Vista Debug Symbols Solution


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    Here are some simple steps that can help you fix Vista debug symbols issue.



    0: Multiprocessor kd>
    The following query indicates that the icon file for the entire Ntoskrnl.exe file is invalid. Make sure the appropriate multiprocessor, potentially uniprocessor kernel, and HAL have been copied into its symbol tree.

    Search path for symbols is random: C: symbols
    kd: Dump on initialized failure [c: dump memory.Not dmp]
    can number the current processor with zero
    Version kernels 1057 downloaded for free @ 0x80100000
    Bugcheck 0000001e 1.c0000005 80151d5b 00000000 000000001
    *** Content deleted ***
    When the kernel debugger loads the Memory.dmp file, the kernel version is by number of processors too little is written in the first lines. Make sure the number of CPUs matches the corresponding HAL and. Driver symbol information is displayed for loaded or moved symbols.

    Boot example:
    Search path for symbols definitely: C: symbol Bugcheck 0000001e (Space) c0000005 00000000 80151d5b 0000001
    Reload all kernel symbols
    KD: Unload value for “ntoskrnl.Deferring exe”
    kd: load symbols as for “ntoskrnl.exe” 80100000
    KD: when loading (2248) fpo elements for image (ntoskrnl.exe)
    KD: “ntoskrnl.exe” loaded 4074 designs (80100000- 801bbb80)
    KD: Loaded symbols “ntoskrnl for.exe”
    KD: lazy load display for “atapi.sys” on fc810000
    KD: Lazy loading the display for “diskdump.sys” fc800000 “
    KD: Lazy loading the logo for” hal. On dll “80400000
    KD: lazy loading symbols for” atapi.sys “on 80010000
    KD: Resetting the symbol for loading” SCSIPORT.SYS “when resetting to 80013000
    kd: Loading signature for” Atdisk.At “sys” 80001000
    KD: Reset token load for “Scsidisk.sys” at 8 001b000
    KD: Delayed small load “Fastfat for.sys” at 8037200 0
    Unable to read header for Floppy.SYS at fc820000 will display – Rank c0000001
    *** Content removed ***
    KD: Token that delays the download of srv.sys when ‘it is delayed fc9e0000
    KD: Download ticker for’ ntdll. dll “at 77f80000
    Almost all kernel symbols have been reloaded
    NT! _PspUnhandledExceptionInSystemThread + 0x18:
    80131ff8 b801000000 mov eax, 0x1
    Note that the kernel debugger is probably” Floppy Image header .sys in state fc820000 – c0000001 does not work not read “read”. This message is normal because there is currently little memory for a specific Autos header.

    UseUse all command drivers! to display a list of drivers loaded into memory. Write down the date and time of the drivers and simply whether they are rich or not. (The zip size and data size in the following example have been removed to fit the width of the article.)
    kd>! Drivers
    base code size data size Driver name creation time
    80100000 Ntoskrnl. exe Fri 26 May 18:18:36 1995 80400000 Hal.dll Thursday 11 May 13:54:18 1995 80010000 Atapi.sys Tuesday 1 May then 21:01:41, 1995, 80013000, Scsiport .sys, Friday 5 May, 23: 11:06 1995
    80001000 Atdisk.sys Fri 05 May 23:10:40 1995 at 8001b000 Scsidisk.sys Fri 05 May 23:11:01 1995 at 80372000 Fastfat.sys Mon 22 May 23:57:13 1995
    fc820000 Floppy.sys header replaced
    fc830000 Scsicdrm.sys Wednesday, May 10 21:57:03 1995
    fc840000 Fs_Rec.sys header replaced with places
    fc850000 Null.sys header outsourced
    fc860000 Beep.sys on the Header side
    fc870000 I8042prt.sys Fri 05 May 23:10:42 1995
    fc880000 Mouclass .sys Fri 05 May 23:10:45 1995
    fc890000 Kbdclass.sys 05 May Fri 23: 10:44 1995
    fc8b0000 Videoprt.sys Fri 05 May 23:10:05 1995
    fc8a0000 S3.sys Fri May 19 21:18:06 1995
    fc8c0000 Vga.sys Fri May 23: 10:10 05 05 1995
    fc8d0000 Msfs.sys Friday May 5 11:11:57 PM 1995
    fc8e0000 Npfs. sys, Friday, May 5, 23:11:40 1995
    fc900000 Ndis.sys Monday 22 May 20:23:18 1 995
    fc8f0000 El59x .sys Fri 10 Feb 16:18:09 1995
    fc 940000 Tdi.sys Fri 05 May 23:13:09 1995
    fc920000 Nbf.sys May Thursday 08 15:00:47 1995
    fc950000 Netbios.sys Fri 05 May 11:13:19 1995
    fc960000 Parport External .sys header
    fc970000 in parallel. Sys header paginated
    fc980000 Serial.sys friday, 05 May, 11:11:20 pm 1995
    fc990000 Afd.sys header paginated
    fc9a0000 Rdr.sys wednesday 05:18:16 pm 17 1995
    fc9e0000 Srv .sys Wed May 25 21:56:59 1995
    TOTAL: 1ab460 (1709 ko) 3b7c0 237 (ko) (0 ko 0 ko)
    Note the time file creation, which is the specific compilation date of the file. This business day is close to the date timestamp compared to the actual file when the File Winnt System32 Drivers subfolder is viewed with Manager.

    If clients subscribe to Microsoft Network Web Developer (MSDN) or have a Windows Device Driver Kit (DDK), the Link.exe tool can be used to confirm that the dbg file clearly matches the one that was generated when the driver was compiled. The companion timestamp in the following example corresponds to the creation time of Netbios.sys in the above usage.

    vista debug symbols

    Use Link.exe to check the specific “timestamp” date of the dbg file:

    LINK -dump -headers symbol sys netbios.dbg
    binary qampere Microsoft COFF (r) Version 3.00.5270
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1992–1995. All rights reserved.

    vista debug symbols

    70A0 image
    ** Content removed ** If

    Team Your! drivers outputs all lines that look like this, an important table inside the dump is corrupted. Further analysis related to the dump may not be possible.

    Logo files allow the kernel debugger to use reference functions and global variable names. Check out a few features at random to make sure they look correct. Many functions are optimized for the compiler and do not match the examples below. Compiler-extended functions are denoted by FPO in closing parentheses in the function name.

    Tasks usually start with “push ebp” or just “mov eax, fs [000000000]”. Basic machine language knowledge and experience recognizes these functions.

    The disassembly should look like the one shown above. however, when written, the disassembly is subject to revision. If the disassembly looks correct, you can assume that the symbols for this module have been loaded.

    After rolling back deployments usingwith “jnz NT! _NTUnlockFile + 0x22 “. Obviously, launching an awesome feature won’t start with an absolute jump code. Check the specifications again with the symbol.

    To find the Kernel Debug How series related to articles, search for the keyword: debugref.

    Additional character validation steps can now be used in Debugger-Microsoft Debugger Record 2.0.x and later. For more information, go to the following Microsoft website:

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    Vista Debug-Symbole-Lösung
    Soluzione Dei Simboli Di Debug Di Vista
    Vista-oplossing Voor Foutopsporingssymbolen
    Solution De Symboles De Débogage Vista
    Vista 디버그 기호 솔루션
    Vista Debug Symbols Solution
    Solução De Símbolos De Depuração Do Vista
    Rozwiązanie Symboli Debugowania Vista
    Решение для символов отладки Vista
    Solución De Símbolos De Depuración De Vista