Fixed: How To Fix Server Error 96177

Recently, some users have encountered the server error 96177 error message. There are a number of factors that can cause this issue. Let’s discuss some of them below. Hello Albert! Updates will be applied in two steps 1. Set the bits on the servers that boot via wssv3sp2-kb953338-x64-fullfile-en-us.exe and officeserver2007sp2-kb953334-x64-fullfile-en-us.exe 2. Upgrade schema database PSCONFIG.EXE … Read more

Troubleshooting Error Event ID 5002

  In some cases, your system may generate an error with error event ID 5002. This error can have many causes. g.Typically, this error occurs when you want DFS Replication to efficiently establish a remote procedure call (RPC) link to communicate with your loved ones. It could also be caused by RPC blocking on the … Read more