Troubleshooting Configuration Error 0162


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    Here are some easy ways that might help you fix the configuration error 0162.



    Lenovo error code 0162 is often set by many users after updating the BIOS on a computer. If you also have technical problems when starting Lenovo technology and after updating the BIOS, you will receive a warning message and POST error when you do any of the following related to the ThinkCentre A63 system, run BIOS version 5OKT27A or later BIOS swap corresponding to version 5OKT28A or later, and therefore downgrade BIOS version 50KT28A or later to 5OKT27A or earlier. This very commonly used message may indicate an actual configuration problem or simply Lenovo error code 0162: Configuration error that usually occurs during system startup. So if after updating your BIOS, you encounter the same error code 0162 c / a or possibly a warning on your Lenovo laptop. This blog post will describe very simple steps to fix Lenovo error code 0162. Just follow all the steps below to quickly fix my error.

    How To Fix Lenovo Error 016?

    To reset POST error 0162, try returning Go back to the default values.

    • First enter BIOS. During configuration, press the “F1” key during POST. All BIOS settings have been reset to their default values.
    • Make changes if necessary.
    • Press “F10” to save these settings.
    • POST error 0162 is no longer cleared.

    0162 configration error

    Another simple solution – just right for your error. Just try restarting your computer and press F1 to start the installation. In setting mode, press “F9” to select the default setting type and press “F10” to exit and save. Your problem will most likely be resolved. Enter key configuration may differ from “F8”, etc.

    Display may stop normally, but all BIOS settings will be lost. If you have custom BIOS settings that really do not match the default settings, you need to save them from BIOS update and reset BIOS settings when done. The warning message can be removed by pressing the Accept button in Windows or A in DOS mode. Once you have provided all of the above options Therefore, fixing the problem with Lenovo error code 0162 will be incredibly easy.

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    Hello. I’m new to helping you on this forum and hope someone can help me with this problem as I ran into it recently.

    PC running slow?

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    One of the computers in my office that is having problems booting all Windows XP operating systems ~ it still shows ERROR 0162: Configuration error – default configuration found on black screen. And at the same time of year, I’m only allowed to press f1 so you can enter BIOS to install or continue. Another person can help me solve this problem.

    0162 configration error



    Improve the speed of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.




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