How To Fix BIOS Update Error V3505

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    In this user guide, we will share some of the possible causes that might trigger the v3505 BIOS update, and then I will talk about possible solutions to fix the problem.

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    How do I update the BIOS?

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    (Examples: how to update the BIOS, how to identify the motherboard)

    Win Raid Forum (Drivers – Firmware – Modding)BUT”bios modificationBUT”BIOS change requestsBUT”Unlock hidden drawings in Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3505 BIOS

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    Hi, help, need and get rid of unlock old Amilo Pro V3505 (Phoenix) BIOS.
    I’m new to bios modding and don’t know what kind of nightmare is supposed to do ia ahahah

    I EDIT: just bought 4 GB of RAM (22 GB instead of 512 MB), but added 3072 MB of main … even back panel Colspan=”2″>




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    April 20, 2020
    v3505 bios update

    Does everyone know that you can change a lot without changing the BIOS?

    All you have to do is extract the BIOS and open the bin/rom file in a UEFI editor and then search for generic “extended” strings like DMVT or a similar matrix. The table, all containing DVMT settings, also contains many other interesting settings that are usually hidden in the BIOS GUI.

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    Many settings can be changed without the need or firmware modification of a new BIOS. You have to create just about every bootable stick with a modified uefi shell. Thus, you can potentially use the setup_var command to commit to switch BIOS settings. Easy

    This eliminates the need to change the BIOS yourself. P>

    < Hope this helps!




    Quoted by stovorsen in post #2

    Did you know that a person can change a lot without changing the BIOS?

    All you have to do is extract the BIOS, open someone’s bin/rom file in a UEFI editor, and search for generic strings like for dmvt, something like that. In most cases, the table containing the DVMT settings also contains many other settings that may be hidden in the BIOS GUI.

    v3505 bios update

    You can change all the settings without flashing a new BIOS. Should I use it to create a bootable flash drive with a modified UEFI shell. So you can usually use the setup_var command in the shell to successfully switch BIOS settings.

    This is very easy and saves you from having to change your BIOS yourself.

    Hope this helps!

    Please could you be more specific haha ​​general bigraphy on the Internet….


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    April 22, 2020


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    Depending on your current BIOS type, you may try to extract it from Windows itself, keep in mind that this type of dump is probably not enough to modify and flash the “device. But it’s enough to find the currently hidden BIOS settings in them.

    Look for BIOS_Backup_TooKit, it can extract the BIOS from the control system, it worked for me at least on Aptio / AMI-BIOS. I don’t know about others. Has your computer never downloaded a lot of BIOS updates? Because that would be the easiest thing to do.

    Since your RAM “disappears”, I’m betting that the missing part is picked up by your GPU. Colspan=”2″>

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    April 20, 2020

    Oh, UEFI, no, you might have to change it then, yes. I haven’t done much with the BIOS related parts of the mod other than updating the RST drivers. Surprisingly, it still works, it must be this powerful laptop, haha.

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    here is the biography… at the moment I have no idea, just do it

    Wph original house here P

    < Saved by >edit #2:
    bios (BIOS.BAK RENAMED TO BIOS.Colspan=”2″>


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    quote or her #5

    Very old post, circa 2006 – pre-UEFI. Thirty-two usage/view restriction bits provide 3 GB of RAM…(https://en.wikipedia.Bios org/wiki/3_gb_barrier)

    files are the file types they should be in: https://support > Product search type => (without ‘3505’ ‘ ‘), select Select OS, Bios

    < /blockquote>

    I checked… processor architecture is x86_64… 1 GB is valid by the system” “reserved… can VGA invest in GB? that I need a modified BIOS change – value, because now it doesn’t show too much…



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    That’s why I said I reserve it It is this video card with RAM that is being used. I don’t know how these values ​​can be changed without UEFI. You will need to extract your bios from the power module and then flash it, but I can’t help you, sorry. If I could!

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