to the boot order and navigate to the next path to save the settings.

    Step 5. Save BIOS Changes

    Before your selection takes effect, you must save the changes you made to the BIOS. To do this, follow the instructions provided in the BIOS utility to access any output or save and exit the menu.

    Menu for exiting the BIOS setup utility.

    Step 6. Confirm Changes

    The confirmation continues and exits the BIOS. Most often, you will see a confirmation prompt like the one below, so you should select Yes.

    The BIOS utility generates a save and exit confirmation.

    Startup changes, settings, and any other changes you may have made to BIOS will now be saved and your computer will automatically restart.

    Step 7. Start Your Computer

    enter bios change boot sequence

    Reboot your computer with a new startup receipt. When your computer restarts, the BIOS will remember the boot of the first device in the order you specified. If the first device is not bootable, your computer will check to boot from the second device in boot order, and so on.

    Boot from CD.

    The boot process is a BIOS setup, which means it is independent of the operating system. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you currently have Windows 10, Windows 8, or some other variant of Windows, Linux, or another PC operating system on your hard drive or other boot device. Many of these sequence change instructionslaunches continue to operate.

    Because each BIOS setup utility is different, the location of the boot options differs from computer to computer. An options menu, configuration product, or service may be referred to as boot options, boot order, boot order, etc. This option can even be found in a general menu such as Options, Advanced BIOS Features, or Other Options.

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    This configuration confirmation message can sometimes be cryptic. The above example is pretty straightforward, but I’ve seen many important BIOS change validation questions that are so “detailed” that they are often difficult to understand. Please read the message carefully to make sure you have actually saved your changes and do not leave without directions.

    In step 4, as an exact example, install the boot device number one on your CD-ROM drive. As you can see in the last screenshot above, the computer intends to boot from the CD. But first the CD asks for confirmation. This only happens to a few bootable CDs and certainly does not show up on the painful disk when Windows or any other operating system starts up. Setting up the boot order of sneakers from a disc such as CD, DVD, or BD is the most common basis for this change, so I decided to include this screenshot as a good example.



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    How do you change the boot sequence?

    Usually restart or turn on the computer.Press the or button to open the installer. As a reminder, the most common key used to enter the installer is the F1 key.Select recipe option (s) to display the snow sequence.Set the boot sequence.Save the current changes and exit the installer.

    Can you change boot order without going into BIOS?

    Because buyers install each operating system on a separate drive, they can switch between the two operating systems by selecting a different drive each time they boot without opening the BIOS. If you are using the entire drive, you can use the Windows Boot Manager menu to select your operating system each time you start your computer without entering BIOS.




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