Product Not Found KMS Troubleshooting Tips


This guide is designed to help you if you receive a “kms not found” error message.

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    I am improving some of the services There are 2008 R2 and Windows 8, all in RTM.

    After some effort (not bad after understanding the commands, no doubt), I was able to set up the perfect KMS service on a Server 2008 R2 server. The KMS key is also successfully activated by MS using the slmgr -ato command.

    And here’s the strangest thing. When I run slmgr -ato at different companies to enable them in the KMS service, the following happens:
    – On my first Windows 7 PC, I get exactly this “Not enough number” error. This is fine.
    – The same phase occurs on the second PC with Win7. Still ok because my customer count has not reached 25 yet.
    – On my third Win7 PC, I get the error “Windows Script Host – Error: Product Not Found”.
    – on the server, on the server the server is running 2008 (R1), old error: “Windows script host error: – package not found”.

    The KMS event log on the KMS host shows that the two source computers should also be activated, but there is no trace for the third computer and 2008 site. I tried after this “product not found”. “- Checked for errors, but do not find anything informativeden.

    The KMS key is a class B key, which should suffice. All server installations are “Standard” and all client installations are “Professional”.

    kms product not found

    Yes, the kms service is also running on a server that is also a domain controller.

    We recently had our own server running Windows 2008R2, and immediately after starting it reported that it had not been activated. Apparently the system has lost its license information. Like most large companies, we have a functional license configured on a KMS server on our network. I

    kms product not found

    When I submitted “slmgr / dlv” to verify my driver’s license, I received the error “Product key was not found”

    Recently. I got 0x80072EE7 when trying to activate a license on another forum in 2008 and the solution applies as well.

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    To restore a license on this internet (at c: windows system32):

    • Download the KMS client license key from
    • Install the license using “slmgr / ipk xxxx-xxxxx-xx-xx-xx-xx”
    • Do not point to your KMS server (if it will be done immediately): “slmgr / skms “
    • Activate volume license next to “slmgr / ato”
    • Finally, confirm activation in addition to “slmgr / dlv”.


    A code was also found indicating that the KMS product was not found. There are a number of techniques that can be used to overcome this disadvantage. We are leaving, so you can discuss this shortly.

    We recently had a problem with the Windows 2008R2 Home server and after a phone call we complained that it was not encouraging. Apparently the server has lost the license for its data. As with most large companies, we have a set of KMS server licenses in our community.

    After running “slmgr versus dlv” to check the license, I received a “product key not found” error message from a person

    More recently. I purchased 0x80072EE7 when I tried to activate a license on another 2008 server and applied the same product.

    How to reactivate and reactivate a license on this server (in c: Asset Windows System32):

    • Take control of KMS with a CALKey at
  • Configure the “slmgr / ipk” license creation.
  • xxxx-xxxxx-xx-xx-xx-xx “Enter your KMS server (if you haven’t already):” slmgr or skms “
  • Activate amount authorization with / “slmgr ato”
  • Finally, activation with / “slmgr dlv”
  • What Is The Error: Product Is Not Recognized, Kms Activation Error?

    kms product not found

    Error: Product not found. Kms activation error is the hexadecimal frame of the error that occurred. This can be a widely used error code format widely used by Home and various Windows manufacturers, referring to programs and drivers that are compatible with Home Windows.

    This code is used by the company to determine the cause of common errors. This should not be construed as a product defect. Kms activation error contains a reliable numeric error code and technical conclusion. In some cases, the error may include additional parameters in the km product activation file format, and a not too large error was encountered. This additional hexadecimal code is the location of the memory whereuploaded instructions on the day of the error.

    How To Fix Windows KMS 7 Home Activation Error?

    Methodology 1. Optimization Of SoftwareProtectionPlatform Parameters

    1. Go to main Replace window> view this specific record of installed updates> uninstall KB971033
    2. Restart your computer for the test to take effect.
    3. Go to Top> immediately execute the command as administrator.
    4. Enter the following instructions:
      • sppsvc web stop
    5. del% system327B296FB0-376B-497e-B012-9C450E1B7327-5P-0 windir% .C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0 / My God
    6. del% windir% system327B296FB0-376B-497e-B012-9C450E1B7327-5P-1.C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0 and ah
    7. del% windir% ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatformtokens.dat
    8. del% windir% ServiceProfilesNetworkServiceAppDataRoamingMicrosoftSoftwareProtectionPlatformcachecache.dat
    9. Sppsvc Internet Launch
    10. lmgr - ipk 33PXH-7Y6KF-2VJC9-XBBR8-HVTHH
      • Look. Use the vital that suits your atmosphere. The above instance is required for Win7 Enterprise. For more information on the keys that you can use, see the Microsoft How To website.
    11. slmgr / ato

    Method 2. UseUse Your MAK Product Key

    If a KMS server is indeed available, consider using this MAK as a replacement.

    1. Run the Immediate Administrator command like and enter this command in turn:
    2. Press Enter and watch the request take effect.

    Method 3: Configure The KMS Host

    Sometimes KMS activation dilemmas arise because your customers don’t have a reliable KMS server on their way to activation. In this case, you need to configure and activate the KMS forum.

    Now that you’ve configured your home computer as a HostedWith KMS software tool, it’s time to publish your individual zone identification system (DNS) settings.

    For details on the next steps, see the following Microsoft Help pages:

    • Configure a KMS host on each Windows Home Server 2008 PC
  • Specify KMS Hosts
  • KMS activation guarantee.
  • Windows Server 09 Home Volume Activation
  • Scheduling Quantitative Activation on Home Windows 7 or Home Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Method 4. Create A KMS-SRV Document On The MS-DNS Server

    Here’s literally what to do if your customer doesn’t find a KMS host in the community:

    • Make sure your KMS host is nearby and enabled with a documented KMS DNS key.
    • Check registration to ensure the KMS host is registered in DNS.

    Step-by-step instructions can be found on the Microsoft Assist website.

    You can also manually assign a KMS server. If that doesn’t solve our problem, you can automatically move KMS to the DNS number associated with the domains.

    Now, if you have, of course, one of these specific error codes: 0xC004C001, 0xC004C003, 0xC004C008, 0xC004B100, 0xC004C020, 0xC004C021, 0xC004F009, 0xC004F00F, 0xC004C004F02, 0C00C39C00C004F02, 0C00C39F00C004F02, 0C00C39F00C004F02, 0C00C39F00C0004F02, 0C00C39F00C004F02, 0x0441F00C00C04F02, 0C00C39F00C0004F04 , 0x0441FC00C0004F04, 0x04F41C00C004F035 0xC004F051, 0xC004F064, 0xC004F065, 0xC004F06C, 0x800x800732F1D, 0BA



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