How To Remove Vista USB DOS Boot Disk?


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    Sometimes your computer may display an error indicating that Vista USB DOS Boot Disk. There can be several reasons for this problem.



    PowerISO can create a bootable DOS USB stick that allowsYou are booting from a DOS USB stick. MS-DOS and FreeDOS are supported.

    vista usb dos boot disk

    A copy of the disc. The DLL is required to create a bootable MS-DOS USB key.However, this DLL has been removed from Windows 10. You can copy this DLL from Windows 7.System directory. The DLL must be copied to the poweriso installation directory.

    Step 1. Create a Bootable MS-DOS USB Key

    1. Start PowerISO (v7.5 with version, newer version can be downloaded here).

    2. Insert the USB stick you want to boot from.

    3. Selection menu

      “Advanced> Create bootable USB drive” Drive “.

      If users are using a driving system running Windows Vista or later, you need to confirm this. UAC dialog box to continue.

    4. The Create Bootable USB Drive dialog box appears. Arise. Click on the down arrow and select the “More …” in the context menu.

    5. “Select Source to Create Bootable USB Drive” The disc will appear. “Select the Create MS-DOS option. bootable USB drive ”and click“ OK ”to close the dialog box. Box.

    6. Select the correct USB stick in the “USB target” “Disk”, eu and there are several USB storage devices connected to the computer.

      Choose the correct writing method. “USB-HDD” is recommended.

      Click the Start button to create a bootable msdos USB drive.

    7. PowerISO says all content is on USB stick destroy. Click OK to continue.

    8. The program is focused on writing boot files to a USB drive and viewing progress. Information. You will receive a message “USB key writing completed”. succeeded. “after the process completes.

    If there were no glitches in the above process, you want to be now everything is set to run MS-DOS from a USB stick!

    vista usb dos boot disk

    Step 2. Configure BIOS

    You can now reboot and switch to the appropriate BIOS setting for boot from USB. The instructions for doing this vary greatly from system to system, however usually include:

    1. Reboot the system.

    2. Access at boot time (before Windows finishes booting) BIOS setup screen by pressing something like F1, F2, deleteor The escape. Keyboard shortcut instructions are usually displayed on the screen.

    3. Go to the step that includes your boot devices.

    4. If a USB storage device is connected, it must be a car device. listed. Otherwise, your system may not support booting from USB. Provided that he is taken care of (as is the case with almost all Hardware), declare your USB stick that the main device can boot.

    5. Exit BIOS setup, all changes will be saved.

    Note that you can seriously mess up your system by usingProviding Incorrect BIOS Settings!

    Step 3. Boot MS-DOS from USB drive

    Assuming people have configured your BIOS and USB correctlyThe drive supports booting, MS-DOS should now be booted.

    If something doesn’t work, first check the responsibility againmake scene:

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      Is your BIOS configured correctly to boot from USB? Use? (Is the USB device listed and has no priority?)

    • PDid you prepare the USB drive correctly in step 1? (Repeat the process.)

    • Does your USB stick support booting properly? (Try one more!)

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