How Can I Restore The Toad Import Dump File?


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    how to really import dmp file in oracle using toad

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    hi master …

    I used Toad 8.6 to export the organization tables associated with a file to my computer. Please explain the details. Thanks

    Use the Toad Relevance Assistant and type fromuser = with touser = info ……

    —– Original post —–
    From: ***@yahoogroups.On com, part of ade trisna
    Sent: Thu 18.01.2007 20:57
    To: * **
    Topic: [Toad] how to import dmp application to use Oracle Toad

    I used Toad 8.6 to export my tables to a DMP file on my laptop
    eg: coke.dmp which contains the T1, T2, T3 desktop
    How to use these Toad tables imported into the current schema
    Please provide details. Thanks

    Hi Bert … my dmp file is not reflected on my D: drive in anymore useful schema or database
    What I mean here is considered to be an import from D: ins or a database schema, not as a schema to schema.
    ok, Bert, you have to wait …

    Message from Bert Toads Skalzo
    Use the import wizard and specify the materials fromuser = and touser = ……
    —– Original message —–
    Sent: Thu, 18.01.2007, 20:57
    Subject: [Toad] how to import to dmp file that helps Oracle with Toad
    Hi master …
    I used Toad 8.6 for my tables in my laptop in dmp export to file ex: coke.dmp, table T1, T2, T3 contains
    how to import these tables using toad into a new schema
    please explain the details. Thank you and the best Trisna

    Hello goodbye Just run the import from which it asks for the name of the dump file, just type
    d: file_name.dmp

    By: *** [mailto: *** @] On behalf of Trisna
    Sent: Saturday, January 20, 36 months, 12:13 PM
    To: * **
    Subject: Re: [Toad] How to import if you want to transfer a DMP file using Toad to Oracle

    Hi Bert … my dmp file is on my D: drive not in a different schemaOr-DB
    I mean I import Gain D: into Or -DB schema, but not schema into Schema.
    ok, Bert, I’m waiting …

    import dump file using toad

    Use the Toad Migration Wizard and specify fromuser = without forgetting touser =
    info ……

    —– Original message —–
    From: *** On behalf of ade trisna
    Sent on: Thu 18.01 .2007 20:57
    To: ***
    Subject: [Toad] Import from DMP folder to Oracle using Toad

    I used Toad 8.6 to export my spreadsheets to a file on my Toad laptop
    please show me the details. Thank you

    It looks like you have a DBA module because you can export it to Toad using the export utility
    . So, under each of our database menus, there is a
    menu with an import utility wizard. Use this option to re-import them into a different
    database and a different schema. Just connect to all the databases you want to import and follow the instructions in the
    wizard. It should be pretty easy automatically.

    From: *** [mailto: *** @] On behalf of ade trisna
    Sent on Thursday 18 January 2005 at 9:58 PM
    To: * * * @
    Topic: [Toad] How to Move DMP File Using Oracle Toad

    import dump file using toad

    I am using version 8.6 to export my tables to my computer dmp to a file
    ex: coke.dmp in which it contains tables T1, T2, T3
    how to convert these tables to the current imported schema
    Please explain the details. Thank you

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    ok .. but still there is no import utility wizard on the Database menu …
    (database import source and fileset data)

    Message from Ed Klinger
    The owners seem to have a DBA module because someone was able to
    use the Toad export utility to export it.Under the Database menu, there is an import compilation using the Import Wizard. Use it to re-import to a different database and different schema. Just connect to the database you want to point it to
    and follow the instructions in the wizard. This should be pretty straight forward.
    —————————– – —— – – –
    * Posted: * Thursday, January 20, 2007 at 9:58 pm
    * Subject: * [Toad] how to make an oracle dmp file for use by toad tools – hello master. ..
    I used toad 8.6 to export my workstations to my computer as a dmp file
    example: coke.dmp contains tables T1, T2, T3
    how to import tables into the current toad diagram
    please explain the details. Thanks and best wishes,
    ade trisna
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    Improve the speed of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.

    How do I import a dump file into toad?

    The Import Utility Wizard and the Export Utility Wizard can be used to positively import or export. dmp files. You can find these functions by selecting Database | Import and Database | Export to the Toad menu bar.

    How do I import a dump file into SQL?

    Right-click the Data Pump or Import Jobs Christmas tree node and select the Data Pump Import Wizard menu item. Enter the type of import you want and the type of dump file name that is always the data source, then click Next.

    How do I open a DMP file in Toad?

    Open Toad for Oracle and connect to a specific database.Then click the Database menu> Export> Export File Browser.The export file browser window will open.Click the Open File icon to open the DMP file shown in the image below.




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