Steps To Restore Virtual Directory With 404 Error Iis 7


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    In this guide, we will highlight some of the possible causes that can lead to the iis 7 virtual directory 404 error and then suggest possible solutions that you can use to try to resolve the issue.



    • 2 minutes to read.

    This story will help you troubleshoot an HTTP issue where a 404 file was not found on the server running Internet Information Services (IIS).

    Original product version: Internet Information Services
    Original Knowledge Base Number: 248033


    If a web description page is requested, you will receive a Spotlight:

    error at the top of your web browser.

    Failed to find page
    The page your business is looking for may have been removed, renamed, or temporarily out of stock.

    The following error message appears on the web page below:

    HTTP 404 – file not found
    Internet Information Services


    The web computer returns an HTTP 404 error message – file not found if it cannot get the requested page.

    • The requested ad has been renamed.
    • The requested file has been moved to a different location and / or deleted.
    • The requested file is temporarily unavailable due to support, updates, or some other unknown reason.
    • The file you are looking for does not exist.
    • IIS 6.0: Corresponding Web Service Extension or Corresponding MIME Type might not be included.
    • The virtual directory is assigned to it by the root drive on another server.


    To resolve this issue, make sure the archive requested in the browser url is available on the IIS machine and is indeed in the correct location.

    Usee the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to determine exactly where the requested file should be located in the file system of the IIS computer.

    This is only important if the website uses a personal directory (VDIR). VDIR is a directory that may not be in the home directory of the website, but looks like it is in the client’s browser. This virtual directory must be assigned to a specific subfolder on drive A, or reference our files by name.

    Suppose your 404 error URL is often http://Microsoft.Com/Test/File1.htm and the IIS snap-in is Microsoft. Com Web, the directory listing / test / is actually a virtual directory showing the path to the c: information on the IIS machine. This means that you need to make sure that file1 of the .htm file is located in the c: Information directory areas (and that your filename is spelled correctly).

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    IIS Dynamic Content: A 404.2 entry in the W3C extended file log is logged when the web extension is not enabled. Use the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to enable the corresponding web extension. Standard web Extensions include: ASP, ASP.NET, Server Side Inclusion, WebDAV Generation, FrontPage Common Server Extensions, Gateway Interface (CGI). Custom extensions must be added and clearly activated. See the IIS help file for more information.

    Static IIS Content: A 404.3 hit in a W3C extended log file was logged when no extension was provided for a known extension of MIME map ownership. Use the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to configure the appropriate extension in the MIME adapter. For more information, see the IIS General Help file.

    For more information on other less common causes of this error message, see Hidden IIS Package Files Throwing HTTP or 404 Access Denied Errors . Information

    • For

      For more information on virtual websites, see the virtual directory.

    • For more information on IIS, see IIS .

    This article is intended for website administrators. End users who regularly encounter these errors, they should report the problem to the administrator of their website.

    I am about to deploy Windows 2008 Server and IIS 2 and I am having problems configuring virtual directories on my default live site.

    I am testing a simple Perl script that simply outputs phpinfo (), which is often called hello.php

    If I put this script in a specific default web folder and go to localhost / hello.php, the script works fine and I see the expected result.

    Then I create a C: folder named hello and paste the script there.

    I am starting to create a virtual directory in the default domain, also called hello, pointing to c: hello

    I see that when I create this particular virtual directory while using SSO, I get the warning (error) “Access to path c: hello probably could not be verified. If I have the correct password for some users, my fix is ​​not displayed. For testing purposes, I am using as administrator…

    Now when I try to find localhost / hello / hello.php I get f File 404 with undetected errors. When I go through the w3svc1 log files, I also see a 404 error.

    iis 7 404 error virtual directory

    Am I missing something here? I would have thought this should work. I would be grateful for any help I can get to sort this out.

    iis 7 404 error virtual directory



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