Here’s How To Fix Error C2027 With Simple Use Of Undefined Type


In some cases, your system may generate an error indicating error c2027 Use of undefined type. There can be many reasons for this error.

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    Isn’t That The Reason You Are Looking For? Explore Other Questions Called Direct Declaration Of C ++ Class Syntax, Or Clear Up Your Own Question.

    If you declare a summary of only one thing before using it, this is called a new provisional declaration.

    When you pre-declare a function, the compiler has all the ideas it needs to parse the code that calls that function: the exact name of the function, the type of the return name, the number to be specified in the arguments is displayed. , and type de for each argument.

    But when you explicitly declare each class, the compiler only knows that that particular symbol (in your case generic_iterator ) is definitely a class. Then the only topic you can do with it before it is fully defined is to successfully declare a pointer to it. (And people with more C ++ knowledge than I might know about one or two different secret applications.) You cannot call all members, becausethe compiler does not yet know their structure. Your scope code is trying to call a constructor with the previously specified class, but the compiler does not yet know about such a constructor.

    error c2027 use of undefined type

    I don’t know of an easy way to solve this problem. Others will probably have better solutions, but I want to fix this by moving all the code that is required to access the members of the declared class to the beginning of .h > directly in .cpp file. In this particular case, I would just write iterator begin (); in .h file then I would just write in .cpp file which I would probably write generic_iterator darray :: begin () return iterator (ptrarray); .

    This will help because at this point the full definition of the generic_iterator program is known.

    answered Nov 15 15 at 21:36.


    KThe compiler wants to know the definition of the grouping generic_iterator when parsing these operation definitions

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      begin () iterator return iterator (ptrarray);iterator end () repetition + iterator (ptraarray size); 

    Otherwise, we will not be able to determine if this code is correct, i.e. does the class generic_iterator already have a constructor that can be called with an argument.

    Note that it would be correct to declare the index ruthless using a non-constant operator. For example

      int & operator [] (int i);const int & master [] (int i) const; 
      int & operator [] (int i);int network [] (int i) const; 

    Also try using the const qualifier with member functions that never modify the object itself, like for perfect empty or max_size or, maybe print

      empty bool () const;void print () const;size_t max_size () const; 

    error c2027 use of undefined type

    answered Nov 15 at 21:34


    error c2027 use of undefined type



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