How Do You Deal With Vmware Hard Disk Read Error?


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    Sometimes, your computer may display an error code indicating that there was an error reading the VMware hard drive. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.



    I will be running 4 esxi.1 hosts on a lovely old HP DL360 G5 with multiple RAID (3 hard drives).

    One of the hard drives is not working properly.bothered, and when I received a replacement, I found that the other was defective, even though it was working properly. Instead of rebuilding RAID5, I created RAID0 from two working disks (gives me the same capacity as RAID5) and also installed ESXi 4.1 on a new RAID0

    Before setting up the new RAID, I replicated my VM files from datastore so that I had nvram, vmdk files (both descriptor and vdisk), vmsd, vmx and vmxf files, even log files.

    Then I copied them all to the best datastore, I imported the vmx files into the report, but when I run Try i, I would say the VM is on “Disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart, ”depends.

    I was able to start the virtual machine on my VMWare player without any problem.

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    I tried to test the controller from BusLogic to SCSI in ascending and descending order, I tried to generate a new vhd of the same length and width (vmkfstools -c 100G new.vmdk) and then go through new.vmdk to point to my original. dedicated hard drive but it didn’t help

    Larry if you,probably going to run them on a drive or workstation, i recommend you try the main p2v vessel while they are on your workstation. At least make them work again.

    I can’t explain why you won’t run, but it might help running again.

    • 3 minutes to read.

    This article provides steps to resolve issues where disks may not be readable in an Azure Virtual Appliance (VM).


    If you are using the Boot Diagnostics view to take a screenshot of a virtual machine, you will almost certainly immediately see a screenshot that says “A disk check error has occurred.” Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. ”


    This error dot indicates that the hard drive is structurally insecure and unreadable. If you are using the latest generation 1 virtual machine, it is also possible that experts claim that the hard disk partition containing the boot configuration data isnot set as active.


    Process Presentation

    1. Create access and restore VM.A
    2. Choose a solution:
    3. Enable serialized console and core dump collection.
    4. Recover the virtual machine. AND

    Create Access To The Recovery Virtual Machine

    1. Follow steps 1 through 3 of the VM recovery commands to configure VM recovery.
    2. Connect via Remote Desktop Connection to recover the virtual machine.

    Set Partition State To Active Positive

    Generation 1 VMs must first ensure that the operating system partition containing the BCD is marked active. If you have a 2nd generation virtual machine, ignore this before becomes the rebuilt disk partition , because the entire status indicator is out of date during evening creation.

    1. Open com An elevated end prompt (cmd.exe).

    2. Enter diskpart to run the DISKPART tool.

    3. Enter the cd disk list to list the disks in the configuration and identify the virtual permanent hard disk (VHD) attached to the operating system.

    4. Once the virtual hard disk of the connected operating system is finally found, enter sel # disk to sort the hard disk. The following image shows an example where Disk 1 is actually the virtual hard disk of the attached operating system.

      Delaying Diskpart from the output of the list Compact Disk command, where Disk And 0 Disk two is displayed in the table. The windshield also displays the output of some sel disk 1, where Disk 1 is probably the selected disk

    5. After defining a hard disk, enter a partition list to list the partitions associated with the partitions on the selected hard disk.

    6. After you have defined the boot partition, enter sel # partition and select the partition. The boot partition is now often around 350MB. The next image, for examplep, section Si 1 is bootable.

      Diskpart window with the output of a specific partition list command, showing partitions 1 and 2 in the diagram. This window also shows the output associated with the sel partition 1 command, where partition 1 is the selected hard drive.

    7. Enter a section step to check the status of each of our sections. The following screenshots show examples most often associated with a partition set to Active: No or Active: Yes.

      Active: No

      Glass part of the disk with the output of the command information about the partition where partition 1 is active on the market: None.

      Active: Yes

      The Diskpart window, which sells detailed partition output, is using a partition with 1 set to Active: Yes.

    8. If the section is not configured as active, enter the active revision of the active flag.

    9. Enter the verbose section to verify that the state change is complete and the output says “Active: Yes”.

    10. Press Return to close the DISKPART tool and save your configuration changes.

    Recover Partition

    1. Open your hard drive using a convenient elevated command prompt (cmd.exe).

    2. vmware disk read error occurred

      Use the following to start disks in chkdsk and fix bugs:

      chkdsk : / f

      vmware disk read error occurred

      Adding this parameter to the / f command removes any hard disk slippage. Make sure you change the input of the connected OS-VHD.

    Enable Serialized Console And Core Dump Collection

    Recommended: Before anyone rebuilds the VM, enable serialized console and kernel dump collection by running the following script:

    1. Open an elevated command prompt as administrator.

    2. Run the following commands:

      Activate the serial console frequently:

        bcdedit / store :  boot  bcd / ems Bcdedit on / store :  boot  bcd / emssettings EMSPORT: 1 EMSBAUDRATE: 115200 
    3. Make sure there is more free space on the operating system hard disk than the memory (RAM) of the virtual machine We are.

      If there is not enough space on the operating system disk, change the city in which the dump file will be generated, and specify here the data disk connected to the virtual machine, which, according to experts, has enough free space. To change their location, replace% SystemRoot% with a data drive symbol such as F: in the following commands.

      Suggested configuration for activating OS dump:

      Load the registry structure from the created operating system diskette:

        REG LOAD HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM :  windows  system32  config  SYSTEM 

      Activate ControlSet001:

        REG ADD "HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM  ControlSet001  Control  CrashControl" / v CrashDumpEnabled / t REG_DWORD / d 5 / fREG ADD "HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM  ControlSet001  Control  CrashControl" / v DumpFile / t / d reg_expand_sz "% SystemRoot%  MEMORY.DMP" / fREG ADD "HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM  ControlSet001  Control  CrashControl" NMICrashDump / v / t REG_DWORD / d 1 / f 

      Enable for ControlSet002:

        REG ADD "HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM  ControlSet002  Control  CrashControl" / v CrashDumpEnabled / t REG_DWORD / d 1 / fREG ADD "HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM  ControlSet002  Control  CrashControl" / v DumpFile / t REG_EXPAND_SZ / d "% SystemRoot%  MEMORY.DMP" / fREG ADD "HKLM  BROKENSYSTEM  ControlSet002  Control  CrashControl" / v NMICrashDump / t REG_DWORD / d 1 / f 

      Unload the hard drive failed Same operating system:


    Recover The Virtual Machine

    Use step 5 regarding VM restore commands to permanently restore the VM.

    When this boot error occurs, the guest operating system (OS) is down. They will troubleshoot offline to fix this issue.



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    Why a disk read error occurred?

    Simply put, hard disk failure can be caused by various reasons, such as incorrect boot order, BIOS problems, IDE cable failure, MBR misconfiguration, defective hard disk, etc. In fact, hard disk copy error is not a problem. which can be fixed by a simple restart.

    How do I fix VMWare errors?

    Solution 1. Start the VMware Authorization Service with administrator rights.Solution 2. Reinstall VMware using the recovery option.Solution 3. Start VMware with administrator rights.Solution 4. Stop and restart all VMware services.




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