BlackBerry 8520 SOS Error Troubleshooting


Today’s user guide is designed to help you if you receive an SOS error message in your Blackberry 8520 error message.

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    The network status display on all home screens of your BlackBerry® smartphone indicates SOS. The SOS network status light indicates that only emergency calls can be made from your BlackBerry smartphone. Messages cannot be sent or received automatically, and phone calls cannot be made or received.



    The network status on the home screen of your BlackBerry® smartphone displays SOS. The SOS network status display means that you can only make emergency calls, for example, from your BlackBerry smartphone. You cannot send messages, you can receive messages, and you may not receive phone calls.

    Step 1. The SIM card is not correctly added to your BlackBerry smartphone. (GSM only)

    Make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Remove the battery and SIM card from the BlackBerry smartphone card. For instructions on how to remove the SIM from lime, see the Getting Started Cheat Sheet.
    2. Either way, insert the SIM card so that it fits properly into your BlackBerry smartphone, then insert the battery. Yes
    3. If your SIM card might fail after initializing your BlackBerry smartphone, contact your mobile operator.

    Check with your wireless service provider to make sure the new service is actually up to date vna on a BlackBerry smartphone.

    Contact your wireless service provider to check the coverage area in the area where your BlackBerry mobile device is located.

    Step 4. Network selection is set to manual and no network is selected.

    Usually they change the selection of the network mode to automatic, I would say a BlackBerry smartphone. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Prefer options on your smartphone’s BlackBerry home screen.
    2. Select a network from the list.
    3. Change the user’s network mode selection to automatic.
    4. li>

    5. Press Esc, then click Save.

    Step 5. Your BlackBerry smartphone was roaming when you want to use a non-roaming wireless network. (GSM based)

    Change status from SOS to On your BlackBerry gprs smartphone. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. From the start screen of your BlackBerry smartphone, disconnect your BlackBerry phone from the cellular network, and then reconnect it.
    2. Confirm the SOS state has changed to GPRS for you.
    3. If the status has not changed to GPRS, reset the smartphone settingsBlackBerry. See article 2141 for strategic advice.
    4. Make sure the SOS icon does not change to GPRS.
    5. If well-being always shows SOS and not GPRS. a From the home screen select Options.
    6. From the Options list, select Network.
    7. change the Network Selection Mode to Manual.
    8. li>

    9. Select Search for available networks.
    10. Select an available network. If a cellular network is not available, contact your network operator.

    Step 6. If you are also roaming outside your home CDMA network and using a BlackBerry CDMA WorldPhone smartphone, you can use the network configuration technology for 1XEV.

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    Change the utility grid parameter back to Global. Follow these steps to change your network technology:

    1. On the BlackBerry smartphone room screen, open Settings.
    2. Select Cellular.
    3. Select “Global with Networking”.

    Step 7. If you are in an area with poor CDMA network coverage and are using BlackBerry CDMA WorldPhone Edition without an inserted SIM card, the network technology setting can be set to “Mainawesome. ”

    Change the setting of network computers to 1XEV to prevent attempts to connect to the wireless GSM network. To change your network technology settings, follow these steps:

    1. Open.
    2. Select a mobile network.
    3. Select 1XEV according to your networking technology.

    Check for SIM cancellation, and then contact your wireless service provider. To make sure your SIM card is not damaged, follow these steps:

    1. Remove the battery and SIM card from your BlackBerry smartphone. For instructions on how to remove the SIM card, see Getting Started – Quick Start Guide.
    2. Make sure the SIM card is not scratched or damaged.
    3. If possible, determine if the plastic SIM works differently in BlackBerry smartphones.

    If the SIM card has been removed from your BlackBerry smartphone and has been exposed to air for a while, the most important contacts on the SIM card can be oxidized over time. Oxidation can render the SIM card unusable or cause unpredictability The behavior of the power supply.

    sos error on blackberry 8520

    Check for oxidation and contact your mobile operator. To determine if oxidation has occurred, do the following:

    1. Remove the SIM card from the battery of your BlackBerry smartphone as usual. For instructions on how to remove the SIM card, see Getting Started – Quick Start Guide.
    2. Make sure the SIM card is slightly discolored or visibly damaged. BlackBerry

    Step 10. Your smartphone requires the latest software from your mobile operator.

    Update your BlackBerry device to the latest software version available from your wireless service provider. .Instructions. See article .3901 ..

    SOS mode on BlackBerry means that your company has restrictions on telephony and you can only make emergency calls. If you have an up-to-date service from your mobile operator, you should not activate SOS mode. Sometimes a damaged or lost SIM license can cause SOS mode to start. If you notice that your BlackBerry isenters SOS mode, take care of your SIM card to restore your services.

    We are currently removing the back cover and removing the battery. Press on the SIM card and slide it out of the slot. The location of the SIM card depends on your BlackBerry model.


    Make sure the SIM card is not deformed, including parts and deformed. If everything is ok, put it back into your phone. Replace all of our batteries and back covers and then turn on a new one on your BlackBerry.

    Call your service provider if you see SOS still picture mode. You may need a new SIM card.


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    • Read the quick guide that sadly comes with your phone to make sure you are inserting the SIM card into your phone correctly.



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    How do I fix SOS signal on my BlackBerry?

    Turn off your BlackBerry.Remove the back cover and also remove the battery.Make sure the SIM card is not deformedon, including burns and other deformations.If you still see SOS mode, call your carrier.

    How do I fix my SOS SIM card?

    Reboot your mobile phone.Reinsert the plastic SIM or replace the SIM slot and try again.Back up your data and then reset the device to system settings.

    What does SOS mean in network?

    Viewing the SOS network history means that only emergency calls can be made. Messages cannot be sent or received, and phone calls cannot be made or received. This usually means that either your work phone can see the network but is far from your own carrier, or you currently have an inactive SIM card (disabled, no credit card, etc.).




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