How Can I Solve Problems With Error Message Magnévox Mdvs30vr ‘


This user guide describes some of the possible causes that could lead to the magnevox mdvs30vr error message, and then presents some possible fixes that you can try to fix the problem.

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    Error Message

    * If after checking “TROUBLESHOOTING” you have allthere are still problems with the device, take a look at the error coupon and

    A description of the error when calling our support hotline listed on the first page to find an authorized service center.

    Error Message

    * If you are still having problems with everyone after performing “TROUBLESHOOTING” on the device, write down the error code and

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    Description of the error when calling our hotline indicated on the home page to find an authorized service center.

    dans_repair_service said: Try cleaning your contact lenses with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. The first step in a is registration if you want to determine the media type. If the item is not working, you will likely see the error message you posted. There are several reasons, but it is likely that the lens in question is loaded It is known or the optics are already starting to fail. How many discs and how many years have you recorded? Dan

    HELLO Dan, thanks for your answer. My device is less than two years old and I have recorded about 100 records. Clean it regularly with the Phillips DVD lens cleaner that I bought with the camera, and I remove the cover to keep dust out of the camera. I mostly use MAXELL DVD-R discs because they gave me the best recording quality. I looked at a few more, but it was definitely not the quality of the MAXELL recordings.

    I’ll try your advice and explain how it works. Thanks again

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