Troubleshooting Qt Debug Symbol Windows


If you have qt debug icon windows on your system, this blog post might help you fix that.

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    I am debugging a small qml / c ++ application using GDB that mostly works i.e. reaches a breakpoint, etc.
    However, some debuggers cannot access all of Qt’s debug symbols / sources.

    .gnu_debuglink section not found in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins platform qwindows.dll.debug
    .Gnu_debuglink section not found in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins iconengines qsvgicon.dll.debug
    .Gnu_debuglink section not found in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins sqldrivers qsqlite.dll.debug
    .Gnu_debuglink section not received in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins qmltooling qmldbg_server.dll.debug
    Don’t find the .Gnu_debuglink sectionden in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins qmltooling qmldbg_server.dll.debug
    .Gnu_debuglink section not found in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins qmltooling qmldbg_debugger.dll.debug
    The .Gnu_debuglink section is not permanently located in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins qmltooling qmldbg_inspector.dll.debug
    .Gnu_debuglink section not found when using C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins qmltooling qmldbg_messages.dll.debug
    .Gnu_debuglink section not found in C: Qt 5.15.0 mingw81_64 plugins qmltooling qmldbg_tcp.dll.debug

    For example, the debugger can access QQuickScrollView and QWindowsGuiEventDispatcher, but not QObject.

    I am using Windows 10 and I have a fresh install with all these components:

    • MinGW 8.1.0 64-bit
    • Sources
    • Qt Debug Files
    • Qt 4.12.2 Content Creator
    • Qt Creator 4.12.2 CDB Support
    • Debugging Windows Debugging Tools
    • MingWG 8.1.0 64-bit

    I saved the Qt sources using Qt Creator Qt (Tools-> Options-> Debugger -> “Add Sources …”)

    I found all the debugger configuration items. Found but could not find an answer. What am I missing?

    Update: I tried the same procedure with the MSVC2019 version and it worked.

    The most important debugger settings areI go to the kit you use to build and speed up your project. To specify a custom debugger and compiler for each hardware, choose Tools> Options> Kits.

    You only need to set up the debugger, because the automatic installation fails due to the lack of a native debugger (as with CDB, usually a debugger via Windows, which you always need to install yourself) and / or due to the fact that the installed version is not updated (for example, if your system does not contain any version or outdated version of GDB and you want to use a locally configured replacement instead).

    Note. If you need to change the debugger for an instantly recognized set, you can clone the system and change the settings in the replication file. Be sure to select a cloned package for your project.

    If the debugger we want to use is not automatically detected, you can add Tools> Options> Bundles> Debugger> Add.

    Note. To use the toolsdebug for windows, actually install them and add the symbol server provided by Microsoft to the debugger symbol exploration path. For additional entries, see “Defining CDBs for Paths in Windows”.

    Note. To use the GDB Software Free Foundation (FSF) version on macOS, you must sign it and change the suite settings.

    This section explains the options available for C ++ debug code and provides instructions for installing supported native debuggers. Of course, this also applies to code in other compiled languages ​​such as C, FORTRAN, Ada.

    For more tips on debugger modes, see Starting the Debugger in Different Modes.

    Supported Embedded Debugger Versions

    qt debug symbols windows

    Qt Creator supports native debuggers when working with compiled code. The complete GNU GDB symbolic debugger can be used on most supported platforms. Microsoft on Windows, when using the Microsoft Toolchain, the Microsoft Console Debugger CDB is required. All LLDB debuggers can be used on macOS and Linux.

    Versions Of GDB Supported

    Qt Creator version 3.1 and higher has pExtending Python Script. GDB assemblies, if you don’t have Python scripts, are no longer supported and will no longer work. The minimum supported GDB is 7.5 with Python 2.7 or 3.3 or later.

    At least 7.0 is supported for remote debugging when using GDB and GDB-Server on an ambitious device.

    Supported CDB Versions

    All types of CDB targeting frameworks supported by Qt are supported by Qt Creator.

    Supported LLDB Versions

    qt debug symbols windows

    The LLDB native debugger works in a similar way to the GDB debugger. LLDB is the main standard debugger for Xcode on macOS due to the C ++ support on the desktop. LLDB is commonly used with the Clang compiler (although you can use it with GCC).

    On macOS, you can use the LLDB version that comes with Xcode or from the Craft source code. The minimum supported version is LLDB 320.4.

    Install Your Own Debugger


    On Windows, see the Python compatible version of GDB that comes with the Qt package, or reason enough for current MinGW versions. On most Linux distributions, the versions of GDB included with Plan are sufficient.

    You can also createyour own preferred GDB, as described in the Creating GDB instructions.

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    The versions of GDB that ship with Xcode are definitely no longer supported by macOS.

    Debugging Tools Suitable For

    qt debug symbols windows

    To use the CDB debugger on Windows, you must install the Windows Debugging Tools. You can download it from the Download and Install Windows Debugging Tools section as part of the bundled Windows SDK.

    Note. Visual Studio does not include the tools required for debugging, so they must be installed separately.

    We also need to select Qt Creator CDB Debugger Support (in Qt> Tools> Creator) qt when installing Qt or the standalone Qt Creator.

    When you manually build Qt Creator using the Microsoft Visual C ++ compiler, process checks are generated for the required files associated with "% ProgramFiles% Debugging Tools for Windows" .

    It is highly recommended that you add the server symbol provided by Microsoft to the debugger’s symbol search option. The Symbol Server provides you with debugging information for operating system libraries for debugging Windows applications. For more information, see the Settings section.CDB for windows in driveways and sidewalks.

    Debugging Tools For MacOS

    The Qt mapping binary contains both debug and publish versions of the libraries. But this will explicitly tell the runtime linker that you really want to use the debug libraries when compiling your debug application, because the version is the default library.

    If your family is using a qmake project based on Qt Creator, you can set a flag to configure the runtime in project mode. When starting the configuration, select the Use Debug Platform Kit option.

    For more information on important information about debugging on macOS, see Mac OS X Debugging Magic.

    LLDB Recommendation

    We use LLDB in a different way, it ships with the latest version of Xcode.

    Configuring FSF GDB For MacOS

    To use FSF GDB on macOS, you need to sign it for sale and add it to the Creator Kits qt.

    1. To use the FSF GDB signing key, select Keychain Access> Certificate Wizard> Create Certificate:
      1. Enter fsfgdb in the Name field to convertI am existing content.
      2. Select code signing in the type certificate branch.
      3. Select the “I’ll beat the default settings” checkbox.
      4. Click Next and follow the instructions in the wizard (use our own defaults) until the Specify Where for Certificate dialog box appears.
      5. Select System in the keychain product.
      6. Select Access Keychain> System and find the certificate.
      7. Double-click a certificate to display the certificate information.
      8. Make your decision in the Trust section. Always trust in the “If this actual certificate is used” box, close the dialog box. Sign up
    2. Enter the following instructions for the binary in terminal:
       codeign -f -s "fsfgdb" $ INSTALL_LOCATION / fsfgdb 

    3. In Qt Creator, select Qt Creator> Preferences> Bundles> Add to create a bundle using FSF GDB.
    4. Enter the path to the GDB FSF in the debugger field ( $ HOME / gdb72 / bin / fsfgdb , but with an explicit value like $ HOME ).
    5. To use the debugger, add a suggestion to the build options of any project. Readabilitydatatable = “1”> Platform Compiler Custom

    Linux GCC, ICC GDB, LLDB
    Unix GCC, ICC GDB
    macOS GCC, Clang LLDB, FSF GDB (experimental)
    Windows / MinGW GCC GDB
    Windows / MSVC Microsoft Visual C ++ Compiler Debugging Tools for Windows / CDB Support
     codedesign -f -s "fsfgdb" $ INSTALL_LOCATION / fsfgdb 



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