Troubleshoot Product Version Installation


Recently, some of our readers have reported that they have stumbled upon installshield versions of the product.

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    Although most users provide a version number with your product, you must ensure that customers enter a valid version of the product. Translation can only contain numbers. This is usually just aaa.bbb.ccccc or aaa.bbb.ccccc.ddddd format, where aaa is the major version number, eee is the minor version number, ccccc is the build number, and ddddd is the build number. version, the maximum value for these aaa- and bbb- actions is 255. The maximum value for the ccccc and ddddd values ​​is actually 65,535.

    At runtime, the installation subscribes to the version number of the product being installed. A complete list of versions can be found in the Add or Remove Programs section. The product version number is important when using the installation mechanism to determine if a major update needs to be applied.

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    You configure the product version in the General Information view.

    Please note that while you can enable the fourth arena (ddddd) if you enable your version of the product, the basic installation is notuses this part of a product version to distinguish between multiple product versions.

    Project: For Advanced UI, Basic MSI, InstallScript, InstallScript MSI and / or Suite / Advanced UI projects. If your version contains a larger Setup.File, run the version from within the product, individually information is displayed in the Properties discussion field of Setup.exe. For more information, see Setting File Properties for the Installer Launcher.

    For InstallScript and InstallScript object projects: Instead of a hard-coded value, you can use the ideal path variable defined in the Path Variables view. At build time, InstallShield replaces the path variable with the appropriate value. (To use a variable: Path in the Project menu, click Options. You can select the appropriate path variable in the Application tab.)

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