How Can I Fix Phonegap Barcode Scanner Class Scan Error?


In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that can cause the class to fail when scanning the Phonegap barcode scanner, and then we will suggest some potential recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    I am using Telephony 3.4.0 and Netbeans. I am adding BarcodeScanner plugin to some of my projects whenI am using this runtime code:

      var protection = cordova.require ("cordova / plugin / BarcodeScanner");                Scanner.scan (function (result)                            alert ("We have a barcode  n" +                                    "Result:" + result.text + " n" +                                    "Format:" + result.format + " n" +                                    "Canceled:" + the result is canceled);                             .Function (error)                              alert ("analysis failed: in + error)";                  ); 

    phonegap barcode scanner scanning failed class not found

    in our own res / xml / config.xml file. But after adding these lines and creating additional Netbeans, the project changes.what i got in config.xml is revoked by netbeans

    Expected Behavior

    phonegap barcode scanner scanning failed class not found

    From PhoneGap: scan the QR code
    After writing with Cordova: scan the quick response code

    Real Behavior

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    From PhoneGap: scan the quick response code
    After building with Cordova: when I start reading, I get a warning in the header

    Platform and version (Android 8.0.0)

    (Android) What is the seller of the device (Samsung)

    Interface version Cordova command line and Cordova event version

    Plugin version

    Sample code to illustrate the problem


      cordova - version: 9.0.0Cordova Platforms: Android 

    phonegap barcode scanner scanning failed class not found

      version of the cordova WordPress extension | grep phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner 8.0.1 
      cordova.plugins.barcodeScanner.scan (        Function (result)        if (! result.cancelled) // Check, suppose that the scanned         Notification ("Decoded words and phrases:" + result.text);                another          alert ("You canceled the check");            ,       Function (error)        alert ("Analysis error:" + error);    ,    Landscape), not installed by default, actually works with the device        disableAnimations: true, // iOS        disableSuccessBeep: true // operating system and Android    ); 



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