Easy Way To Fix Starcraft Brood War Data File Errors


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    In this guide, we’re going to find out some of the possible causes that can cause the Starcraft Brood War data file error, and then suggest some potential fixes that you can try to fix the problem.



    Why Does The Game Keep Telling Me About Errors In Data Files?

    1. I am currently using my Bros Starcraft game. I recently saw it play, so I could do it on a great Windows Vista desktop, but every time I run it on my netbook with the best external CD drive in Windows XP, I get a “file error. Data ”, which states that it is possible. The required file cannot be read and the CD is missing from the drive. I ran and enabled Compatibility Mode to account for this, using 256 colors and the correct resolution for each. I also reinstalled it three times. Can anyone help me?

      starcraft brood war data file error

      IceHero991 – 11 hours ago

    I am currently using the excellent Starcraft game from Bros. saw it playing these days, I can run it on my Windows Vista desktop, but when I run it on my CD-ROM netbook in Windows XP, I use a “data file error” which says, that it can’t parse the file you want and the CD is definitely missing from the drive. I turned on Compatibility Mode and accordingly turned on the use of 256 colors and ideal resolution. I also reinstalled it 4 times. Can anyone help me?

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    Okay someone can help me with this problem?
    I have installed Starcraft and Broodwar on my computer and ours for many years, but it has been several (eg 6) months since I played them. Now I have lost my rrrcroprrr war disk. So I can’t play Brood Fights, but I can still play regularStarcraft.
    So I went to Bestbuy and bought a brand new fabulous boxing box. But somehow it doesn’t work when I try to install our new Battlechest. Can people help me with the question why and how to fix this?

    It throws a data file error and says:
    Starcraft can read the required file. Your Starcraft CD may not be in your CD drive. Make sure your Starcraft disc is within the CD player’s range of motion and click OK. To exit the program, press the main EXIT button.

    What part of the setup is affected? Or is it when your site tries? You can also use a virtual CD drive and accurately mount the Starcraft ISO and install this method. The only thing a person needs is a cd key.

    So, I pointed to the floppy disk and it goes to the next level with a screen that says:
    -Play StarCraft
    -Technical Support
    -Exit the Installer

    I click “Play StarCraft” and first of all an error crashes. I think it might be because Starcraft is already installed on my computer.Here, I just have a lost Brood War CD. However, I have now inserted a new CD that contains a different CD key. So are you confused?

    Where is this happening in the installation? Or is it when you try to play? You can also use a virtual CD drive and just mount Starcraft and install it the same way. the only unique thing you’ll need is a cd key.

    Wait while you have already installed War Brood and when you insert the War Brood CD you get an error? I decided to get it a few times, your CD player may not read the Starcraft disc for some reason.

    I have to use Battlenet accounts. All you need is a CD and a USB stick, and you can load and play SC BW without having a CD.

    “In short, their absurdity is so great that it hurts even to quote them.”

    Yes, for some reason my computer takes about 5 minutes to wage a war. Are you sure the DVD is playing before starting your Starcraft adventure?

    You could also just open the disk and copy INSTALL.EXE. Then paste it into the starcraft directory and rename it to BroodWar.mpq (make sure the “Hide extensions for files with known data types” checkbox is unchecked [Tools >> Folder Options >> View]). Now you can enjoy Brood Warfare without a disc.

    Wait, you may have already installed Brood War and when you can install Brood War. Is this CD the error you are getting? It took me a lot of things to figure it out, your CD player can’t read Starcraft disc for some reason.

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    ok while i think you all misunderstood me. So I will try to repeat.
    -I installed StarCraft and BroodWar on my computer many years ago
    -I played Broodwar many years ago.
    -I’m back too, trying to play Broodwar again.
    -Sorry, I lost my Broodwar disk
    -I can no longer play Broodwar
    -I buy another battle box (so this method makes me now bring 2 Starcraft 1 floppy disks and 1 family war disk. because I lost 1 military disk rrrcroprrr and just bought myself to replace them)
    -I put Your young Starcraft disc I just bought
    -I want to install a new Starcraft disc I just bought
    – When I try to download it, the above error displays about me

    Oh, it happens when we try to install it! : O Why don’t you usually just delete the old one and then reinstall it? new

    You are trying to install Broodwars if the problem is already fixed.

    Grab the best to buy and use Blizzard next time you download : hurr: It’s free

    It looks like some data is missing from the original installation. Remove SC from the Options tab on the Blizzard Menu screen when using a computer. Once uninstalled, you may even intend to delete your Starcraft folder, as there might be a bogus install.exe or a bunch of other hidden files in there. Go back (obviously to one of your desired versions of the map, etc.) From a clean slate, I bet you won’t have any problems installing it. And don’t forget to repeatInstall your.exe from the Broodwar As CD according to Blizzard instructions without CD 1.15.2.

    Uninstall, reinstall, try.
    a) Win Go> to 1
    b) Fail Go> to 2

    1) Win!
    2) Create an ISO image.

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    starcraft brood war data file error



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