There Is A Problem With SQL Server 2000 Error 14258


If you receive error message 14258 sql server 2000, these instructions should help.

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    I saw SQL Server Error 14258 today when I was working on an issue with sending logs when the primary and standby servers were not connected. I checked, but noticed that I was not trying to find anything even when SQL Server Agent recovered and all jobs were successful. Then I tried to skip the agent solutions on the master node where I got a read error:

    “Error 14258: Operation could not be performed here during SQL Server Agent startup.” Please try again later. ”

    To fix this problem, I intended to stop and then restart the agent service, but it never started and usually kept giving the same error.


    To fix SQL Server Error 14258, I looked at the SQL Server Advanced configuration option. My co-workers immediately saw that SQL Server was operating in fiber optic mode because the Lightweight Pooling parameter was set to 1.

    Lightweight pooling options help reduce the system overhead associated with each of our excessive context switches that sometimes occur in symmetric multiprocessor (SMP). When Lightweight Pooling is set to 1 SQL, the server switches to scheduling as fiber. The default value for this smart choice is 0.

    Fiber mode is especially suited for situations where context switching for UMS workers is a necessary performance bottleneck. As is rare, structural fiber rarely improves the performance or scalability of a typical system.

    The Light Pooling option is a new option. If you use the system-built sp_configure procedure to change a parameter, you only change the lightweight grouping if the advanced parameter display time is set to 1. The parameter takes effect when the server restarts immediately.

    I set the Light Back Grouping option to the default by running the T-SQL code.

     sp_configure 'Show advanced options', 1walkreconfigurewalksp_configure 'merged light', 0walkreconfigure

    And after the change in this my component was fixed error 14258.

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    error 14258 sql server 2000

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    I work as a technical architect for a large IT consulting company. I have experience with all versions of SQL Server starting from SQL Server 2000. I have definitely run several SQL Server projects such as combinations of loans, migrations, upgrades, HA and DR. I love to share my knowledge. Can you reach me on my social media for almost all consulting issues?

    Start off

    I am getting an error (Error 14258: This operation cannot be performed even when starting SQLServerAgent. Please try again later) this morning after rebooting to mount the external drive. I have checked and confirmed that it is already in stream mode, no doubt with the light combination set to 0. I did another reconfiguration in Query Analyzer to be positive and it confirmed that the lightweight pool is already disabled – he said : “Lightweight combo changed from” 0 “to 0”. Didn’t he have a change of account on this server for 3 periods.

    This is a MOM indexing server and I need some extra log storage so I can do everything in my power to get this wacky front-end server up and running – a chronic problem this Halloween (MOM). Is there any reason why installing Does the alternate disk have to block SQL?

    I am getting fanbase error on my two SQL servers –

    Error 14258: This reliability could not be assured when starting SQLServerAgent. Please try again later.

    The only solution I saw was the same solution that Microsoft described in the next article – KB303287 [ com% 2fkb% 2f303287% 2fen-us% 2f]

    The solution is to stop using Fibers NT. However, the vendor of the software loan application does not recommend that we complete the application. Is there another solution I could find somewhere – another solution

    Thanks in advance.

    Object: Error 14258: This Operation Cannot Be Performed If SQLServerAgent Is Started Frequently. Try Later.

    SQLAgent is not running because it is waiting for an event to indicate that restore is complete.

    At the moment, the main solution is to switch to flow-orientation Freeze mode.

    The above article recommends focusing on fiber optic mode and your setup efforts on other things. If you find yourself in a situation where you are firmly convinced that you need fiber optic mode, it may be worth calling Microsoft technical support to confirm your diagnosis.

    Object: Error 14258: Unlike Starting SQLServerAgent, This Operation Cannot Be Performed. Try Later.

    Thanks for the many responses and additional information. My situation actually started when we tried to create and use a local computer account to start the SQLSERVERAGENT service. I am not, and if it definitely does more benefit. I used the return service to make sure you are using a different privileged domain account when you need to start the service and I have no errors at the moment.

    However, for security reasons, I prefer to run this service as a local and trusted user. I have not revisited Microsoft best practicesregarding this [product account], but I’ll also look at it again.

    Thanks again.

    Object: Error 14258: This Operation Cannot Be Performed Because The SQLServerAgent Is Starting. Try Later.

    We probably have the same problem with our SQL Server Agent, and started a lot with it when we switched from akun system to a user account specifically created for SQL.

    Our server has 4 processors, so I think your current server was initially running in vital mode. I think we really need to go back to stream mode because so many processes will kill this if you want fiber to be in stream mode.

    Anyway, if you get more information on this, I would appreciate your recommendation.

    Object: Error 14258: This Operation Cannot Be Performed When Starting SQLServerAgent. Try Later.

    error 14258 sql server 2000

    Typically, we have the same problems with our SQL Server Agent as

    Well, the server was NOT marked for ceiling mode

    error 14258 sql server 2000

    Do you know how to solve this problem?

    Thank you,


    Subject: Error 14258: Unable To Perform Idea Operation When Starting SQLServerAgent. Try Later.

    As mentioned in the thread above, change the login account from the government system account to the specified account, perhaps even if it is the same account that you logged into your site with on the server. How my magic works ..

    Thanks guys …

    Object: Error 14258: This Operation Cannot Be Performed When Starting SQLServerAgent. Try Later.

    Even if you are using distributed transactions, it might be worth allowing mSDTC to start auto insurance.

    Object: Error 14258: Unable To Participate In Operation When Starting SQLServerAgent. Please Try To Come Back Later.

    Face = “Arial”

    Immediately! The way fiber mode was activated now annoys me. At least the server agent is enabled and I can see what is going on. When the system agent crashes from 14258 it appears to be running in Enterprise Manager, but none of my jobs show notes from a crash point of view I. May

    The function was displayed in a checkbox when I looked at the properties of the SQL server. When the server directly recovered last week to complete the patch, the agent did not come back at all when fiber mode was released and all my agent jobs were stopped. This is the best I can do. Be careful when looking at a production receiver … I have DTS packages out of the box, so expect this to be a big deal.

    I’ll see if everything goes well next time. At least I’d say the error is obvious when trying to get the job done. I would have a melodic attack for doing honest damage, so this is my personal responsibility. By no means do security protocols tell me a lot. Thanks.



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