Troubleshooting Tips For SQLite: No Such Errors In Tables


You may have come across an error message that said SQLite is not such a tabular error. It turns out that there are several different ways to solve this problem, so we’ll come back to that briefly.

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    g.In other words and phrases, any entity configuration that uses .ToView () directly in your DbContext will not generate an associated SQL view. For this reason, SQLite is considered to throw a “SQLite Error 1: ‘no types table vPets'” error. To work around this problem, you can write a script that specifically generates the missing view in available SQLite, for example.



    sqlite no such table error

    I must have read a lot of articles about this successfully, but I still can’t solve the problems. Here is my code, can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?

      - (void) copyDatabaseIfNeeded    NSArray * paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains (NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);    NSString * documentsDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex: 0];   NSString * path = [DocumentsDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent: @ "SQL.sqlite"];    if (sqlite3_open ([UT pathF8String], & newDBconnection) == SQLITE_OK)            NSLog (@ "Database opened successfully");if (updateStmt == zero)           NSString * updStmt = [NSString stringWithFormat: @ "UPDATE COFFEE SET CoffeeName = '500 Plus', Price = '1.40' CoffeeID = where '3'"];   const char * mupdate_stmt = [updStmt UTF8String];if (sqlite3_prepare_v2 (newDBconnection, mupdate_stmt, -1, & updateStmt, NULL)! = SQLITE_OK)NSAssert1 (0, @ "Error creating update statement. '% S'", sqlite3_errmsg (newDBconnection));             like                NSLog (@ "Update was successful");                            if (SQLITE_DONE! = sqlite3_step (updateStmt))            NSAssert1 (0, @ "Update failed. '% S'", sqlite3_errmsg (newDBconnection));        another            sqlite3_reset (updateStmt);            NSLog (@ "successful step");                 another            NSLog (@ "Error opening database");     

    sqlite no such table error


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    SQLite automatically creates a database file when it is not available. So when you are done with path , you open an empty database initiative, which of course does not contain any tables. Make sure the database file is left in there and is not empty.

    sqlite no such table error

    Sometimes you can see which tables are currently in the database by running the query SELECT * FROM sqlite_master; .

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    When I have a problem with a database (in this case Oracle), my DBA tells me to use the Queue Tools command to process the request.

    How to diagnose problems with sqlite3 and iPhone simulator:

    1. Run the app in the iPhone simulator to create / copy the collection to the document directory.
    2. Launch Terminal
    3. cd ~ / Library / Application support / iPhone simulator / / Applications / / Documents . It is best to have only one app installed in The Sims so you know which app is what.
    4. sqlite3 SQL.sqlite and try it recently. You can also use the .schema command type to see what the schema looks like.

    If the query works out there, and not always in your application, then you know that we have another error, you have a problem or the correct SQLite query schema.

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    try installing the app again. The tables are configured when the application is installed. Sometimes this can happen due to the fact that the tables were not created by you

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