Tips To Fix Quick Heal Antivirus For Nokia 6300 Mobile


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    • Quick Scan:

      Performs a quick on-demand scan of your device to detect and block malware, keyloggers and artificial applications.

    • Full Check:

      A full scan can be described as a full scan that scans your process and memory card.

    • Plan Analysis:

      This feature allows you to schedule a virus scan at a convenient time for you.

    Security Advisor

    Security Advisor suggests settings that can improve the overall security of your smartphone. Example. If your phone does not have the Screen Lock setting enabled, the Security Advisor will ask you to set it up.

    Data Protection Advisor

    The Privacy Advisor warns you and even lets you quickly review apps that might affect your privacy. This will help you check the permissions,you are used to in these applications and decide whether to keep them or not.

    Block Calls

    Block incoming calls from unknown or redundant numbers. You can also block numbers associated with a specific series.

    • International Call Barring

      Block unknown international calls.


    Add an extra layer of security to your entire phone. Lock all your apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, gallery and camera with a suitable secure PIN.


    Improve your device’s performance by adding more RAM to your fixed structure device, even if the screen is actually locked.

    Network Monitor

    quick heal antivirus for nokia 6300 mobile

    Also keep an eye on your data usage on the web. Display the assessment of your network settings graphically.

    Data Protection

    If necessary, back up and restore some data from the cloud. Securely delete your personal information.

    Battery Saving Mode

    End power-hungry applications and extend battery life. You can save battery power by adjusting the brightness and timeout settings appropriately. You can also limit the drain on your battery by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and auto-sync in the new energy-saving battery mode.

    Internet Security

    Blocks websites infected with viruses that can damage your phone using malware and phishing websites that process your personal information.

    Professional Parental Control

    Limit bad internet content for your kids and ensure safe browsing beyond allowing / blocking websites and web categories.

    SafePe Pro Function

    Protect your finances while using mobile payment apps for online shopping, banking, billing, and more

    Purchase Individual Features

    Purchase additional features like SafePe and parental controls in the app itself.

    Message Center

    Indicates important notifications that require your attention. The latest IT security news, suggestions and warnings are also displayed in a central message.


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    Background Scan

    Provided protection against all categories of viruses and malware. Automatically detects viruses and spyware in real time. Background scanning is performed invisibly without affecting the normal operation of your phone.

    Vulnerability Analysis

    Some great mobile apps installed on your phone are greatThere may be security holes that hackers can exploit. This feature detects these weaknesses and draws your attention to them.

    Analyzing Applications During Installation

    Scans recently installed apps on your device if you want to detect and prevent threats.

    Detect Unsecured Wireless LAN

    Alerts almost every time a mobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. If you connect to such networks, attackers can steal your confidential information, for example:

    Regular Automatic Anti-virus Updates

    Install scheduled virus definition updates to protect your cable box from new and emerging horrors.


    Quick Heal anti-theft technology prevents misuse of your device if it is lost or could be stolen. Lets you lock your amazing device or erase all data space. As dFor an additional layer of protection, it includes the following functions:

    • Motion Alarm:

      immediately informs the operator if the phone is moved from the current location of the company and warns of possible theft.

    • Pocket Alarm:

      Pocket provides anti-theft protection by informing the user accordingly if someone tries to pull the phone out of their pocket.

    Quick Notification Of Settings

    quick heal antivirus for nokia 6300 mobile

    Turn this feature on for quick access to device settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, brightness and / or flashlight.

    Scan Before Download

    Automatically checks for apps even if you download them from the Google Play Store. It also lets you know if a great app can be safely installed or in place of it. Otherwise, the function shows the risks of installing the application.

    Remote Device Management

    This is a web page provided by Quick Heal that allows you to easily control your device in the event of being dragged or stolen.Through this portal, you can remotely lock, unlock and erase the actual data of your phone. The External Device Management Portal also usually helps you track the location of your device.

    Security Shield

    The Security Label provides a graphical representation of the overall security level of your device and documents. You can customize your device’s security methods by clicking on this dedicated screen.

    Fingerprint Unlock

    If your device supports a fingerprint sensor / sensor, you can use your fingerprint for features such as app lock, anti-theft and parental controls.

    Catch The Intruder

    If someone enters the wrong password twice (to repeatedly unlock your device’s lock screen), this display will take pictures from the front and rear cameras of the device.

    List Of Trusted SIM Cards

    Add several trusted SIM card numbers to the listto SIM cards. This intrinsic benefit is intended for users who use multiple SIM cards. When changing the SIM card, the system is not blocked if the entry is permanently available in the list of trusted SIM cards. Fifty (50) Sim numbers can be added to get this list.


    Get the latest mobile security news, security alerts, and other critical IT security information.



    Improve the speed of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.




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