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    Hope that if your system has Win32 File Opening API, this guide can help you fix the problem.



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    Note. This feature is limited and may not be recommended. To develop new applications using function create file .


      HFILE OpenFile (  LPCSTR Lp file name,   LPOFSTRUCT lpReOpenBuff,  UINT uStyle); 


    win32 file open api

    The string must be characters from the Windows 8-bit character set. vOpenFile does not use Unicode filenames, orNamed pipes open pointer

    a to the OFSTRUCT structure, which receivesThe information about the file when it was opened is the earliest.

    The structure can be used in the following rings in. be usedOpenFile function to display Windows Glass file.

    The OFSTRUCT structure contains the target stringThe member has a length delimited by OFS_MAXPATHNAME, i.e. 128. isSign. Because you cannot use OpenFile for thisThe function accepts a file with a path length and more than 128 characters. v CreateFile function has no pathLength limitation.

    This parameterwill necessarily be one or more tracked values.

    value Value


    To create a chat window with a cancel button, useOF_PROMPT.

    Create a new file.

    When the file appears, it will be truncated to zero length (0).

    Delete a file.

    Open the file and close.

    Use this to check if the file type exists.

    Fill in the OFSTRUCT structure, but how not? something else.

    Displays a dialog box if the file you want does not exist.

    A dialog box informs the user that the system cannot identify the file and it contains it.Redo and undo buttons. vCancel button directs OpenFilefile not found to return error message.

    Open a read-only insider.

    Open the file with read / write permissions manually.

    Opens the content using the information in the re-opening buffer.
    For MS-DOS file systems, open the file in compatibility mode, enable all On a particular computer, practice opening that particular file as many times as you like.

    Other attempts to open another file with shared settings will fail. This is the flag that is ultimately awardedFILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE flags forFunction Create file .

    Opens a file without denying read / write access or access to various processes.

    If the list was opened by another process on MS-DOS file systems in compatibility mode,The function does not work.

    This flag can performFILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE to flagsFunction Create file .

    Open the full file and disable reading to start other processes.

    On MS-DOS file systems, if the file was opened using a compatibility approach or for read access by anyoneanother process, the function does not work.

    This flag is used in the FILE_SHARE_WRITE flag of the file Create file function.

    Opens document a and disallows writing to some other processes. MS-DOS based

    on filesystems, if Complete was opened in compatibility mode, for write access by anyoneanother process this type of function does not work flag

    This is added to the FILE_SHARE_READ flag inFunction Create file .

    Opens the directory in exclusive mode and denies reading and writing to other processes. When was the beginning opened in a different read / write mode, the function will also fail due to the current process.

    Checks if the date and time of the file is the same if it was opened earlier.
    win32 file open api

    This is useful as an additional check for read-only files.


    Open the file for writing only.

    Returned Value

    If the function succeeds, a worthy return is the file descriptor that is triggered when file I / O is performed. To close the cart, call the CloseHandle function, which uses this type of handle.

    If the function fails, the return value is HFILE_ERROR. To get extended errorFor information, call GetLastError .

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    If the lpFileName parameter only specifies a file definition and extension, this functionlooks for another suitable file in the following directories in the order given:

    1. The directory into which the user-friendly application will be loaded.
    2. Current directory.
    3. Windows device directory.

      Use the GetSystemDirectory function to getDirectory path.

    4. 16-bit Windows system directory.

      There is usually no function that requests a process in this directory, but it is in great demand.

    5. Catalog Windows.

      Use the GetWindowsDirectory function to getthe path to this directory.

    6. Directories listed in the environment variable PATH.

    vlp filename The parameter cannot contain wildcards.

    OpenFile process does not supportOF_SEARCH indicates your 16 bit WindowsThe OpenFile function is supported. vThe OF_SEARCH flag redirects the system to look for a related file, even if the file name iscontains the actual full path. Use the SearchPath function to searchfor the file.

    A sharing violation occurs whenever an attempt is made to open a file or directory for deletion on a trusted remote computer.If you see a value, the uStyle parameter is OF_DELETE access.The OR flag got a different access flag and the remote file or directory was not created with itFILE_SHARE_DELETE share access. To avoid breaking usage in this scenario, opentrack or directory is only deleted with OF_DELETE, access is no longer called DeleteFile without opening the file first, perhaps a directory fordelete.

    On Windows 8, Windows and Server 2012, this feature is supported by the following technologies ogii.

    Technology Supported
    Server Block Message Protocol (SMB) 3.0 Yes, sir
    SMB 3.0 Transparent Failover (TFO) Yes, sir
    SMB 3.0 with Scalable File Shares (SO) Yes, sir
    Cluster Shared Volume File System (CsvFS) Yes, sir
    Reliable file system (ReFS) Yes, sir



    Minimum Client Windows XP helped [desktop applications only]
    Minimum Supported Server Windows Server 2003 [great desktop applications only]
    Target Platform Windows
    Title winbase.h (including Windows.h)
    Library Kernel32.lib
    DLL Kernel32.dll

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