FIX: XP Task Manager Menu Bar Disappeared


This blog post will help you if the XP Task Manager menu bar disappeared.

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    This can happen when Task Manager is in Small Footprint mode.

    If you double-click an empty area in the frame around the tabs, Task Manager switches to this mode.

    Author: Roshan Karkerafor Microsoft WindowsLast updated August 15, 2020

    Today someone asked me about our “Elvin” drive, his or some Windows error on a virus-infected PC causing its task manager to crash. “The menu bar and / or missing tabs were not displayed. Usually the Task Manager has a panel menu that contains file, option, view, shutdown and help, as well as various invoicesstructures such as applications, processes, performance, networks, and users. This can be very annoying because you cannot close the task manager with the stop button or switch to different types of tabs.

    This is not really a virus or a bug, but every feature of the Task Manager runs in compact mode. In compact mode, all of our menu bars and tabs are hidden. The status bar is hidden, and the collapsed process menu bar, which contains the Expand and / or Close buttons, is also hidden. One consideration comes to everyone’s mind: this compact mode should be a function of the task manager, what is compact mode for? This can be useful for people who only want to see a specific LCD tab, or hide all other options, including Task Manager options, from a group of people.

    Revert Task Manager to normal policy. All you have to do is double-click the meaningless area / space along the edge of the task manager. Click on the empty area that I have selected with light green paint around the new frame.

    If youfind compact mode important and useful, double-click the empty space along the edge of the task manager to switch from normal mode to compressed mode.

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    task manager menu bar disappeared xp

    The Windows Task Manager program is one of the most useful tools, especially for force terminating a locked program. In the afternoon, in the Windows 98 era, a program that was frozen could not be closed with the close button on the right, and the process could only be started from the Task Manager.

    From Windows XP to Windows 7, there is a common problem where there is no menu next to tabs in Task Manager. It would be even worse if our Task Manager did not show any applications or the Processes tab because it retained the state it was in when it was closed in the past, causing it problems when using this Task Manager. candidacy.

    task manager menu bar disappeared xp

    This is typically a view feature in Microsoft’s Task Manager known as Tiny Fingerprint Mode.

    task manager menu bar disappeared xp

    The design itself is abouterroneous, as most people believe that their management work has also been tainted by computer viruses, as there is really no visible sign of accidentally switching to a different view mode. To fix Task Manager getting this menu bar and tabs back, you just need to double-click anywhere marked with yellow marker in the screenshot below. For

    If, for some other unknown reason, you are unable to reset the Task Manager display mode to default settings, you can simply load the Windows registry file from your computer and execute it. All parameters saved from the last state are automatically reset.

    Bonus tip: When the current Task Manager is in Small mode, you can switch between the created tabs by pressing Ctrl + Tab. Allows you to easily and quickly switch between tabs when using Tiny Footprint mode without activating or stopping menus / tabs.

    At the front is a hidden registry that stores Task Manager settings and cannot be accessedAccess directly from Registry Editor without changing read / write access. The easiest way to view the hidden registry and, in addition to that, make changes is to use a free third-party tool associated with AntiSpy. Download the program, run all executables and click the Registry tab. Follow the following path:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion TaskManager

    You will see Options included in the Enjoy binary mode. You can switch between different display modes, perhaps by double-clicking the Preferences binary, scrolling to the bottom and changing the binary from 53 to 43.

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    Alternatively, you can just use the entire Preferences value for andel, which currently resets Task Manager settings and recreates them the next time you start the application. This is exactly what the registry file we added above does.

    Fortunately, the tiny display mode in Windows 8 has been improved with the addition of a button labeled “More Details” in addition to “Less Details.” This is realizable.It is designed in such a way that the regular user can continue to use processes without being overwhelmed, as well as the extensive functions of the task manager.



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    How do I restore the menu bar in Task Manager?

    How do I show the taskbar in Windows XP?

    Press the Windows key on any keyboard to open the Start menu. This should bring up the taskbar as well. Right-click the now visible taskbar and locate taskbar settings.

    Why is the Task Manager tabs missing?

    The root cause. This issue can occur if Task Manager is running in Tiny Footprint mode. When users double-click an empty space in the row around the tabs, Task Manager switches to this mode.




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