Best Way To Solve Xampp Php_ldap.dll Not Found


In this guide, we are going to identify some possible causes that may be preventing php_ldap.dll from finding xampp, and then I will share some potential recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    I ran into the same problem and your link you provided on how to enable the LDAP extension in a XAMPP environment was definitely the solution for me.

    I copied libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll from C: / Ampps / php to C: / Windows / System32. I have not made sure that these files are located in C: / Windows / System. From now on I have enabled extension = php_ldap.dll in php.ini. Ampps has a list where you can also include the php.ini DLLs, and if I still remember correctly, XAMPP too. The walkthrough is just restarting Apache and you should be fine too.

    I’m using Windows 10 with Ampps instead of XAMPP, but they think they are pretty close.

    You Must Be Logged In To Unlock This Area Without A Doubt

    Logging into LDAP in PHP is not an easy task. This gets even more complicated when working in a XAMPP environment on Windows. Hopefully this editorial helps you resolve yourself as if you are stuck doing similar things.

    As with all our experience, in a very rare profession we have had to use the Windows Active Directory of OpenLdap or as a custom system in WordPress. Do we need to include the Perl moduleLDAP in XAMPP. By default this approach of the php ldap module is not included in XAMPP because most web servers use less than their database or their database like ldap. Follow these simple steps to activate this type of module.

    To use LDAP support in PHP on Windows, you need several libraries:


    You must put them in the system32 folder when deploying PHP XAMPP via.

    The libsasl.dll library is needed not only for the old PHP 4.3, also known as the old one. Even the latest versions of your five php.3 and up need lib this.Is

    Even weirder still, I had this cache (with the required ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll) in a simple PHP directory, and my PHP directory was probably listed in the path to a Windows variable. And at least I ran into the problem that Apache won’t start. The only workaround found is to copy libsasl.dll if you want the system32 system directory. You

    You need to edit your company’s php.ini file and comment out the extension = php_ldap.dll line. You need to restart your Apache / XAMPP server.

    xampp php_ldap.dll not found

    If you haven’t mentioned your locale For the library above, the next server that has information about the missing directory will fail. The latest XAMPP brings these libraries into the XAMPP PHP file, so you just need to copy them to the system32 folder as the libraries in the XAMPP PHP file are not loaded for some unconventional reasons, although they all fall back to PATH. Entire system environment variable

    Copy such libraries (or just libsasl.dll, since many other Internet programs use ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll, your local library, and one of them can already serve these two libraries) into the system32 folder.


    To enable the PHP-Ldap module in Find xampp, copy the following files and copy them to C: Windows system32 .


    Restart XAMPP (restart Apache service) and clients should now be able to access some LDAP PHP functions. May

    You can check if LDAP features are enabled in LDAP by clicking phpinfo () at http: // localhost / xampp /.

    readabilitydatatable = “0”>

    First of all, I want to congratulate the developers of this package – my manager and I were very impressed with the qualitym and the convenience of this software package. I would also like to thank all the participants in this discussion forum who honestly donate their time and experience.

    Now let’s get down to business.
    XAMPP version: 1.8.1 (uploaded last week)
    Operating system: 32-bit Windows 7.

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    Problem. One day I tried unsuccessfully to enable LDAP for PHP. I finally found out about this and wanted to share my experience with other people who had to search the Internet for strategies.

    xampp php_ldap.dll not found

    Most of the troubleshooting issues I have can be found at:
    No, to say I haven’t researched other software, but this is a good “rundown” of what solved this problem, for as many people as possible.

    I have not seen the LDAP section in PHPinfo () via: http: //localhost/xampp/index.php

    Using the control panel, I opened the PHP.ini file and no comments “extension = php_ldap.dll” which can be used by most people.
    I made sure the following files are in this location: / xampp / php / (see here: instructions
    php_ldap. dll (manually cloned to this location via – xampp / php / ext, which may not be required to place it in the / xampp / php folder)
    libsasl.dll (included in the 1.8.1 installation)
    libeay32 .dll ( usually included in 1.8.1 installation)
    ssleay32.dll (included in 1.8.1 installation)

    xampp php_ldap.dll not found

    I created these files so that they only reside in the System32 directory (some communities have stated that this is necessary, so I simulated them, but it may not be required automatically)

    Anyway, I successfully restarted Apache through the control panel and restarted the PHPinfo () page through the browser with no visible difference. There were no errors on the XAMPP control monitor (but I did have a few that I originally ran as administrator before even if you restart), you must select “Run as administrator” to prevent the main panel from crashing due to “system error” … 1.5 inches). I am engaged in control panel v3.1.0.

    I physically rebooted my computer after watching all the movies, but usually starting and stopping Apache is enough.

    I checked the PHP proofs ( and found that the convenience of usingUsing LDAP might need to be “installed” – after that I tried to check if there was actually third party LDAP software that just needed to be installed. While this seems to be the case for Apache installations on Linux and Unix, I understand that the LDAP files are already documented in the XAMPP Windows installation. … (and they are .- no. additional .file. really. needed!).

    Recently, I took some of the .dll files mentioned above and put them in the Windows / System directory. I think that’s how it will be (since in MS Windows 7 the entire folder is actually empty). ().

    I discovered all of this when I wrote this post with a question – luckily I thought I could post it as well to save someone the hassle in the future. :)



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