How Can I Fix Powerbroker Error Messages?

If you have powerbroker error messages on your system, this guide will help you fix them.

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    Error message Solution 2 Error number 1002
    Error message: I/O operation error
    Program Compress — and reindex Open Utilities, set your company information and software directories to ensure that the Power Broker drive and path are exactly correct. Compare the target to the string located in the center of the Power Broker On icon on the whole desktop by right-clicking , selecting in properties, and also clicking on the shortcuts tab. 3 Error 1327
    Invalid disk specification
    E: A) If your computer’s drive letters have been changed, reassign the original drive letter to send it to the CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or operating system. Follow the appropriate steps for your hardworking system:

    B) Make sure the registry entries do not contain invalid drive letters that could be causing this error:

    Click here

    4 Could not find msvcr64.DLL Run Workstation.exe located at 5 Bro folder error 1426
    OLE code error: class not registered ThisThe error occurred when you clicked the camera icon associated with the client screen. One solution was to find C:Program for FilesPower filescommon and delete Brokerviscomsoft imageviewer2.ocx, scan.ocx and run viscompdf.dll and run BROWORKSTATION file.EXE again. Then try again. 6 When printing a bank photo report
    Negotiation error 1959
    Invalid coordinates Check if the buyer has too many outstanding checks. When you receive his payment files, decide if there are any checks outstanding without the last due date. Ask the user to enter billing dates and try to print the report. /td> 8 Word Integration
    This operation cannot be performed if dialog box or database engine errors are displayed. Please try again This is every case on explorer

    Why is my database locked in power broker?

    Open for reading in the broword97 folder. If you find the name or short name ~$xxx.doc, delete that document type. These documents are usually created when the Word document is saved. Get points from the server.

    You open the document by clicking on the .doc name and/or youread the error message “Settings” “Remove Content Header Sources”, then I’ll close it.

    Try again, everything should work fine.

    9 Opening a brokerage company
    Fatal error: Exception code is error log file: c:program filescommon filesMicrosoft SharedVFPvfp8err. Error log
    this happens after clients click “Yes” on three requests for additional resource files or “Convert .0 format resource files to 6.0 format” In Windows Explorer, delete foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt. If systems let you not delete these two files because they are currently in use elsewhere, it means that your server files are locked. These files can be shared by logging into the server, opening Start, Administrative Tools, Control Panel, Computer Management, Sharing, Files folders and finding/closing any foxuser that uses .dbf in addition to foxuser.fpt . 10 Vista – Aero – Display Issues If you find that you are having a display problem in Vista, until a fix is ​​availableNo solved, go to Start, Control Panel, Personalization, Feelings and Feels, switch from Aero to Vista Basic, there may be another option, and then check yourself. 11 Variable “MQPLACE” not sure found
    Writing technical checks Contact your local support team to restore this file from a copy that experts believe will be provided to you by a technical support agent.36
    (B:BRO) 12 The error contains an unrecognized phrase/keyword. You click absence Exclusive on the main PB.Que desktop

    make sure the user id is numeric. If so, kill all Power Broker users and go to Spreadsheets, User Security Codes, create a new user with the same security settings as the current user, go to Utilities, change User Security Codes and change the numeric code to alphanumeric. code. 13 Vfp8r.dll corrupted 1) definitely Go to c:programfiles(x86)commonfilesmicrosoftsharedvfp, deletevfp8r.dll file, then reinstall BROWorkstation.exe
    2) Delete BROFoxuser.And dbf file BROFoxuser.With and fpt try login again.
    3) You turned off the workstation, reconnected and tested again
    4) Disconnect the mapped drive and therefore reconnect the mapped drive 14 Error 1102
    Failed to create J:BROGGFORMNAME.DBF This error occurs when a user id is encountered. The folder is not always created.
    Open the explorer, browse your windows, folder Andbro create a folder in which the user code will match. In this user product, the code is GG. c If individual .doc files are found in this folder, you can delete these companies and their related files. If you are unable to remove may formats, you will need to restart the server. 15 Error 202 Usually here means you sit and go to which computer, usually does not have the same drive letter that is listed in the company’s utilities, information set, software catalogs. you If you are in an office with 23 people and each office PB is icon ref H:BROBROW.EXE but findssit on the PB server which is C:DATABROBROW.EXE and then sit on that to give the server the drive letter of google, map H back to c:data and create a new desktop icon on the desktop pointing to H:BROBROW.exe 16 Database locked If all users have logged out of Power Broker and are still getting the error. The database is locked, you need to shutdown the server (not just a hard reboot) this error usually indicates that the file is locked at the level from the server. 17 Adobe Reader DC error
    An error occurred while sending the email Make sure the user’s Outlook application is open when submitting 18 Print multiple 1298 Test single person printers, change printer driver, reinstall driver 19 Word Conversion Error – May 7 This happens if both documents have the same name. Open Power Broker, go to Delete Forms, Word Docs, find the document with the same main name and remove both letters from it. from Exit Power Broker, nego to the run menu, run, usually go to the bro folder and file, find the one recognized as msword_update.Start exe, and run this file. Once they are entered, you will need to update the skins again. 20 CompuQuote – additional elements must be specified Citrix/Terminal Server configuration setting data. you must set up home folders associated with drive letters.

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    You should set up a home folder for Citrix users instead of using C:Documents Settings and all their local files.

    21 Broker management software: Broker management software has detected a problem and requires prerequisites to close. We apologize for the inconvenience this may occur when upgrading from v32 to v4 again.

    powerbroker error messages

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