Steps To Troubleshoot Display Paging File Issues In Linux


Sometimes your system may give an error message stating that the Linux swap file is being displayed. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    To see the swap ratios in Linux, enter the swapon -s command. You can also refer to the / proc / swaps file for the reasons for using swap in Linux. Enter free -metres to see both your RAM and Linux main swap space. After all, one person can also use top or htop order to find swap memory usage in Linux.



    If the physical memory or RAM of our system is still full, we shutdown it to use the swap space of our system. This process moves less active memory pages, which means paging space, creating more memory space. This space is especially useful when an array in RAM is not available; However, the Exchange space is on the hard drive, so access to it is slower. Therefore, this tool should not be considered as a suitable option for RAM.

    In this article, we will explore several ways to find the available paging space on your UBuntu system. The commands and procedures described in this short article were executed on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system.

    We are using a one man Ubuntu line telling the terminal to check the swap space in our function. To open Terminal, your whole family can use Dash or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T. Then you can do anyfrom the following to get information about trading houses:

    Free Linux Command

    What is the Linux swap file?

    The replacement file allows the operating system to use disk space to simulate additional storage. The storage space expands when it is no longer needed. Other operating systems, such as Linux and Unix, are located near the permanent nThe swap space that powers a specific portion of your DVD hard drive.

     $ free 

    This command is used to check memory and replace your system in multiple lines. Without using the switch, stuck output is printed in kilobytes.

     $ free -h 

    With the -h option, the free command window checks memory and swap usage as close as possible to three-digit format.

    Swapon Command

     $ swapon -s 

    You can use the swapon command to check for swap on a specific partition, diagnostic volume, or file. a. Here we will definitely use it with the -s (summary) key to exchange small details (in kilobytes).

    Top Header Command

    The section of each top command output displays information about the open paging area in kilobytes. Other commands displaying this information: htop, volatile, itop, etc.

    Vmstat Command

     $ vmstat 

    Using the vmstat collection, you can view information about swaps and swaps. However, you may not want to see the summary of the changes ia as shown in the commands above.

    File / Proc / Swaps

     $ cat / proc / swaps 

    You can also view the swap size information in the / proc / swaps switch configuration file. The projector also displays device-specific swap information so that you can check the device name (partition, logical volume plus file), its type, and the amount of swap given to the system.

    While this article deals with very fast commands, you can view someone’s swap space on Ubuntu and use it if your platform is low on RAM.

    How can I use the command line to check if swap is required and which swap devices are configured for mass popularity?


    requested Oct 22 ’11 available at 3:55

    show swap file linux


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    • cat / proc / meminfo to display the entire swap as well as the free swap (all Linux).
    • cat / proc / swaps to see which swap devices are old (all Linux).
    • swapon -s to display devices and switch sizes (where swapon was installed).
    • vmstat for current virtual memory statistics.
    • vm_stat to get information about virtual memory (swap)
    • ls -lh / private / var / vm /swapfile * to see how many swap files are typically in use.
    • swap -l to swap the view and size of the device / file.
    • swap -s to display large swap sizes used and free
    • vmstat for virtual memory statistics

    On some systems, “virtual memory” is only moved to disk storage devices, so virtual memory on other systems, such as Solaris, can point to any space on disk. accessing user processes, including tmpfs filesystems (such as / tmp), but shared space.


    answered Oct 22, 2011 at 4:40 am.

    17.9 k

    Try swapon -s for a list of current trading devices and other important information.

    answered Oct 20 ’09

    show swap file linux


    This is slightly better than swapon -s because it creates user-friendly units for size. For example, while trading while it is active, you can see:

      NAME TYPE USED PRIO SIZE./ dev / dm-1 partition 7.5 GB 563.8 MB -2 

    -s, –summary

    Displays a summary of the bearer exchange by device. Corresponds to “cat / proc / swaps”. This format feature is being dropped in favor of –show, which provides more control over output data.

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    –show [= column …]

    show swap file linux

    Display a custom table of exchange zones. A number of available columns can be found in the –help> output.

    replied on 23 August 1919 from 13:55

    On Linux, you can use the special top command to see if the switch is active or not, where families can see something like kswapd0 . The top command provides a dynamic real-time view of the running system, so you should watch the exchange there.

    If you don’t see the app there, it probably isn’t working. To restart or activate it, you can use this command: sudo swapon --all --verbose (source)

    answered May 18, 2016 at 1:29 am




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    How do I know if swap is on?

    cat / proc / meminfo to define full and free swap (all Linux)cat / proc / swaps to see which swap devices are definitely in use (all Linux)swapon -s to define devices and swap sizes (where swapon should be installed)vmstat for up-to-date virtual memory statistics.

    Is swap a file system in Linux?

    Swap does not require a database system. It doesn’t save any files. It stores RAM pages.




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