How To Fix Fat32 Cannot Read Boot Sector


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    Sometimes your system may display a message stating that fat32 cannot read the boot sector. There are several reasons that can cause this problem.



    The sector 1 partition is also known as the boot sector. What was the MBR for the entire disk, that the boot sector is the first sector of the actual separate partition, the boot sector, like the MBR, contains information that the system wants to find the materials that the operating system has determined to start. An infected or missing boot sector is a serious problem. Without this, the section is definitely inaccessible.

    Possible Symptoms (but Not All)

    Invalid drive for reading hardware type
    Cancel, try again, fail?
    The file system is probably showing as “RAW”
    Windows may ask you if you want to format the drive
    File names contain “strange” characters
    Sector not found messages

    Recover Moved Files

    If you want to recover files due to deletion, formatting, partition loss or damage, bundle failure, etc. Especially for Windows Vista / 2008 / Windows 4, our free data recovery software Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is recommended. It works well with hardware RAID and extreme disks, SD and cards Memory, etc.

    Run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, hover your mouse over the location where you lost your data, then just click “Scan”.

    Wait for the scan to complete. You can try filtering your search or panel to find your lost files.

    Then select a location to save the recovered data and click “OK”. You must save the data in a different location similar to the original one.

    Repair Boot Sector

    1. If you cannot access the FAT16 / NTFS partition and the partition was just marked with an “X”, right-click the partition, select and select Fixboot. Partition Table Automatically checks and repairs the exact boot sector of a partition.

    2. If the user cannot access FAT32 and the new partition is marked with an “X”, right-click the partition and select “Fixboot”. There are only two options:

    Auto Mode: Partition Table The doctor will inevitably check and repair the boot sector in the partition. We recommend choosing the following model.

    If the “Auto” mode does not workYes, you can choose “Interactive” mode yourself. You need to enter a section or content label (the file name is in the root folder). If you don’t know all about the filename to enter, follow the suggested application:

    Filename cannot support long names or wildcards in the DOS version of Partition Table Doctor.

    3. Browse: In any mode, Partition Table Doctor gives you a preview of the files and folders in the key directory of that partition, before choosing “Yes” to confirm the change in the dialog box. If it appears in the scene in the same way as the previous one, it means that this function can fix it.

    4. Save and restart your computer, and you decide to keep everything as it was and your files !!!

    Boot Disk: Damaged Boot Partition Field

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    The boot sector of a partition contains information that the file system can use to access its volume. On a PC, the MBR uses the boot sector of the system partition to load the core system files. Boot sectora partition is usually the first sector of a partition.

    If the boot sector of this partition is damaged, you will receive “Non-system disk” and “Disk error …” errors when you try to start your computer. Typically, if it does not boot from floppy and floppy, the partition no longer becomes bootable.

    Bad Effects Of The Damaged Tourism Sector

    There are many reasons why the boot sector can be damaged. Sometimes the partition tables caused by a boot sector virus can become corrupted due to the loss of the master boot swap record; etc. If there are problems due to the boot sector, you may receive the following error message:

    â – ª Error restarting the operating system
    â – ª Missing operating system
    â – ª Reboot then select the correct boot device
    â – ª Invalid partition table
    â – ª Bootmgr is missing
    â – ª FATAL: no starter tool found! The system is stopped.

    If you see any of these error messages, it means that no one will be able to boot Windows 11/10 together.I am going to use Windows Recovery Environment for troubleshooting.

    Repair Boot Sector

    Here are some effective ways to deal with a bad boot sector.

    Note. If your computer is unable to boot Windows 11/10 and you need to create a system backup first, then a system restore is a reasonable method.

    1. Remove The Virus With An Anti-virus Program

    If this method is caused by partition table corruption caused by a boot sector virus, you can also use the boot disk provided by the computer software (you can search and find the best anti-malware tools on Google). Start the computer to detect and destroy viruses in the system under the DOS point. If it detects a virus that is usually present in a virus, the program will clean it completely. You can also scan your entire device for hidden viruses. Usually, after removing the virus, your current computer will be back to normal and can be used safely…

    2. Solve Master Download With Registration Request

    You can also restore the Master Boot Record (MBR) by entering the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). We’ll take Windows 10 as an example.

    fat32 cannot read boot sector

    1> Enter the RE window. Some computers have a dedicated recovery partition that experts say you can start Windows RE by pressing a special key to directly retrieve the physical disk you want. If your computer doesn’t have one, you can use just about any Windows installation CD to access the Windows RE.

    2> If you see the Windows Extreme screen, click “Repair your computer” during installation.

    3> Windows can load the recovery environment. Here you need to click on the “Troubleshoot” option. You will be taken to the advanced options page.

    Note. Here you can run Startup Repair first to see if it fixes problems that prevent Windows from booting. If the repair was successful, you will have the option to restart your computer or return to the Advanced page X parameters. If the message says “Startup Repair cannot fix your computer,” you can no doubt try changing the MBR or recreating the boot sector from the command line, although the following is true.

    4> Click Command Prompt, select Bootrec type.exe, then press Enter. You can then use the command to stick with what is valued in your situation.

    Use this command to troubleshoot possible MBR corruption issues and to remove non-standard code from the MBR.

    This direction writes a new boot sector to a specific system partition used by the boot realm compatible with the Windows operating system you are using. If the boot sector has been replaced by a non-standard Windows boot sector, if, or maybe even the boot sector is damaged, you can run this command.

    fat32 cannot read boot sector

    Selecting this option searches for installations compatible with some recent versions of Windows operating systems on all media. He also selectedThis includes recordings that are currently not available in BCD memory. Use this option if you have other Windows installations that are not in the Boot Manager menu.

    This command will most likely scan all installed hard drives that are compatible with the current Windows operating system. In addition, you can choose which objects most of you would like to add to the BCD of that particular store. Use this option if you want to completely rebuild the bcd.Can store

    • Do you also enter bootrec /? to see more scenarios and get help with some of the commands.

    • You must be very careful when using Command on the command line. Operations could not be completed. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the commands, a fatal error may occur.

    3. Rebuild Your MBR If You Definitely Don’t Have A Windows 11/10 Installation CD

    If you have less than one Windows 11/10 installation disc, how do I update the boot sector? Fortunately, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant to repair the boot sector with simpler functions.uh. And here we will show you how to do it.

    Download, install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant for free on a regular computer and use it to create bootable media (USB, CD / DVD).

    You can then follow these steps to troubleshoot master boot failure logging issues.

    Step 1. Place the created boot device in front of the computer along with the MBR errors and boot the computer from the boot device (you may need to change the boot order in BIOS).

    Follow it. It will display the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click on the system drive, select and rebuild MBR.

    Step 3. Select the current MBR type for the operating system.

    Step 4. Finally, click “Apply” -> “Next” in general to perform operations on the toolbar.

    When the process is complete, shut down your computer, remove the boot device, and restart your computer with the original disk.

    Boot Sector Repair is necessary if Windows starts 11/10 boot problems. Now, toOnce you have repaired your computer and are ready to boot it, you need to run CHKDSK to check the integrity of the entire file system and clean hard drive. Or you can run AOMEI Partition Assistant to check the disk surface, or occasionally check the partition and fix errors. Windows Server users can run AOMEI Partition Assistant to complete a server task.



    Improve the speed of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.




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