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In this guide, we’re going to find out a few possible causes that might be causing the errors you’re getting, and then I’m going to tell you about possible fixes that you can try to fix the problem.

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    An I / O device error (short for system I / O error) occurs when Windows is unable to perform an I / O action (such as reading or replicating data) while trying to connect to a production disk or hard disk. A disk I / O error occurs when there are severely bad sectors (such as a bad head), valid bad sectors, or a bad partition table.



    I am using rsync command to back up files outside of Ubuntu server on another Ubuntu machine.The backup runs a script that can use the rysnc is the command i am using

    rsync -rltvh –partial –stats –exclude = .beagle / –exclude =. * –delete-after root @ live_server: / home / >> / home / live_server_backup / home / tmp / logfile. log 2> & 1

    live_server is compatible with ssh without password. So the books. Now the problem is coming from



    –delete – after all file synchronization. At the end I see that the error of deleting procedure skipped.logfile very similar

    Professional I / O error – ignore file on delete

    Directory sync errors occurred while invoking the log

    rsync: send_files could not open “/home/xyz/Desktop/PPT_session_1_context.pdf”: permission denied (13)

    So, I definitely understand that rsync was unable to read all the credentials from the target for security reasons, that it will ignore file deletion.

    Is there a way – delete – after the job regardless of whether there is a permission error?I also don’t want to use force deletion as it can be dangerous in some situations.


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      --ignore-errors even if there are I / O errors 

    file missing may not trigger I / O problems - ignore file deletion , but this often happens when backing up using a connected live system.

    This is covered by rsync just bug # 7809 ( and should be fixed in the next version 3.1.0.

      --ignore-errors is removed even if there are I / O errors 

    To get rsync , you need to use an exception file. Ignore files that should not be read. … .List. Maybe. To be. Supplied. With. find .. -exec test -r '' is then converted to the rsync exception file format I want to be rubbed.

    I am really new to hpux. I have a movie script that syncs data between host A and host B using "rsync"

    We are using the following copy of the program between host A and host B.

    echo "************ Synchronization ************************" >> / home / abc / rsyncLogs / logsFS1.txt
    date >> /home/abc/rsyncLogs/logsFS1.txt
    rsync -zavru / Filesystem1 / --exclude = 'lost + found /' --delete username @ HostBIP: / Filesystem1 / ... >> /home/abc/rsyncLogs/logsFS1.txt
    date >> /home/abc/rsyncLogs/logsFS1.txt

    This worked fine before. I have been getting this error message like below for 2-3 days.

    I think there are common file permissions issues. If yes, let me know which host A or B has permission issue

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    06-12-2013, 09:47 A# 1

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    An rsync I / O error was encountered - file deletion skipped. How do you know where the error is?

    i o error encountered

    When I run the corresponding rsync with the -v option, I get the following warnings before it starts listing all the books it actually runs. ... My question. How? "Or" What. I. Determine. Where. Error .IO ". This. I. If. This. Is. A. Helpful. Resource. Or. Target server?

    Create .file .list .... rsync: opendir "/data/.TemporaryItems/folders.502" failed: permission denied (13)
    Professional I / O error - ignore file deletion


    When I do an important rsync with -v, I get each of our next messages before it lists all the files it actually does. I AMI think how do I know where my "I / O error" is located and whether it is tied to the original target or the server?

    Create file contacts list ... rsync: opendir "/data/.TemporaryItems/folders.502" failed: authorization (13)
    IO denied error occured - music file deletion will be ignored

    12.06.2013, 13:55 A# 2

    Senior Member

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    Original poster

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    I just deleted the folder that said permission was denied back then, everything worked fine. I bet this is a computer created by OSX, this is a folder.


    I just deleted the Permission Denied folder, and then it was used well. I bet the OSX machine creates folders. is looking for people who write thoughtfullyFrom the editorial board, in articles, reviews and more. If you want to contributeContent, let many people knowof us.



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