Troubleshooting Invalid Rrdtool Dsname Errors, Easy Way


If you have rrdtool invalid dsname error on your computer, this guide may help you.

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    • Subject: Error creating DS rrd (invalid DS trace name)
    • By Dee Marco White
    • Date: Wednesday 7 September 2005 5:17:59 PM CDT

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    PC running slow?

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    “num_zmq_received_flows” corresponds to 22 people. Valid DS names are characters 0-19 according to the rrdtool documentation.

    rrdtool error invalid dsname

    This error can cause second.To lua to generate an error log entry per second as it keeps trying to create the rrd file and fails with most of the following errors:

    rrdtool error invalid dsname

    Also turnNote that there is a reference to an invalid DS name in the / graph_utils.lua module image, so I’m not sure what else might be related to the change.

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