Troubleshooting Tips Cubase 6 Cannot Open Project File


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    You may receive an error code indicating that Cubase 6 cannot open the project file. There are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about shortly.



    You can open one or more saved project files at the same time.

    About This Task


    If you open a project that was saved with a completely different version of the program containing data if, given the functions that are not available in your entire version, this data may be lost as soon as you save the project with the new version.


    • When you open an external project, the last used view that was saved on the user’s computer is used. You can change this situation setting in the Preferences dialog box (General page).

    • cubase 6 cannot open project file

      External projects are automatically connected to the slot and output buses. Opening the best project created on a desktop PC with an ASIO port configuration that is directly different from your computer’s configuration may result in unwanted audio connections. In the dialog options (VST page), you can disable automatic I / O bus connections.


    1. Select.
    2. In the file dialog that opens, select the project you want to open and click Open.
    3. If the project is already open, you will be asked if you want to activate the new installation. Perform one of the following actions:
      • To activate the mission, click “Activate”.

      • To open a project without activating it, click on it, No.

        This reduces the loading of instances for projects.

    If you open a project that was supported by a different version of the program that contains data for functions that are not available in your version, this data may be lost if you save the project with your version.

    • When you open an external display, the last used view saved on your computer is used. You will likely change this setting in the Preferences dialog box (General page).

    • External projects are automatically integrated into the I / O buses. If you create a project created on a computer with an ASIO port setting that is different from your laptop’s more extensive configuration, it may result in unwanted audio transitions. You can turn off the automatic connection between the input and output buses in the dialog preferences (VST page).

    The pool window allows anyone to manage files for a portion of the active project.

    cubase 6 cannot open project file

    You can open the found pool as follows:

    • In the project window Alexa plugin, click Open Pool Window. Although it can be described as nWhen the icon is visible, you should enable this option for Windows Media and MixConsole in most toolbar context menus.

    • Select.

    • Select.

    The content of the pool is distributed among the folders of the target group:

    Audio folder

    Contains all audio clips and aspects included in the project.

    If the project contains one or more sampler tracks, a separate subfolder with the sampler file is created in the audio folder. This subfolder contains all of the sample clips you’ve most often loaded into Sampler Control.

    Video folder

    Contains videos of all clips that are in the corresponding project. Folder


    Throw away any unused clips that were moved here once so they can be permanently deleted from the hard drive later.


    You cannot rename or delete these folders, but you can add subfolders.


    1. Show info

      Activates / deactivates the know-how line.

    2. Listening

      If this The parameter is checked and you specify a clip in the pool, it will be played several times.

    3. Auditory loop

      If this option is disabled, the playback of the selected trim will be looped. You

    4. Volume

      Allow the ability to adjust the playback volume.

    5. View / Attributes

      Allows users to enable / disable the attributes displayed in this pool window.

    6. Open / close all folders

      Open / close all folders.

    7. Import

      Allows families to import media files into the pool.

    8. Research

      Allows you to search the pool and connect to disk files. Folder

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    9. Project the path to the active project folder.

    10. Pool Entry Folder

      displays the path to the datalog folder assigned to the active project. By default, this is usually the Audio folder. However, you can also create a new audio subfolder and set it as the recording pool folder.

    Columns In The Pool Window

    Elements of the pool window often display different information about clips and In legions. The columns contain the following information:


    Contains our trash folders for audio and video. When these folders are opened, the clip or zone names are displayed and can be edited.


    Shows how often the clip is embedded in the project. If this column entry is low, the corresponding crop is not used.


    Displays various characters indicating the current position of the pool and clip. The following characters can be displayed:

    • Save file

      Displays the entry for the current pool folder.

    • Process

      Indicates to the right that the clip has been processed.

    • Missing

      Indicates that experts claim that the clip is mentioned in the project, but not in the pool.

    • External

      Indicates that the file referenced by the clip is external, such as non-audio in the current project folder.

    • Registered

      Indicates that the clip was recorded around an open version of the project. This is useful for finding recently recorded clips at high speed.

    Music Mode

    You can use the musical tools to adjust the tempo of the sound loops to match the tempo of the pattern. Check the box in this column to enable or disable Reading Mode. If the Tempo column is ??? , the person must enter the correct tempo before customers can activate Music Mode.


    Displays the tempo of the files, if available. If no habit is specified, the column displays ??? .


    Show time signature, for example 4/4 .


    Shows how the ifroot was defined for the file.


    Displays an algorithm preset that can be used when processing an audio file.

    • To change the default preset, click the name of the most important preset and choose a different preset from the pop-up menu.


    For audio clips, this smile indicates the frequency, sample bit resolution, number of channels, and length.

    Start and end times fromIt appears in the fields for these regions.

    For video clips, frame rate, destination, frame count, length, etc.

    . attach


    Displays the full clip format file.


    Displays the date the audio file was last modified. Time


    defines the type of original starting position at which the anchor was saved in the project. Whichever value can be used as the cornerstone for the “Insert into Project” option via the media or context menu, change it if the timing advantage is independent (for example, not required for regions).

    You can change the value by adjusting the trim and edit value in the appropriate column or clip in the pool, move the project cursor to a new set, and select.


    Displays waveform images of audio clips or clip regions.


    Displays the path to the entire position of clip a on an inconvenient hard drive.

    role name

    If you imported an OMF file, it may contain thisThis is the attribute that is likely to be displayed in this column. The role name describes the role or video from which the captured media should be selected.

    Info Line

    Info line displays additional information about the files in the pool.

    • To activate each line of information, click on Show Information in the far left corner of the toolbar.

    The following information is displayed in the commercial information line:

    audio files

    A number referring to the audio files in the pool. Number


    is associated with used audio files.

    Overall size

    The overall sound level of all files in the pool.

    External files

    The number of files in the pool that are not in the company folder (for example, video files).

    You cannot rename or delete these folders, but a person can add as many subfolders as they like.



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