Troubleshooting Problems With Joomla Template


If you receive an error message regarding Joomla template troubleshooting, this user guide is here to help you.

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    Sometimes most people find a really good Joomla network (no, not all Joomla websites are usually ugly), you download it and then set it up. After trying to install the device, you will be faced with the following six scenarios:

    1. The template works, so your website will look exactly like a website with a test image / template.

      Possible cause (s):

      • The template fits very well with your Joomla version and does not require any extension that you have not installed in addition to the activated one.

      Action required:

      • No. Now you are proud of your website and your work! Congratulations!
    2. The model works, but in some places it reveals errors.

      joomla template troubleshooting

      Possible cause (s):

      • You are missing some extensions (modules or plugins) that are required for the design to work properly.
      • The model code contains many small errors.

      Action required:

      • Check out straight models to find out what type of hair extension is required. Most of them come with templates, which are accompanied by related guides that explain how to install the theme and what extensions are required for the style.
      • joomla template troubleshooting

        Check your model code for most bug fixes and more.

    3. The model works, unfortunately it doesn’t look like the demo image / website above the model.

      Possible cause (s):

      • The model requires several extensions, but it is well programmed to work even without these extensions.

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      Measure (s) by:

      • Read the instructions for the model and find any extensions you need to work flawlessly.
    4. The template is not working and you see a blank page on your website.

      Possibleth reason (s):

      • Your Joomla website is configured to hide every bug (no matter how critical those companies are), and the template requires an extension that you don’t buy (or that you haven’t installed) or actually using a PHP function / class actually available in your environment.
      • A fatal code error has occurred in the model you developed.

      Action required:

      • Change your configuration settings to actually display errors. After errors are usually found, you can investigate where your current error originated from and see how to mitigate the problem.
      • Check if there are any PHP function calls that many do not. If it’s a dispute, please contact your web host with this issue; will be able to version it for you.

    5. The template is not working and you see a whole page of errors on your website.

      Possible cause (s):

      • Layout won’t work without one or more extensions, and you haven’t installed and activated those extensions. (Note that the required extensionsI can usually be plugins)
      • PHP error in actual model code.

      • There is probably a call to a PHP function or possibly a PHP class that is not in your environment.

      Action required:

      • Examine each and / or error message to see which files the model supports but cannot find. This missing data usually tells you which extensions you need but which you don’t need to run this model.
      • Read the model manual for instructions. He usually decides what extensions the new model needs.

      • See if the issues are related to complaints about non-existent functions that appear to be PHP functions. If so, you should either contact your hosting provider (as described above) or try to create the features yourself.

      • Check for errors, half a column missing, or invalid PHP code. If so, you can fix these errors yourself in the new template, or have the Joomla specialists fix them for you.

    6. Unable to install template.

      joomla template troubleshooting

      InPossible cause (s):

      • The template was written for the correct version of Joomla, which is not on your website. For example, you can install the joomla.5 web template to your Joomla 1.7 website (or vice versa).
      • The template XML file is not formatted efficiently and the Joomla template installer really cannot recognize it as a meaningful file for your Joomla template.

      Measures to help:

      • Check the template XML file to make sure it is written for your Joomla version or not. If the Joomla system has written a different Joomla version than the one you have, process it so that it can work with the Joomla version you need, or simply find a different web template.
      • Check the model XML file for errors. Tags (not closed, etc.) And fix those errors.

    If your company has any problems installing the Joomla template, do not hesitate to contact me and you. We are always ready to help at very low prices!



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