Fix Object Variable Execution Error 91

You should check out these troubleshooting tips if you are getting Object Variable Error Code Execution Error 91 on your PC.

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    VBA Runtime Error 91 is a major recoverable error that occurs when developing VBA. This error occurs when you try to use an object variable (i.e. a variable of type “object”) that has not been assigned a (correctly) assigned object.

    Important! This section, method, or task contains instructions for editing the registry. However, if your laptop or computer is modified incorrectly, serious problems can occur. Therefore, carefully follow the steps of people. For added protection, back up your most important Up entry before editing it. You can then repair the registry if a serious problem occurs. For more information about backing up, restoring, and the Windows registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    From the Edit menu, choose New, click the button, type location , and then press Enter.

    How do you fix object variables with block variable not set?

    Note that the number you must use for the Location subkey name depends on the particular current state of your registry. Finally, to demonstrate whether there are Location0, Location1, and Location2 subkeys under Trusted Locations, you should name the subkey Location3.

    How do I fix object variable not set Error 91?

    Type control panel using Windows search and press Enter.Choose Programs > Uninstall a program.Select application from spfile, right-click and select Uninstall and reinstall the problematic application.After that, reinstall the application and see if that helps fix runtime error 91.

    I think Word is just telling you that the content of the document is set to disable macros.

    How do I fix Error 91 in VBA?

    This is not the same as saying there are macros.

    And this is just a warning. If you can set the cover art to not disable macros, the notification should go away.

    answered 21 Dec 09 at 12:13

    How do I fix object variable not set Error 91?

    run-time error 91 object variable


    If macros have been set up in a file and they have been colorized, it may still be falsely flagged for security features because it cancan detect that a module exists even if it does not contain a coupon.

    run-time error 91 object variable

    Steps to reproduce the issue:Open a Word document.Open VB IDE (ALT-F11)Document the project in the Navigation Pane.Right click > Insert Segment. This creates a branch for “Modules” which contains “Module1”.Do not add anything to Module1.(Anyway, it’s basically the same as someone declaring a macro and then removing it, but not actually removing the module.)

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    So, for the annoying document, open it and then INCLUDE the content (if you don’t, your company won’t see it in the IDE). Continuealt-f11, find the module (empty) and right click > delete. Don’t worry about exporting just before (since that’s the right thing to do?)Save the blank document and close it.

    If you’re not sure where the document came from and don’t want to activate the content, this might work (your choice may be different):Open. UnsatisfiedAlt-F11Find the “Activate” document and on the right > insert the module.Now remove this or that module, IDE will remove modules from Pan, as well as modules that don’t work.Save and Close

    How do I fix run time Error 91?

    replied at 2:50 pm May 17 this year

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    How do I fix Runtime Error 91 in VBA?

    The error: “Runtime Error 91” is because you just got Visual BASIC errors, which means “Flexible object not installed”. This indicates that the model was never created with “set” control before use. Solution: Be sure to create a new object using the SET statement.

    How do you fix object variables with block variable not set?

    To fix this error Make sure you are no longer referencing an object variable that is set to Nothing. Look for the Nothing keyword in the company code, and also change your code so that the object is not set to Nothing until you refer to it. Make sure all existing array variables have sizes before connecting.

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