Various Ways To Fix The Display Of Jboss Servlets


You may have come across an error message that says jboss servlet mapping. There are several ways to solve this problem, and this is what we will discuss now.

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    This xmlns = “”>

    • What is the DefaultServlet?
    • Where is it stated?
    • What can I change?
    • How do I customize directory entries?
    • How do I access catalog entries?

    What Is DefaultServlet

    servlet-mapping jboss

    A standard servlet is the same as a servlet for static used for the corresponding directory entries (if directory entries are included). Name = “@ name”> Where

    servlet-mapping jboss

    It is declared globally without question in $ CATALINA_HOME / conf / web.xml.By default, its declaration can be here:

    Standard org.apache.catalina.servlets.DefaultServlet debug 0 lists true 1 Standard /

    By default withThe “Payment failed” servicelet is loaded when the web application is launched andDirectory links are enabled and debugging is disabled.

    What Can I Change?


    Debug size. This is not very useful unless someone is a JBoss website. Developer. Useful values ​​for this letter: 0, 3, 1000 11,.


    If there is no welcome file, it could be a directory Show ? The value can be true or false.
    Greetings files partially reference the Servlet API.
    ATTENTION: there are lists with directories with a large number of entries. Expensive. Several large requests for directory entries can potentially consume known shares of server resources.

    Readme file

    If a listing directory is displayed, any readme file can also be submit along with the list. This file is included because it so it can contain HTML. The default is zero.


    If users want toBuild a variety of their directories, they can can use XSL transformation. This is absolute value The file name to be used for all directory entries. This can be disabled via the web app by declaring this too A standard servlet in the web.xml file of the user’s local web application. Format the xml part is shown below.

    localXsltFile servlet-mapping jboss

    You can also customize your directory by specifying the website directory Configure localXsltFile . This must be the newest parent The name of the file in the directories where the link occurs. This globalXsltFile overwrites. If this value exists but the file does not exist yet, then globalXsltFile must be used. if globalXsltFile probably doesn’t exist, so the default is A list of directories is displayed.

    Enter Buffer

    The amount of input (in bytes) when reading resources to be served. [2048]


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    Obstacle output size (in bytes) when writing Resources forI am service. [2048]


    This looks like a “read-only context”, so HTTP commands such as PUT and DELETE rejected? [true]

    File encoding

    File encoding to use when reading static resources. [Platform standard]


    If the connector being used supports a submission file, this type represents the minimum The size of the last KB for which the upload file was selected. Use negative value to disable sendfile in most cases. [48] ​​


    When specified, the Accept-Ranges header is most beneficial to determine when to Reply. [true]

    How To Adapt Address List Entries?

    You can replace the DefaultServlet with your own unique implementation and use it.attention in your web.xml. If you understandDoes what has just been declared assumes you can read your codein the DefaultServlet and make the necessary changes. (Pok not,then this method is not because of you)

    You can use localXsltFile or. use globalXsltFile and above creates a DefaultServletexecute xml document as well as xsl based transformationto the main values ​​in localXsltFile and globalXsltFile . localXsltFile will follow firstenabled globalXsltFile then you should use the defaultBehavior takes place.

    File name1 File name2 …

    • The size will almost certainly be missing if type = 'dir'
    • The Readme file is often a CDATA record.

    Below is a subset of the xsl file that mimics the standard JBoss behavior on the web:

    Example directory listing for

    Example Directory Listing For

    filename size Last Modified

    JBoss Web / 2.1


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