Troubleshooting Tips For Redmine Passenger Error 500


Recently some of our users have encountered Redmine Passenger 500 error code. This problem occurs for several reasons. Let’s discuss it now.

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    Many things work fine remotely, and I have a problem:
    Redmine, when I log into Redmine remotely, many things work fine (I can connect, see important things and projects, change settings, etc.). ), but when I try to create a new issue, the web hosting server gives me a 500 error.

    The server still does not return a 500 error. When I connect to the Internet using a 3G modem, my spouse and I can cause problems. Currently, when I connect to the Internet with an Ethernet cable (faster speed and therefore less ping) the server gives me 500 outputs.

    [Sun 19 Feb 15:16:00 2012] [Note] suEXEC device enabled (shell: / usr / sbin / suexec)
    [Sun 19 Feb 15:16 : 00 2012] [Note] Digest: Generating a secret to check the bulletin ...
    [Sun, 19 Feb 2012] 15:16:00 [Notice] Digest: Completed
    [Sun, 19 Feb 15:16: 01 2012] [Note] Apache / 2.2.21 (Unix) DAV / 2 Phusion_Passenger / 3.0.11 PHP / 5.3.10 SVN / 1.6.17 optimized - resume normal operation
    [thr = 3078059904 pid = 1083 file = ext / apache2 / hooks. cpp: 860 time = 2012-02-19 15: 43: 48.239]: Unexpected error in mod_ passtger: An error occurred while getting reports about HTTP Load: The specified timeout was (70007)
    completed. Backtrace:
    found in 'void Hooks :: receiveRequestBody (request_rec *, const char *, std :: string &)' (Hooks.cpp: 1330)
    in 'int Hooks :: handleRequest (request_rec *)' (Hooks.cpp: 561)

    RE: Redmine + Reisen, creation error -> 500 errors – Added with William Rush over 9 years ago

    Surely it might not be possible to filter / block / delete on the Ethernet line? What I mean is that the passenger is basically saying, “It took too long for the user to complete their request,” which gives the impression that you have established a basic TCP / IP connection but have not yet enabled all of your request headers. …

    I would probably solve the problem to see what is happening at the exact network level and / or try a different network.

    RE: Redmine + passenger, create problem -> 500 errors – Added by Georgy Shestaev over 9 months and months ago

    root @ domU-12-31-39-09-B4-1F: ~ # dpkg -s libapache2-mod-passengerPackage: Install libapache2-mod-passengerStatus: correctly installedPriority: optionalSection: InternetFixed size: 1624Lead: Ubuntu Developer Architecture: amd64Source: PassengerVersion: 2.2.11debian-2According to: libapr1 (> = 1.2.7), libaprutil1 (> = 1.2.7 + dfsg), libc6 (> = 2.4), libgcc1 (> = 1: 4.1.1), libruby1.8 (> = , libstdc ++ 6 (> = 4.5), apache2-mpm-worker (> = 2.2.9-9) | apache2-mpm-prefork (> = 2.2.9-9) | apache2-mpm-itk (> = 2.2.9-9), ruby, rubygems (> = 1.2), librack-ruby, libjs-prototypeSuggestions: Python, passenger documentConfiles: Rails, /etc/apache2/mods-available/zügeger.load 61421ba3247d368cfe99b540ad4ebc98 /etc/apache2/mods-available/zügeger.conf 62d2f2809399fcefeaec68dd9af456e6

    root @ domU-12-31-39-09-B4-1F: ~ # uname -aLinux b domU-12-31-39-09-B4-1F.6.38-8-virtual # 42-Ubuntu SMP Mon 11 04:06:34 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU / Linux

    Debian 6
    Sometimes I get this error, sometimes I don’t. I do not understand why.

    RE: Redmine + passenger, problem is created -> 400-500 errors – Added by William Roush over 9 years ago

    [pid = 1566 thr = 140336455083840 file = ext / apache2 / Hooks.cpp: 860 time = 2012-03-12 16: 23: 10.739]: unexpected error in mod_ passtger: error occurredOn receiving data HTTP download time: specified timeout timed out (70007) Track: in ‘void Hooks :: receiveRequestBody (request_rec *, const char *, std :: string &)’ (Hooks.cpp: 1330) in ‘int (Hooks Hooks :: handlerequest (request_rec *)’. cpp: 561)

    redmine passenger 500 error

    Ha, I buy it when I am working on my VPN access and trying to create a specific ticket about it, which was never before I hit the net (I never heard of complaints from other developers / reporters anymore).

    Does anyone do this on relatively high latency networks? (I have 280 pings that my Redmine VPN server covers).

    We also use SSL. Is anyone else involved?

    This does not happen while surfing. I recently posted a security letter for Apache (Ubuntu 10.04, updated 02/03/2012). Ideas?

    and everything restarted Apache (I’m using Passenger), though it didn’t help.

    RE: 500 errors when trying to connect – Added by Vladimir Tisma years ago

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    Same thing here (Ubuntu 10.04 / Apache / Passenger).
    However, I never really try to update anything in order not to break the addiction. I tried to restart my computer but it didn’t work.
    However, ONLY restarting Apache helped.
    Thank you

    RE: 500 error while trying to connect – Added by Über Anonymous 9 years ago

    redmine passenger 500 error

    I have the same problem, also with Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS and Apache2 / Passager. I also tried restarting Apache2 several times and clearing the tmp: cache and tmp: sessions, but things have improved a lot at this point.

    redmine passenger 500 error

    No proven way to fix this problem? 🙁

    RE: five hundred errors while trying to connect – Added by Vladimir Tisma over 9 years ago

    Update: It looks like Ubuntu’s post about Ruby 1.8.7 broke Redmine in some way. Can’t tell which version was before, but since there is no option to downgrade in Ubuntu, I tried 1.8.6 with rvm, it doesn’t work again either. I tried 1.9.2 when really no luck. It seems that rvm 1 doesn’t compile. 8.2 and 1.8.3 (i z I noted that there is a huge difference between them), so now I will try 1.8.5.

    RE: 500 error while trying to connect – Added by Vladimir Tisma over 9 seasons ago

    I still don’t know, but I did the following to mitigate the nature of the problem:
    Back up your Redmine database. To get back a snapshot of the simulator (luckily it’s a virtual machine).
    Turns off the TV before restarting the virtual machine (when it is turned off).
    Uninstalled auto-upgrade kit (sudo apt-get remove –purge unattended-upgradedes) is a deliberate auto-leveling that has taken place.
    Link reactivated (virtual machine must be disabled to help you).

    I found out that on this system, the Ruby -v returned always gives 1.8.7. To be precise: Ruby 1.8.7 (10.01.2010, patch level 249) [i486-linux]

    It looks like it’s a problem compared to Ubuntu, that in Redmine the dependency is definitely broken with this update.

    RE: 500 error while trying to connect – Sjaak added by Sjoukes over 9 years ago

    I have a similar problem.
    Redmine stopped working about a week after Logrotate (gracefully) restarted Apache.

    Restarting Apache many times “fixes” these problems and brings Redmine back to life.

    ruby ​​1.8.7
    redmine 0.9.3
    litesql db
    ubuntu 10.04.4 With latest kernel updates and updates
    ruby1.8 ( – 2,
    ruby1.8-dev (,,
    libruby1.8 (1.8 .7.249-2, 1.8. 7.249 -2ubuntu0.1)
    libreadline-ruby1.8 (,,
    libopenssl- ruby1.8 (, 1)

    RE: 500 error while trying to connect – Added by Andrey Kleshinsky 9 years ago

    I found the reason for the error.
    The debian / ubuntu security patch (CVE-2011-4815) changed the way hash parameters are handled.

    app / models / settings.rb counts against the hash key sequence (give a name, then a value), but after a security fix, eThis concept becomes random and changes when Apache is restarted.

    Parameter = find_by_name (name) Parameter New (: name || = => Identity,: Value => @@ available_settings [name] [‘default’]) if @@ available_settings.has_key? Surname

    Parameter = find_by_name (name) Default_v = @@ available_settings [name] [‘default’] Default payment = new (: name => name) default. = default_v value customize || = default



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