Fixed Winsock Socket Timeout

Here are some simple ways that can help fix the winsock socket timeout issue.

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    2.- 15 How do I change the Winsock timeout?

    winsock blocking socket timeout

    Some blocking functions (such as winsock connect()) map to a timeout for which they are built-in. The underlying theory is that this special stack has all the information needed to set the appropriate timeout. However, some ladies feel that the value used by the stack is too large for their application; sometimes it may take a minute or can

    You change the send() timeout, and with recv() the SO_SNDTIMEO and SO_RCVTIMEO setsockopt() options. .

    In any other type of Winsock function, it’s best to avoid completely blocking sockets. All non-blocking socket methods allow custom timeouts:

    Non-blocking sockets using select(). The fifth parameter of some select() functions is the timeout value.Asynchronous sockets use the window SetTimer() API.Event Bits Pieces A and is the Wsawaitformultipleevents() timeout parameter.The call to CreateWaitableTimers() is a call to create a nice wait timer that you can then pass with the actual sockets to a function like WSAEventSelect(): If normally none of the sockets is signaled before the timeout timer, all blocking functions still return.

    Note that with non-blocking asynchronous sockets, the cause of timeouts can be completely avoided. Your program will continue to run even if Winsock is busy. So together they can leave it up to the user to cancel work that is taking too long, or just let Winsock’s natural timeout expire instead of using this super-function in your code.


    intsetsockopt(  [in] BUSH S,   [in] the whole level,  [in] int optimname,  [in] const char *optval,  [c] opted);


    winsock blocking socket timeout

    The int level at which the option is set (e.g. SOL_SOCKET).

    Socket option to set SO_BROADCAST) cost (for type. optname parameter must be an output parameter set at level, or specified specified possible behavior is undefined. Pointer

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    accounts for an obstacle that has The expected value of the option.

    Size of the buffer pointed to by Optval, parameter in bytes.

    Return Value

    If none produces,setsockopt 6 returns error. Otherwise, the value of Is socket_error is shifted, and the specific error code received when it is called may be expanded.WSAGetLastError se.Readabilitydatatable=”1″>


    wsastartup code tables Value

    fertileThe call must be made before the function member is used.
    The network subsystem has failed.
    Here, the buffer possibly pointed to by optval is not in a valid part of the process information space, or optlen is considered too small.
    Blocking Windows Sockets 1. Calling an individual, in-progress or insurance service always handles a callback function.
    Invalid part argument or invalid comprehension in on buffer that specifies the argumentoptval.consists
    Connection from timeout if SO_KEEPALIVE wait is set.
    The path is unknown or not supported for the socket of the specified or primary provider (see SO_GROUP_PRIORITY). connections
    reset constraint SO_KEEPALIVE is set if normal.
    It is not a socket descriptor.

    InThe setsockopt function currently sets the value of the socket surrogate associated with the toe of any key and any state. Although options may exist at more than one protocol level, they always exist at the top level of the socket. The options affect non-socket operations, such as if fast data (such as OOB data) is used in a normal data stream, and sometimes a broadcast message can be sent over the socket.

    Note. If the functionsetsockopt is called, options whenbind, TCP/IP is simply not checked by TCP/IP untilbinding takes place. In this case, eachV calling the setsockopt function always succeeds, but calls the functionbinding may not work at firstThe call to setsockopt fails. A

    Please note that when the outlet is open,Setsockopt is called, thensendto call completed, Windows Sockets implicitly executesattach to a work call.

    There are two types of sockets and other options: boolean options that enable or disable almost any feature or behavior, and options that take an entire structure or value. To ensure the option is boolean, you set the optval argument to a non-zero integer. Option one is to have optval off point to integers and even zero. The optlen parameter must remain unchanged for the boolean options sizeof(int). For options, other optval points to a nice integer or struct containing the desired transaction for the option, and optlen is the length of our integer or struct, respectively.

    The following flyover lists some of the common projections supported by the setsockopt function. The “Type” column indicates the data type coveredth parameters “By” optval. The “Description” column contains basic information about the output parameter. For a complete list of socket options and more detailed options (such as default values), see Socket options.

    for more information on readabilitydatatable=”1″>

    value Type Description SO_BROADCAST BOOL Setting details SO_CONDITIONAL_ACCEPT BOOL Allow the application to accept or reject incoming connections of course, but not for every protocol stack. SO_DEBUG BOOL Enable debug output. Currently, Microsoft’s leasing companies do not provide any debugging information. SO_DONTLINGER BOOL Blocks closing without waiting for pending data to be sent. This defining package is equivalent to defining SO_LINGER zero plus l_onoff. SO_DONTROUTE BOOL Determines whether outgoing data should be sent through the send interface to which the socket is actually bound, rather than through another interface. This option is not supported on the socket ATM to (leads to incredible error). SO_GROUP_PRIORITY integer Reserved.continuous
    so_keepalive bool Enable sending connection packets one per outlet. Not supported on sockets (causes atm to fail) en. SO_LINGER
    Like Remains unsent, closing if y has data. SO_OOBINLINE BOOL Specifies that out-of-bounds information should be returned with normal inline data. This setting is oriented to connect only to networks that support out-of-band data. see

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